SonicIV - Sonic The Hedgehog Mod by nimSony8,480 downloads
Green Goblin mod (2002 movie) by ac.amir & JulioNIB13,331 downloads
V style kill marker by LetsPlayOrDy4,853 downloads
QuickSave F5 by DynaZor1,878 downloads
Hit Marker by InfamousSabre3,292 downloads
GTA IV Mission Mod Pack V2.0 by rodd198120,272 downloads
COD Sentry Guns mod by Keegan P. Russ, Rarefacer & JulioNIB7,489 downloads
Kuruma Script v.2.0 by Rugz0074,219 downloads

IWL v1.4 (Land, sea, air) by 5mith1,768 downloads
PAYDAY 2 Style Dynamic music mod by HarryWorner1,612 downloads
Mass Suicide by LetsPlayOrDy1,436 downloads
Intimidation by InfamousSabre5,108 downloads
Defender Mod by Solarix4,137 downloads
Unique Engineering - v2.0 by Vertelvis2,247 downloads
IWL v1.3 (Weapons update) by 5mith1,809 downloads
Visual Vehicle Spawner by 123iamking3,234 downloads

Red Light Mod by Wiebrendh3,293 downloads
Tricking IV by boblester12210,229 downloads
Liberty City Customs V1.2 by XxproxXgammer20,014 downloads
Speed Limit by LetsPlayOrDy2,772 downloads
IWL v1.2 (The army comes to Liberty City) by 5mith2,885 downloads
Sticky bomb for GTA IV (C-4) by JulioNIB7,605 downloads
Skate mod beta by JulioNIB8,888 downloads
Top Down View (GTA I & II style) by LetsPlayOrDy913 downloads

IV:MB Gearbox by iriedreadlock233,637 downloads
XMC v6 PC Edition (original) by Emmanuel Utomi & xStormsnoutx2,276 downloads
DOS IV 0.9 beta by LetsPlayOrDy385 downloads
Firefighter mod by gangrenn - version 0.8 by gangrenn9,727 downloads
Improved Wanted level v1.1 by 5mith2,454 downloads
Explosive Rounds by LetsPlayOrDy2,538 downloads