NoControl 1.2 by sc21421,292 downloads
Cutscene Interiors by Billsy2,384 downloads
Iron Man IV v2.0 by JulioNIB, H1Vltg3, Wapeddell and Quechus1393,700 downloads
Simme Simple Trainer by Simeondahl2,420 downloads
GTA V Chase Music by Pappy♣5,506 downloads
Extreme Ramp Spawner by extrememodder1912,092 downloads
GTA V's JB700 - Special Aston Martin DB5 - GTA IV VStyle by JulioNIB4,293 downloads
Batmobile script by JulioNIB24,940 downloads

Throw object ver3.0 by HDN792 downloads
GTA V Handling For IV 1.4 by Nixolas144,495 downloads
New Superman Script v1.0 by JulioNIB32,869 downloads
Real Collision 0.91 by M. Wojtanis5,155 downloads
Back to the Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Mod 1.0 by sersorroza14,444 downloads
Pickups2.0 by InfamousSabre2,520 downloads
Brain Control ver 6.0 by 123iamking10,735 downloads
Abuse {Update} by Anmol00214,126 downloads

Dual Wielding Style by JulioNIB & ac.amir19,918 downloads
Abuse by Anmol00212,377 downloads
Dance by Anmol00214,928 downloads
SilentShoot v2 Beta by Nevitro & h3xperiment1,744 downloads
Mind Attack by Dabanya & metalwars504 downloads
Force Field by sc2142685 downloads
Bikers by Anmol00212,480 downloads
Mini-Survival v1.1 Beta *NEW* by SteveO1,972 downloads

Super Powers V2 by Anmol00214,736 downloads
Car Spawner 1.25 (Open Source) by Solarix19,092 downloads
DynamicHUD by InfamousSabre1,389 downloads
Fly by Anmol00217,654 downloads
Bender's Vehicle Functions+ Mod V1.0 by ThatBenderGuy901 downloads
Super Powers by Anmol00215,662 downloads