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Beastie Boys T-shirts by Taichi0yt3875372 downloads
Extended Mags For All Guns by C4pp3d2,159 downloads
Tactical M16A4 with GL,lamb and sight by edsir9812,462 downloads
Smith and Wesson Handgun by edsir988,638 downloads
AntiPirate's VZ.61 Skorpion by edsir984,523 downloads
BF2142 Knife by edsir986,619 downloads
Assassin's Creed 3 Flintlock by Victim_Crasher4,984 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: Mossberg 590 (Pumpshot) by edsir988,484 downloads

GTA V Weapon Series: Mossberg 590 (Shotgun) by edsir987,717 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: Tavor TAR-21 by edsir988,257 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: M4 CAR-15 by edsir988,757 downloads
Black Ops II M8A1 by edsir987,289 downloads
Absolute Weapon Pack v1.0 by andr3_65,367 downloads
Edsir98's AK47 Pack by edsir989,619 downloads
SG 550 Sniper by Victim_Crasher6,475 downloads
SCAR-L by Victim_Crasher10,776 downloads

AC III Ratonhnhaké:ton's Tomahawk by Victim_Crasher3,536 downloads
M16A4 by NikoFromIndo3,203 downloads
Hitman Silverballer by NikoFromIndo9,696 downloads
AK47 SD by edsir985,902 downloads
M4A1 Grip Versions by edsir983,418 downloads
Special Operations by edsir981,816 downloads
Special Operations Weapon Pack by edsir983,324 downloads
Napkins Colt 1911 by edsir9810,787 downloads

Large T Shirt pack by NikoFromIndo2,694 downloads
Spike M4 by edsir984,945 downloads
Triple AK Pack by edsir983,956 downloads
BF3 M16-A4 by edsir983,366 downloads
Magpul Masada SPR Sniper by edsir983,114 downloads
Python 357 Aimshot by edsir986,945 downloads
Kukri Blade by edsir9811,237 downloads
AUG-A3 by edsir987,706 downloads

Steyraug by edsir982,937 downloads
AR-15 by NikoFromIndo1,572 downloads
Default Scrubs shirt (without stethoscope and pass card) by NikoFromIndo706 downloads
Russian Handgun Pack by edsir982,337 downloads
AK47 Draco by edsir982,131 downloads
Gerber Powerframe Knife by edsir983,619 downloads
MM118 AK by edsir983,458 downloads
MK48 mod 0 by edsir988,279 downloads

SCAR-H by NikoFromIndo2,336 downloads
Exploding Nokia 3310 by Victim_Crasher1,513 downloads
FN P90 by NikoFromIndo5,936 downloads
SR-3M by NikoFromIndo1,824 downloads
HK45C by edsir982,515 downloads
M4A1 RIS by NikoFromIndo3,266 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 - Specularity FIX by NikoFromIndo2,088 downloads
HK UZI by NikoFromIndo1,733 downloads

Glock 19 by NikoFromIndo8,397 downloads
M4A1 SOPMOD by NikoFromIndo6,325 downloads
AKS-74u by NikoFromIndo2,721 downloads
FN-FAL Sniper by NikoFromIndo1,181 downloads
S_ource Knife by NikoFromIndo928 downloads
Prototype MSBS 5.56 by NikoFromIndo4,530 downloads
Medal Of Honor 2010 Weapon pack by edsir989,866 downloads
Chris Costa M4 by edsir982,654 downloads

Glock 18 Tactical by edsir984,175 downloads
M590A1 by NikoFromIndo7,134 downloads
MP5 RIS Nom900a by edsir984,075 downloads
Walther P99 by NikoFromIndo1,288 downloads
Sig Sauer P228 by NikoFromIndo2,614 downloads
China 79 Type SMG by NikoFromIndo1,579 downloads
CZ75 by NikoFromIndo2,418 downloads
AK-47 by NikoFromIndo1,114 downloads

AK47 Metro2033 by edsir982,120 downloads
Tactical FBI And SWAT Gear by edsir987,240 downloads
FNC-Pack by edsir981,336 downloads
Marshall (Crysis 2) by NikoFromIndo771 downloads
AKS-74U by RNK Firearms1,946 downloads
AA-12 by NikoFromIndo4,397 downloads
Ak47 Tactical Pack by edsir983,207 downloads
AUG3 sniper by edsir983,665 downloads

Weapon Pack II by NikoFromIndo4,760 downloads
Urban Weapons by RNK Firearms10,172 downloads
[PUSH] SIG 552 SOPMOD by Push4,248 downloads
M-249 by bugmenot1,803 downloads
XM8 - Pack by edsir982,822 downloads
Tactical Gear (non silenced version) by RNK Firearms2,630 downloads
M14 by NikoFromIndo3,598 downloads
Barrett M82 by NikoFromIndo12,256 downloads

Swat Weapon Pack by Edsirmods 5,842 downloads
Tactical Gear by RNK Firearms5,677 downloads
Weapon Pack by NikoFromIndo6,926 downloads
KAR 98k by NikoFromIndo3,382 downloads
Gailil Tactical unfolded stock by edsir983,649 downloads
Gailil Tactical by edsir982,812 downloads
Parabellum by NikoFromIndo919 downloads
Colt M4A1 by NikoFromIndo4,064 downloads

M93R Beretta by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo2,428 downloads
Masada (Assault Rifle) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo1,730 downloads
Dan Wesson PPC (Revolver) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo1,921 downloads
Crius SMG - SIZE FIXED by NikoFromIndo1,791 downloads
Sig Sauer P226 by edsir984,458 downloads
Themis +options by NikoFromIndo2,113 downloads
H&K G36C +Options by NikoFromIndo4,689 downloads
Mossberg 590 by NikoFromIndo4,231 downloads

Crysis 2 SCAR V2 Large + Options by CORE.MAX20101,691 downloads
SCAR (CryEngine 3) by NikoFromIndo1,152 downloads
AK-47 (L4D2) by NikoFromIndo1,397 downloads
M14 (MW3) by NikoFromIndo1,438 downloads
Meadow Park Circuit by NikoFromIndo709 downloads
DC Sweater & Pants by NikoFromIndo532 downloads
Drift Circuit by NikoFromIndo1,470 downloads