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XMC v6 PC Edition (original) by Emmanuel Utomi & xStormsnoutx1,023 downloads
DOS IV 0.9 beta by LetsPlayOrDy171 downloads
Firefighter mod by gangrenn - version 0.8 by gangrenn4,530 downloads
Improved Wanted level v1.1 by 5mith1,355 downloads
Explosive Rounds by LetsPlayOrDy1,494 downloads
Improved Wanted level v1.0 by 5mith981 downloads
RealWeather by LetsPlayOrDy1,366 downloads
Fly Around Liberty by 4ryan1,552 downloads

Explode Script v2.0 by 4ryan492 downloads
Sentium M5 Muller (HAWKEN) by metalwars4,796 downloads
Fireworks mod by JulioNIB2,054 downloads
Captain America IV by Rugz007, Andromono Jumper & Julio NIB2,573 downloads
Ambiance V by InfamousSabre1,529 downloads
Radical Snowman mod (+Snowboard) by JulioNIB1,046 downloads
House_Lx by Krlos_Rokr, JulioNIB920 downloads
All weapons mod by 123iamking4,057 downloads

Juggernaut by LetsPlayOrDy2,827 downloads
Suicide Bomber by LetsPlayOrDy748 downloads
Niko's Old Fat Cop buddy ScriptMod by GtaGamer222296 downloads
Ped Suicide V Style by LetsPlayOrDy1,256 downloads
Simple Hunger mod by LetsPlayOrDy460 downloads
Suicide V Style by LetsPlayOrDy2,256 downloads
Stopwatch for Testing Cars by LetsPlayOrDy235 downloads
Scrolling Text "GTA4-MODS.COM" by xxHASTERxx170 downloads

Juggernaut v1 by GTACr4zy1,356 downloads
Protector by Aquilon961,454 downloads
Player Components Selector by LetsPlayOrDy547 downloads
Electro script v2.1 by gta-4modder, extrememodder, AndromadaJumper1,407 downloads
GTA IV Stop Mod by PulloHeikkiProx340 downloads
Enhanced Power Armor (F.E.A.R. 3) by metalwars2,898 downloads