Dynamic Speedometer by extrememodder1919,758 downloads
Mission Passed V Style by SocialOfficer3,213 downloads
Execution mod v3.1 by 123iamking2,506 downloads
Brain Control v6.4 by 123iamking3,957 downloads
Flappy IV by Quechus13 and JulioNIB1,606 downloads
Hallenberg Multiplayer Crash Protection v1.1 by formel1171,187 downloads
True GTA V Weapon Wheel Controls by DRUZZRIN1229611,115 downloads
Real Parkour Animations v1 by boblester12222,918 downloads

Creepy Stalker by PlayPrey1,485 downloads
Tank V Style script v1.1 by JulioNIB & SkylineGTRFreak17,461 downloads
IV Hostages [.NET Hostage Mod] by GTATerminal8,222 downloads
GTA V Fighter Jet P-996 script - V Style by JulioNIB16,454 downloads
Super Fart Script by trung2082000hcm1,309 downloads
Autodrive (some kind of extended Taxi mod) by Cyron431,677 downloads
GTA V Buzzard - V Style by JulioNIB7,431 downloads
Merryweather and Lester special services by JulioNIB4,567 downloads

Snowball by metalwars & Scrat1908Mods783 downloads
New Zombie Script by toyota12303 & HippieCommunist22,540 downloads
Extreme Spoiler Adder V1.0 by extrememodder1,763 downloads
Silence! by InfamousSabre11,931 downloads
Minigun V Style by ac.amir and JulioNIB16,300 downloads
FusRoDah more effect by venkyaj1,729 downloads
Traps! by InfamousSabre4,892 downloads
Fly Mod v1.0 by 123iamking15,893 downloads

GTA V Radio HUD script by JulioNIB10,675 downloads
NFS cop chase music by eXecutor-64-3,109 downloads
Parachute IV by JulioNIB29,127 downloads
Daimyo's RPG Mod Pack - Community Edition v1.2.2b by daimyo211,379 downloads
PvP Wanted v1a by daimyo21578 downloads
Weapon Vendors v1 by daimyo21/endosan1,386 downloads