by InfamousSabre
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With Silence! you will now be able to attach a silencer to your guns. Just press 'X' or the button you define in the .ini, to toggle it on and off for that weapon.
Each gun has its own setting, so you'll be able to swap between your silenced pistol and your loud shotgun with ease.

They'll never hear you coming.



-Original Release

-Changed:, Silence.ini, ShockingEvents.dat
-Adjusted offsets for a few weapons
-Fixed peds being scared away when you unload an entire clip
-New ped behavior managing system
-Adjusted ped weapon volume Replaces: Weapon sounds
9.14/10 - 37 votes
Downloads: 16,288
Added: December 29, 2013 2:19AM
Last Downloaded: April 29, 2017 10:36AM
File Size: 9.79 MB
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why the guns sound same without the silencer?
Posted on December 30, 2014 12:07PM by niko98fin
They dont. You can even hear it in the video.
Posted on December 30, 2014 3:27PM by InfamousSabre
Great Work

Rated: 10/10
Posted on December 30, 2014 3:43PM by DayL
to infamoussabre:

I have a few problems, first the weapons sound file is not an .ivaud so should I rename it? is that what I a suppose to do?

second I cannot put the ec_silencer.wdr in the in Grand Theft Auto IVpcdatamapspropslev_desminigame.img because when I try sparkiv tells me that this file does not exist and that I cannot put a new file in, it is not permitted.

can you help?
Posted on December 30, 2014 10:31PM by valentinbiguine
I sure can!

Use OpenIV for the file addition. All you'll have to do is open minigame.img, turn on Edit Mode, and drag and drop ec_silencer.wdr in with the other files that are inside minigame.img.

Audio sound files in GTAIV don't actually have an extension. In OpenIV just open resident.rpf, turn on Edit Mode, and drag and drop the WEAPONS file I provided in with the other files. Do not rename it or add an extension. You'll notice none of the files in there have an extension either.
Posted on December 30, 2014 11:34PM by InfamousSabre
Like in GTA V! Cool! Can you make Extended Mags script for guns? 10/10
Posted on December 31, 2014 3:27AM by darthvader20011
BUG: It isnt working with added weapons: The added weapon is on silenced mod, and it has no silencer, if pressing X nothing happen. It works only with normal weapons, not with added (I have 4 pistols, 2 added, the non-working, and the originals). Can you fix this please?
Posted on December 31, 2014 4:29AM by darthvader20011
Posted on December 31, 2014 6:48AM by gamehalo
Not working with added weapons is not so much a bug as it is a limitation. Ill see what I can do though.

I did however notice a very annoying bug that pertains to peds reactions. they can get stuck in a state where they ignore you...

I'm currently recoding that entire mechanism. Update soon.

Also just noticed the pump shotgun's silencer placement is off. My apologies. I still had the animations for the sawn-off installed.

@gamehalo: If you expect me to help you, you're going to have to give me more details.
Posted on December 31, 2014 7:09AM by InfamousSabre
Thank you for your help infamoussabre
Posted on December 31, 2014 11:12AM by valentinbiguine
Happy new year, everyone! Just uploaded v1.2. Should be tons more playable.
Posted on December 31, 2014 7:04PM by InfamousSabre
* YEAH! i was waiting a looooong time for it thanks man!

Rated: 10/10
Posted on January 1, 2014 12:22PM by TheNielegalnY
Can you make it compatible with a mod for IV that adds all the weapons from EFLC (19 weapons) and with V Style weapon wheel (pressing a button in wheel to add the silencer to weapon before selecting it like in v)?

Link to the added weapons mod:
Posted on January 1, 2014 12:53PM by darthvader20011
Super mod!
Posted on January 8, 2014 11:38AM by NokaS
Pretty cool! :D
Posted on January 13, 2014 6:57AM by Krlos_Rokr
Started a thread for the mod:
Posted on January 15, 2014 1:33PM by InfamousSabre
Works Perfecctly
Posted on January 22, 2014 1:05PM by Rock-Hog
Great work
Posted on February 4, 2014 7:12AM by XoTHotovich
Working on big things guys! I hope to have an update in the next week or so.
Posted on February 5, 2014 8:22AM by InfamousSabre
Awesome! 10/10000
Posted on February 10, 2014 12:00PM by Steve The Queer
Awesome!!! Is this compatibile with weapon mods/skins ?

Posted on February 13, 2014 6:53PM by MT13
This mod seems excellent! However, I'm running into some issues with the keybinding. No matter what I change it to in the .ini, it still won't respond to anything but the x key. Also, adjustments made to the silencer in-game with debug mode on still don't show up, and sometimes don't even show up when I relaunch the game! Any idea why this might be?
Posted on February 15, 2014 12:14AM by Seraphin

It's a pity.
Posted on February 15, 2014 7:15AM by beurk
@Seraphin: If I'm not mistaken, the only way to change offsets in this version is to modify them in the .INI while playing. It would seem that maybe your .INI file isn't saving correctly. Make sure the file isn't set to read-only mode.
Posted on March 9, 2014 3:35AM by InfamousSabre
Infamous can you update your script so we can use different silencer model for every weapon?
Posted on March 9, 2014 7:51AM by R3vollv3r
Its in the middle of a HUGE update right now actually. At the moment, I only have one suppressor model. If you'd like to supply me with some other suppressor models, maybe a pack of some sort, I can surely make that happen.
Posted on March 10, 2014 10:32PM by InfamousSabre
Is this working in EFLC?
Posted on June 23, 2014 10:06PM by Severus Bolton
No EFLC compatibility in this release. Its successor, 'AGS', will be compatible.
Posted on July 30, 2014 6:46PM by InfamousSabre
after i install the mod

my mouse scroll doesn't work anymore

what the *??!!!
Posted on August 8, 2014 8:59AM by Oxygen
Oxygen: Seeing as how this script does nothing at all with your mouse or mouse wheel, you have some other issue unrelated to 'Silence!'.
Posted on August 13, 2014 12:05PM by InfamousSabre
Hi Infamousabre

Weapons. I can't get Weapons into the Resident folder because it has no extension and all the ones in Resident have .ivaud extensions. Spark IV rejects it. I copied out the original for and copied it back in in no problems. Any advice please?
Posted on January 2, 2015 10:12AM by bluegunk
Update - I think I got it now using Open. But it sure did not go easy!
Posted on January 2, 2015 10:23AM by bluegunk
Hey, glad you got it. Yes, SparkIV is way outdated and really should not be used anymore.
Posted on January 3, 2015 12:19AM by InfamousSabre
Work great. Nice sounds (but sometimes unreal and too fckn loud xD). 10/10

But I have a question: How remove silencer model and sounds from: AK-47, DE, both shotguns and hunting rifle??? I think silencer on them is not necessary and looks unreal...(
Posted on February 15, 2015 7:56AM by Kramaal
Yeah, and also, what's a problem with grenade and molotov sounds? Any idea about source of problem and how ti fix it?
Posted on February 15, 2015 10:06AM by Kramaal
Everything works fine except two things:

1) The silencer is visible all the time, if I press X I can toggle between silenced and unsilenced sounds, but the silencer doesn't disappear when unsilenced

2) How does the debug work in game? All I get is a list of weapons with "false" or "true" and I don't know how to adjust things in game. I just have to keep coming out of the game, adjusting the ini and restarting.

Amazing mod if I can just get the silencer to disappear/appear
Posted on March 9, 2015 6:47AM by gramlock
@Kramaal: Guns, IRL, are loud enough to permanently damage your hearing if firing without ear protection, which is why I made the sounds louder.

If you don't want the suppressor on a certain gun, just don't press x while using that gun. There is no way to edit which guns can and cannot equip the suppressor in this version.

Grenades and molotovs set off the firing sound because the script thinks the player has a different weapon. It has already been fixed, but the new version is not released.

@gramlock: It might not disappear if you've used "reloadscripts" in the console. the suppressor that is still visible is simply left over from the previous running script.

That's pretty much all debug mode is. I adjusted everything exactly as you are. It's a pain and I apologize for that. The new version will have a nice GUI for editing attachment positions.
Posted on March 25, 2015 10:20AM by InfamousSabre
It says it isn't EFLC compatible, but it works with my TBOGT. (not my TLAD though...)
Posted on April 12, 2015 12:37PM by Maaz
Of course it doesn't work with the new weapons, but I'm sure it'll work with some tweaking.
Posted on April 12, 2015 9:41PM by Maaz
You should make it cost money to add the silencer.
Posted on May 31, 2015 10:15PM by PapiDimmi
Your mod is bs, people still hear the gun shooting like it doesn't have a silencer on it and it does not have a silencer tip on it. How do I uninstall this crap?

Rated: 1/10
Posted on October 10, 2015 7:50AM by Mineyo66
This mod doesn't and hasn't worked for a very long time. It still doesn't work. It's a piece of * made by a child. Please remove this pile of crap so people will quit breaking their game on this.

Posted on May 6, 2016 12:12PM by x0Z3ro0x
Horrible mod, it has never worked since the day it was released, I tried downloaded again, and its 3 years later and it still doesn't work. Don't install this piece of *.

Rated: 1/10
Posted on May 6, 2016 12:14PM by x0Z3ro0x
@x0Z3ro0x Really? Cause last time I tested it out (not sure when, maybe 2015 or 2014, when I tried the GTA IV in my crappy computer), this mod works fine and weapon sounds that equipped with silencer worked fine. Have you installed this mod correctly as the Readme itself stated?

I think it's because of missing files, or incompatibility with some computers. If some has rated 10/10 or liked this mod, then it's said that it's compatible. Maybe yours don't, or you didn't install the mod correctly.

I'm using cracked GTA IV BTW. No problems so far except game crash when going somewhere.

Clarify again. What doesn't work? If you say you install this @ EFLC, note that only default IV weapons work, never in Episodic weapons (as he didn't make it so).

@InfamousSabre I'll give ya 10. It's a good mod BTW, but too bad it's not compatible with EFLC.
Posted on May 28, 2016 1:30AM by Naruto 607
hey can you make a Silence! (EFLC Edition)?
Posted on August 5, 2016 12:00PM by IrksomePlan4lk
hey can you make a Silence! (EFLC Edition)?
Posted on August 5, 2016 12:14PM by IrksomePlan4lk
I followed the readme, but it's still not working. Do you have any ideas for fixes?
Posted on April 20, 2017 9:25PM by Trevolon
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