GTA IV Hot Coffee Mod 2.5 by matt1981197,397 downloads
Simple Income by _Pure1,521 downloads
myTelekinesis powers by JulioNIB5,040 downloads
Bodyguard Script v1.4.0.0B (Updated 18/09/12) by _Pure10,518 downloads
Desert Mod by matt198114,420 downloads
Green Lantern Power Ring by wapeddell4,549 downloads
Samus Aran Varia Suit Arm Gun Blaster by wapeddell1,456 downloads
Iron Man Repulsor Beam by H1Vltg311,916 downloads

Real Inside View [RIV] v1.2 by Slyde24,135 downloads
Real Inside View (RIV) by Slyde8,480 downloads
Parachute Giver [TBOGT] by Nevitro4,150 downloads
Sniper BulletTime by Nevitro5,026 downloads
Peds Not Scared By Horn by OfficerDoom1,414 downloads
Wanzer Script for Azerty Keyboard by jumpman971540 downloads
BulletTime 1.8 [LAST VERSION] by ZeroCool7,716 downloads
Crimson Mecha v1.0 by metalwars14,745 downloads

PowerFulMod by ZeroCool2,867 downloads
Batman Batarang v1.0 by metalwars6,404 downloads
Destroy Engine V2 [more realistic in GTA IV] by Nevitro1,602 downloads
Contagium v1.2b by Molotov3,684 downloads
Flashlight And LaserSight 4 Player, BodyGuards, And SWAT v2.0 by motorsport712,850 downloads
Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons by motorsport719,462 downloads
TimeGod by nixolas12,357 downloads
Less Overtaking by THED15,738 downloads

Indicator lights Script v1 by Lil-rich27,916 downloads
Armoured Truck Robbery by matt198114,303 downloads
Flashlight 4 Weapons v2.0 by metalwars11,239 downloads
Mobile Radio in Multiplayer by ChelNaPer1,487 downloads
Luxury Transport Driver by Junior Coding2,963 downloads
Power Drink Health Boost [7/7/12] by matt198111,496 downloads