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Moto BMW Police nationale by ltgwen160 downloads
Valentino Rossi's Yamaha M1 2014 Paintjob & Leather Suit by EMMAG21372 downloads
Niko's Biker Jacket by d4f_mac167 downloads
Aprilia-RSV 4 by Mr.Poher5,562 downloads
Repsol Paint-Job For CBR600RR by The Jackal1,135 downloads
GTA V Bagger by emad-tvk845 downloads
Shotgun on Bike v1.2 by protossevolutio583 downloads
Shotgun on Bike by protossevolutio465 downloads

Casque motard police nationale by ltgwen286 downloads
Icon Bike Suit by imtaj516 downloads
Kawasaki ZX7RR Superbike by Demon340923 downloads
Motard Police nationale by ltgwen380 downloads
Motard gendarmerie by ltgwen410 downloads
Bati 801 Martini Paintjob (Ducati 848 in GTA V style) by razorX96631 downloads
Bati 801 Gulf Paintjob (Ducati 848 in GTA V style) by razorX96708 downloads
Monster Energy Sanchez by Algonquin Hood1,554 downloads

Merryweather and Lester special services by JulioNIB1,952 downloads
Custom Bobber by JoeVK813 downloads
Volkswagen Caddy by Lord Neophyte1,289 downloads
Brake Lights Mod v1.0 by Skorpro3,871 downloads
Harley by EMINEM1,623 downloads
Bati 801 like the Ducati 848 in GTA V style by razorX966,679 downloads
Simme Simple Trainer by Simeondahl1,604 downloads
Extreme Ramp Spawner by extrememodder1911,518 downloads

ENB or Visual EFLC/GTA 4 For Low-Medium PC by yanuar140451,173 downloads
Jimmy's skateboard by spike101641,452 downloads
Dragbike Street Racer V2 by louping05,669 downloads
100subscribers Bike Track by TsakaOne781 downloads
Harley Davidson Trike by louping03,604 downloads
KTM RC8 R by markos8075,892 downloads
Abuse {Update} by Anmol00212,993 downloads
Bikers by Anmol00211,802 downloads

Super Powers V2 by Anmol00213,573 downloads
Super Powers by Anmol00214,458 downloads
Bikewheel by Kadu3,954 downloads
Luis & Johnny peds by GXZ (GeXaZ)1,043 downloads
Stormtrooper (Niko) by codguy3,433 downloads
M1030 Dirtbike (BF3 Endgame) by SkylineGTRFreak2,520 downloads
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (Ruff Ryders/stock) by Mr.Poher22,253 downloads
Claire Redfield Biker Costume by jefarg1,151 downloads

Tobogan/Fun Slide v1 by Pacotron,Subrosa568 downloads
Tescular Miracle V3 [Online] EFLC by TesticleMachine1,400 downloads
Ducati Sound Mod for NRG900 by AnjoDark3,515 downloads
Niko Biker by Henry_71,945 downloads
Trex-bobber by Cromchen & louping02,258 downloads
Excitebike IV by Quechus132,463 downloads
Bike Challenge Track v2 + Huge Ramp / Jump by Pacotron1,188 downloads
Dirt Bike Tric by JMoorfoot42,209 downloads

Star Wars Speeder Bike V 2.0 by Emad-Tvk5,741 downloads
LCPD Police Officer biker v3.0 by Osopoderoso1,689 downloads
Civilian TBoGT Police Bike by 5mith1,002 downloads
Hell's Angels by Littlejoe-42531 downloads
Tobogan Water Slide by Pacotron662 downloads
Bike Challenge track + Huge Ramp by Pacotron1,757 downloads
Goin Downtown Future Bike by Emad-Tvk14,720 downloads
BikeNBat v1.00 by NomeSkavinski3,475 downloads

Star Wars Speeder Bike by Emad-Tvk5,672 downloads
Mongrel Mob Billy Grey - New Zealand Biker Gang by perese1447 downloads
Grand Theft Auto 4.5 Mod Pack [Beta] by Variois. viper33assasin6,142 downloads
Trials Evolution Track (Object Mod) by XTREME0235542 downloads
EFLC Vehicle Menu by tjackiseN23,816 downloads
New Engine Sounds for PCJ & NRG by JeayS1,525 downloads
Honda CBR 600RR by mauricio900rr24,001 downloads
Carrythxd's Vehicle Pack V3 by Carrythxd16,972 downloads

Police Bike by Emad-Tvk3,762 downloads
KX 500 by Emad-Tvk5,800 downloads
Honda CG 125 Taxi by Emad-Tvk1,935 downloads
Honda CG 125 by Emad-Tvk4,387 downloads
Quad Bike by Emad-Tvk6,535 downloads
GTA San NRG-500 by Emad-Tvk852 downloads
GTA San FCR-900 by Emad-Tvk812 downloads
GTA San Wayfarer Bike by Emad-Tvk863 downloads

GTA San Cop Bike by Emad-Tvk1,537 downloads
GTA IV The Warriors mod (PED) by WertesGroup298 downloads
Jim Fitzgerald Continuity Fix GTA IV by conn082,288 downloads
NRG 900 Free Flow Sound by Richard2006479 downloads
LCPD Police Bike by PaunchyZeus703,362 downloads
Simple Car Fly Cheat script v1.0 by JulioNIB8,768 downloads
Hotdog Express by louping03,866 downloads
EFLC Bikes Mad Mike Mod For GTA 4 by imtaj5,113 downloads

Added Vehicle Description v1.1 by Noesis1,088 downloads
Hyper Speed BETA V4 by kryptylomese8,748 downloads
ATV Quad V8 by louping015,508 downloads
Slovak 112 units by tibike & Radim533 downloads
ATV PCJ Sport by louping06,106 downloads
LCPD Police Officer biker v2.0 by Osopoderoso1,650 downloads
LCPD Police Officer biker v1.0 by Osopoderoso1,202 downloads
Simple Police Mission (Hard) by tjackiseN1,283 downloads

tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.5.0 by tjackiseN9,077 downloads
The Evolved Car Pack v3.0 [TBOGT/EPM] by Jotov_2425,231 downloads
Kawasaki Zephyr Naked bike by konnyaku1,539 downloads
Ghost Rider script mod V2.4.1 by JulioNIB35,348 downloads
NYPD motorcycle officer Helmet & Uniform by ldfxf1,238 downloads
Boba Fett Jacket by Pulsar51440 downloads
tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.1.1 by tjackiseN2,220 downloads
Custom Licence Plate (Update Fixed) by HairiPRO973,195 downloads

TurfWars by matt1981110,022 downloads
Police Bike Sanchez GTA IV by ViktorSRB911 downloads
Street Bike by louping05,789 downloads
Big City Life v0.2 by DonSalami14,126 downloads
Sportive bike engine sound mod by Pab452,233 downloads
Finnish Police bike and Mondeo police by espace723,620 downloads
Desert Mod by matt198114,152 downloads
Trike v8 by Mr.Poher10,053 downloads

Non-ELS Police & Taxi pack for Extended/Essential Car Pack by Jotov_2412,743 downloads
Real Sports Bike Devil Sound by tysonfan1,398 downloads
TLAD Ruff Ryders Logo Wear Plus by tysonfan409 downloads
Trike motorbike by louping04,830 downloads
Bike Stunt Park by Bid96733 downloads
Drag Bike / Street Racer by louping016,228 downloads
Real sports bike handling and sound NRG PCJ by tysonfan2,946 downloads
Fallen Liberty (Custom Race Track) by AmazingGameMods255 downloads

Ghost Rider Mod Pack by Quechus13 and Wapeddell36,849 downloads
Angel Skin: The Walking Dead, Daryl's Bike V1.5 by PsychoticMammal855 downloads
Ducati Desmocedici GP12 & Valentino Rossi Leather Suit by EMMAG2133,499 downloads
Swedish Police Bike by SwedishModding1,620 downloads
Slovak Police Car by tibike & EricJames2011 526 downloads
GTA IV Slovak Police Mod 1.0 by tibike812 downloads
New Faggio by XTREME02351,765 downloads
Sons Of Anarchy MC by digitalEN4CR2,554 downloads

The Extended (225+25mb) Car Pack v2.0 by Jotov_2437,800 downloads
Fast Motorcycle Handling by teamsamson888379 downloads
2010 Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo by huanglqi203011,430 downloads
HALO Ghost Mod by Quechus133,413 downloads
Police Helmet Mod by mdavis277805 downloads
Ultimate HD Car Pack 2012 v1.2 by martin.svk106,178 downloads
Killer Technique Pack v1.0 by metalwars23,245 downloads
Angel Skin: The Walking Dead, Daryl's Bike V1.0 by PsychoticMammal440 downloads

State Trooper Squad-Car by Deputy Callahan584 downloads
Biker Clothes 2 by TheLastCommand2,614 downloads
Biker Clothes by TheLastCommand2,128 downloads
TLAD Bati 800 for GTA IV by Danny3266771 downloads
TBoGT Vader for GTA IV by Danny3266508 downloads
Ultimate HD Car Pack 2012 v1.1 by martin.svk40,392 downloads
The Essential (<200mb) Car Pack v1.0 by Jotov_2418,858 downloads
GTA IV Vehicle Pack (120 Vehicles) by gta4addict7,766 downloads

Ultimate HD Car Pack 2012 v1.0 (beta) by martin.svk14,821 downloads
Quad Bike by StuntR bob 625,686 downloads
Merry Christmas RELOADED by Quechus9999 downloads
CSV Car Pack v1.1 FINAL by CarSpawner13,229 downloads
German M35 Helmet (Niko) by Killerfist973 downloads
Realistic Vehicle Car Pack v1 with normalized physics by ibhso8,546 downloads
Trial Bike IV by TheGtaivmodder3,714 downloads
Harley Davidson FLH 1200 by jezus95,134 downloads

Squalo Bike by blackdogystyle1,740 downloads
Niko's New Girlfriend by jvj1,190 downloads
TLAD Innovation Bike for GTA IV by Chooby897 downloads
NYPD Police Bike by ReadTheRules1, EricJames20117,876 downloads
New Bike Handling by questeuf1,056 downloads
TrafficLoad by ikt208,320 downloads
Call of the Dead and Machete HD Textures Pack by CORE.MAX2010 and Dr. Shock713 downloads
[LFL]Mega CarPack V0.4 Final by Luis_Lopez_TR27,937 downloads

Harley Davidson FLH 1200 Police by Sabbath Black, Chasez11,994 downloads
Hakuchou Custom + New Texture by Carrythxd2,539 downloads
TLAD Innovation to IV by juanma590357 downloads
TLAD Hakuchou Custom by juanma5901,441 downloads
TLAD Angel to IV by juanma590470 downloads
TLAD Yankee Special Edition by juanma590677 downloads
Realistic Driving n Flying 2.7 by Olaf 32,242 downloads
Hakuchou(EFLC-TLAD) bike Mod for GTA 4 by vidur3,075 downloads

New sound for NRG by MrLaax4,422 downloads
TLAD Car & Bike pack for GTAIV by xXadsybroXx1,481 downloads
City Track for Little Ones by Carrythxd446 downloads
Improved under-car/bike shadows by gunnery18 & grandtheftauto1233639 downloads
Bike Stunt Park by Carrythxd771 downloads
Sawn-Off Shotgun on Bike v1.1 by speccops924 downloads
Sawn-Off Shotgun on Bike by speccops1,094 downloads
Complete Biker Pack for Niko 2 by martronn1,098 downloads

!Updated! Biker N.B + Bandana,Glasses,and Biker Helmets by Dr.Shock1,637 downloads
Tron Jackets by Cubexd4,476 downloads
TRON Bike Mod by Quechus928,467 downloads
GhostRidder's NitroBike by RidderProGame1,025 downloads
Hexer in TBoGT and GTA IV by Vidusmonster1,079 downloads
Innovation in TBoGT and GTA IV by Vidusmonster1,002 downloads
Angel in TBoGT by Rockstar games and Vidusmonster899 downloads
Zombie Niko+Bloody Ds Jacket by Dr.Shock717 downloads

TBoGT - Vehicle Fix by smokey88085,617 downloads
From Paris with Love Charlie Wax Johnny Tattoo by martronn642 downloads
The Lost cz75 by martronn1,116 downloads
Terminator by romeo141,260 downloads
Yamaha Y660R Quadbike by sleepy93hun9,347 downloads
Didier Sachs Leather Jacket by Dr.Shock1,485 downloads
TLAD Leather Jacket Biker by gawelium1,011 downloads
New Biker Jacket TLAD V.2 by gawelium1,040 downloads

New Biker Jacket TLAD by gawelium1,035 downloads
Mega NYPD and Dept of Homeland Security Skins Pack by gorgonut17,075 downloads
TLAD Biker Pants by polodave1,635 downloads
TLAD biker jeans pack for Johnny by martronn641 downloads
HHAS (high speed Highway Arab Style) Bikes by call911roku1,380 downloads
TLAD Leadher Biker jeans for Johnny by martronn555 downloads
TLAD Leadher Biker shaps for Johnny by martronn785 downloads
TLAD Johnny pack wtih all by martronn1,237 downloads

New jacket for Johnny TLAD by martronn2,070 downloads
DLC's paragonists!! exactly them as NPC's by Astrixone934 downloads
New Total Remake Hires HA biker vest by martronn708 downloads
Complete Biker Pack. By Dr Sock and Martronn by martronn1,370 downloads
The Lost Mc Biker vest by martronn974 downloads
Hells Angels Biker Vest Final with Biker Jeans by martronn1,065 downloads
Biker boots for Niko by martronn706 downloads
Hells Angels Jacket v2 FINAL by martronn1,177 downloads

TLAD bikes files by monster875940 downloads
Unlock TLAD Bikes by monster8753,103 downloads
Biker Niko by Dr.Shock1,333 downloads
Drive-by shoty and more.... by aussiestuntman1,667 downloads
Biker Jeans Pack by Danham3,652 downloads
100% Save Data by Mako-Asus11,874 downloads
Black Leather Biker Jacket by Spk561,034 downloads
TLAD Bike Spawner Add-On Vehicles by ObsessedWithGTA4 + Sjaak3278,531 downloads

Motorhead Jacket by Force01854 downloads
Realistic Driving n Flying 2.5 by Killatomate15,166 downloads
Police Bikes by Switch Designs8,476 downloads
Stunt NRG900 Mod by EvolutionSn1per2,837 downloads
Ryda Helm Mod 1.0 by groveofdarkness761 downloads
2009 Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod Muscle by StingR13,247 downloads
Pocket Bikes (Full Pack - NRG900, Sanchez, PCJ) by d3m0n6,234 downloads
Pocket Bike (Mini PCJ600) by Demon1014,790 downloads

Pocket Bike (Mini NRG900) by Demon1016,251 downloads
Cops on Bikes by polodave2,657 downloads
Polish Eagle Jacket by polodave1,782 downloads
2 New Bike Helmets by cmp2,020 downloads
Bigger explosions, stronger fire hydrants v1.1 by lilmcnessy5,195 downloads
CarSpawner In-Game Menu Version 2.2 by sjaak327135,125 downloads
Motorbike Jacket Colors by buitenwet11,400 downloads
Biker Gloves by Heavy Gunner4,001 downloads

Flipmod by ZomBuster2,512 downloads
Bikes from The Lost and Damned by Blazer30uk19,404 downloads
Biker Helmet by spyloops2,715 downloads
GTA IV Multiplayer Exotic Cars/Bikes by Beuzer1,653 downloads
Niko Biker by spyloops3,317 downloads