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DynamicHUD by InfamousSabre1,432 downloads
Fly by Anmol00217,811 downloads
Bender's Vehicle Functions+ Mod V1.0 by ThatBenderGuy925 downloads
Super Powers by Anmol00215,818 downloads
Team Changer by Solarix626 downloads
Flaming Popcorn v1.0 by SteveO2,105 downloads
EMP Shockwave v1.0 by SteveO4,739 downloads
Zombie Script by toyota123033,714 downloads

Change Skin by Anmol00212,770 downloads
Explosion by Anmol00211,479 downloads
Never Wanted by Anmol00216,000 downloads
God Mod by Anmol00216,930 downloads
Execution Mod v2.1 by 123iamking11,182 downloads
GTA V Weapon HUD (HD Weapon icons) by links647,280 downloads
Fuel Mod v3.1.2 by Gangsta Killa11,129 downloads
Execution Mod v1.2 by 123iamking3,027 downloads

Infinite Euphoria by representa2,291 downloads
GTA-Z by ST2411 & Hippiecommunist6,090 downloads
GTA 5 Weapon HUD 1.00 by M. Wojtanis60,988 downloads
Assassination Mod V1.0 by TaazR13,146 downloads
TakeDown 1.0 by M. Wojtanis3,046 downloads
Havoc! by Cyron434,576 downloads
TakeDown 0.9 by Nevitro4,934 downloads
Spartan Fist v1.0 by |Farhad|1,651 downloads

Prone (Updated 7/5/14) by Dvnt6,459 downloads
Realistic Fuel Mod by Sandakelum27,463 downloads
HULK script by JulioNIB121,127 downloads
Boost Point 1.3 by HadesOfGTA437 downloads
Vigilante Script v0.01 Alpha by Will_I_Beard1,941 downloads
Westdyke Safehouse - v1.1 by Vertelvis18,456 downloads