Back to the Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Mod 1.0 by sersorroza10,141 downloads
Pickups2.0 by InfamousSabre1,732 downloads
Brain Control ver 6.0 by 123iamking8,168 downloads
Abuse {Update} by Anmol00213,511 downloads
Dual Wielding Style by JulioNIB & ac.amir15,061 downloads
Abuse by Anmol00211,924 downloads
Dance by Anmol00213,924 downloads
SilentShoot v2 Beta by Nevitro & h3xperiment1,409 downloads

Mind Attack by Dabanya & metalwars415 downloads
Force Field by sc2142563 downloads
Bikers by Anmol00212,061 downloads
Mini-Survival v1.1 Beta *NEW* by SteveO1,604 downloads
Super Powers V2 by Anmol00214,009 downloads
Car Spawner 1.25 (Open Source) by Solarix13,375 downloads
Hardcore Mode (1-2 Shot Dead) by Hippiecommunist & representa2,247 downloads
DynamicHUD by InfamousSabre1,209 downloads

Fly by Anmol00216,873 downloads
Bender's Vehicle Functions+ Mod V1.0 by ThatBenderGuy774 downloads
Super Powers by Anmol00214,946 downloads
Team Changer by Solarix484 downloads
Flaming Popcorn v1.0 by SteveO1,799 downloads
EMP Shockwave v1.0 by SteveO3,785 downloads
Zombie Script by toyota123033,075 downloads
Change Skin by Anmol00212,012 downloads

Explosion by Anmol00211,159 downloads
Never Wanted by Anmol00214,253 downloads
God Mod by Anmol00215,705 downloads
Execution Mod v2.1 by 123iamking9,610 downloads
GTA V Weapon HUD (HD Weapon icons) by links646,366 downloads
Fuel Mod v3.1.2 by Gangsta Killa8,587 downloads