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Shark-O-Matic gun mod by JulioNIB2,235 downloads
Jesus Mode by LetsPlayOrDy760 downloads
Timescale Selector by LetsPlayOrDy464 downloads
Mle park & Nth Holland apartments & Majestic suite unlocked by jpm11,250 downloads
Club by jpm1838 downloads
Bar by jpm11,278 downloads
Restaurant by jpm1685 downloads
Radio presets by jpm1134 downloads

Hand Gun Anim (BlowBack) by Krlos_Rokr1,263 downloads
ED-209 robot (Robocop movie 1987) by JulioNIB1,401 downloads
Laundromat by jpm1857 downloads
Wash any car by jpm1396 downloads
Ride Along by Aquilon96972 downloads
Population Editor by Aquilon961,980 downloads
Player Euphoria (Ragdoll by Pain) by representa1,178 downloads
Gangs v0.1 by ezkin1,784 downloads

Universal Gravity Changer by LetsPlayOrDy536 downloads
Player Model Selector by LetsPlayOrDy2,249 downloads
V Style Waypoint Script V1.0 by Rugz0074,322 downloads
Money Organizer (Open Source) by Aquilon961,121 downloads
Jetpack script mod by Krlos_Rokr JulioNIB & Bob Lester4,457 downloads
Real Recoil by InfamousSabre2,182 downloads
PermanentWeather by LetsPlayOrDy363 downloads
Realtime Sync Mod by Wiebrendh536 downloads

Custom safehouse and garage script v1.1 by JulioNIB2,590 downloads
Chop GTA IV v1.1 by jomaxxxx9,251 downloads
V Style Ambient In Air Music by Mora Hannover1,690 downloads
Dirt Nap 2 by InfamousSabre1,968 downloads
Watch Dogs PAM IV V.1.1 by Rugz0071,283 downloads
#WatchDogsIV v1.1 by ac.amir & JulioNIB13,209 downloads