Custom safehouse and garage script v1.1 by JulioNIB3,080 downloads
Chop GTA IV v1.1 by jomaxxxx10,667 downloads
V Style Ambient In Air Music by Mora Hannover1,881 downloads
Dirt Nap 2 by InfamousSabre2,205 downloads
Watch Dogs PAM IV V.1.1 by Rugz0071,421 downloads
#WatchDogsIV v1.1 by ac.amir & JulioNIB14,941 downloads
Car Key by Krlos_Rokr4,145 downloads
Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix v1.1 by jenksta2,929 downloads

Dragon Garage V2 Script support ++ by Krlos_Rokr, JulioNIB6,520 downloads
Hospital wakeup fix by Gangaisspecial7,057 downloads
Mobile radio (Watch Dogs style) by JulioNIB2,854 downloads
Fun with GTA by Gangaisspecial1,846 downloads
Speech Recognition v1.1 by Rugz0071,320 downloads
Throwing Knives by InfamousSabre8,412 downloads
Adult mod by 123iamking15,556 downloads
Scare/Troll mod by LetsPlayOrDy521 downloads

Cruise Control v1.1 by LetsPlayOrDy2,058 downloads
Open source Airbreak/NoClip mod by LetsPlayOrDy555 downloads
AutoKicker v1.1 by LetsPlayOrDy456 downloads
Brain Control: Mind Garbage by 123iamking2,500 downloads
Selfie mod by JulioNIB9,662 downloads
Force Field++ by LetsPlayOrDy808 downloads
Pee mod by 123iamking4,433 downloads
Vehicle Gauges by Lorenzo30247,699 downloads

Cruise Control v1.0 by LetsPlayOrDy1,121 downloads
Open-Source Godmode (Player + Vehicle) by Sadra11222,773 downloads
Robbery v1.2 by Callum50426,443 downloads
Bicycle script mod by Yeardley Diamond, Bob Lester, emad-tvk and JulioNIB13,080 downloads
Save Anywhere by Sadra11221,665 downloads
Incendiary Rounds IV by metiri702 downloads