Fast Colour and Livery Changer by extrememodder1912,356 downloads
Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix by jenksta1,712 downloads
Clothes combination script v1.2 by JulioNIB4,886 downloads
Star Wars Baby Walker - Scripting4Fun by JulioNIB & Quechus131,002 downloads
Jesus Mode v1.0.1 by LetsPlayOrDy1,347 downloads
Robbery Mod V2 by Wiebrendh7,876 downloads
Driver Control Mod v0.9 by Skorpro1,097 downloads
DeFoe by Cyron43264 downloads

Painkillers (Max Payne 3 style) by Wiebrendh631 downloads
Personal Vehicle V1.1 by Wiebrendh2,559 downloads
Max Payne IV v1.2 script mod by Boblester122 & JulioNIB7,621 downloads
Max Payne 3 Bullet Time (Slow motion) Unlimited edition V2.1 by Wiebrendh3,694 downloads
Ultimate Camera Control 1.0 by gtamchaos5,842 downloads
Real and 100% working showroom by extrememodder4,193 downloads
Heart Attack Mod by PulloHeikkiProx1,817 downloads
Daily Interest by Wiebrendh348 downloads

Undercover Car Mod v1.2 by Skorpro2,737 downloads
Execution mod v3.4 by 123iamking3,461 downloads
Death Race IV v1.2 by R3vollv3R & JulioNIB5,924 downloads
FMX IV mod (freestyle motorcross tricks) by Boblester122 and JulioNIB3,534 downloads
Execution mod v3.3 by 123iamking2,097 downloads
Max Payne 3 Bullet Time (Slow motion) V2.2 by Wiebrendh2,858 downloads
Health Regeneration by Wiebrendh1,806 downloads
AirPort Big CarPark Track by NorGame1975 downloads

GTA IV Watchdogs Walk Style by Neadtrachart4,754 downloads
CarUpgrade 1.0 by TempleOfLight3,482 downloads
Dynamic HUD 1.3 by InfamousSabre1,390 downloads
Dynamic Speedometer by extrememodder1918,375 downloads
Mission Passed V Style by SocialOfficer2,464 downloads
Execution mod v3.1 by 123iamking2,177 downloads