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2015 BMW M4 F82 by PhnFox17,168 downloads
Drift age of extinction by sweet 3d713 downloads
Cruise + Drift Handling Lines V.3 by Maruni172,167 downloads
Drift car pack v1 by bastien599,377 downloads
BMW E30 M3 by jsain2,885 downloads
Vincent 16V Drift by Nitroflasche2,845 downloads
RWD Drift Handling by _astroAtomic3,622 downloads
"Mad Mike" RX-7 Final Update by AventadorGT310,515 downloads

Fortune Drift V2 by TOMMYE109520 downloads
Fortune Drift by TOMMYE109689 downloads
Volvo F10 Cement Truck by GTAEU-MODS1,523 downloads
New Paint Job For Nissan GTR R34 Drift by gtaviv5980 downloads
GabrielAug1 Drift Handling Line by GabrielAug1263 downloads
Cruise + Drift Handling Line V.2 by Maruni171,063 downloads
Mazda RX7 Veilside C2 by Neos77,505 downloads
Pinnacle RT [Final] by Nitroflasche533 downloads

240SX Cruise + Drift Handling Lines by Maruni171,331 downloads
Airport Circuit [OBJECT] by Sweeth686 downloads
Mustang RTRX DRIFT by xiaobuwa, GFxXTribalV8 & Viloki1,972 downloads
Chavos SXX V2 by Nitroflasche1,538 downloads
Buffalo Supercharged 2015 by Nitroflasche1,540 downloads
Mazda RX7 C-West by Neos76,328 downloads
Feltzer V8 Sport by Nitroflasche1,107 downloads
Crazy Track by drajoao19911,230 downloads

Ingot Custom by Algonquin Hood690 downloads
Nissan GTR R34 Drift by ghost-gt1,683 downloads
Hill Climb Handling / Drift by cyber5042806 downloads
Futo Drift X by Nitroflasche1,678 downloads
Phantom Drift Truck by Dmanduck1,483 downloads
Nissan 200SX Drift Handling by Nitroflasche1,001 downloads
London_Drift Map (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj3,496 downloads
Mercedes Benz 190E Evo2 GT3 UPDATE by YCA-RE4,846 downloads

Nissan Skyline R34 Drift Monster & Falken [RIV] by ghost-gt4,965 downloads
Mad Mike RX-7 Update2 by AventadorGT34,303 downloads
Tokyo Drift DK's VeilSide 350z by OliverWright2,820 downloads
Blista Sport retexture by someguyfromlc371 downloads
Yoshino 2011 Audi R8 GT Coupe by OtakuDelta141311 downloads
Toyota Supra by Zemu5,144 downloads
Custom Drift Lines by xxHASTERxx322 downloads
Zenden Cup (DiRT S) by imtaj1,363 downloads

Nissan 240sx s13 tuned by Zemu3,889 downloads
Touhou Project "Hong Meiling" Itasha for Nissan Silvia S15 by Yuki7291,765 downloads
Patriot DUB by Algonquin Hood1,603 downloads
Lamborghini Aventador Gumball 3000 Paintjob by mortezadrift1,998 downloads
Nissan 240sx s13 stock by Zemu1,727 downloads
Tuning Mercedes & BMW by GTAEU-MODS, Romchyk, Boss[TSOD]Zik, LeX911,229 downloads
Mitsubishi Evo From Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift by Sawz3,195 downloads
Mazda RX7 AUTOSPORT [UPDATED] by twattyballs20113,517 downloads

Nissan Silvia S15 Street Drift *UPDATED* by twattyballs20113,694 downloads
Strobe Lights v1.0 by LetsPlayOrDy1,468 downloads
Taxi Buffalo V2 (Downtown Cab Co. Update) by Algonquin Hood2,133 downloads
BMW M3 E36 by FPSlatvia16,947 downloads
RX7 Sticker Bomb Paint job [D3 - DRiFTD3M0NS Edition] by K1Drifts1,872 downloads
Ford Fiesta RS [Hoonigan] 2014 (DiRT S) by imtaj5,121 downloads
Faction Drift by Algonquin Hood1,342 downloads
Nissan Skyline R32 Pro Driver Handling by PLEH4991,711 downloads

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Racing Handling by PLEH499675 downloads
Nissan GTR Spec V Racing Handling by PLEH4992,106 downloads
Drift Line for GTA V Vacca Car by GMSCASE826 downloads
Banshee G-max by GilE495 downloads
Nissan Skyline R33 Sound Mod by APEXDRIFTER1011,427 downloads
2011 Audi R8 GT Coupe Bayern Munchen Edition by Sepehr Movi704 downloads
StartMap v1.0a (scale fixed) by twattyballs20111,168 downloads
AWD Drift Handling V.2 by _astroAtomic2,608 downloads

2011 Audi R8 GT Coupe paintjob by GUNSHAKE16858 downloads
GTA V Sentinel ToneBee Street Tuned Edit by twattyballs20112,511 downloads
Lamborghini Aventador Army Paintjob by mortezadrift & KOROSHKKUNITED498 downloads
Nissan Silvia S15 (GRID) by imtaj8,224 downloads
Handling Drift Ripley Pro by Le Maitre Du 93561 downloads
Toyota AE86 Trueno Drifting by Drifting.Pro.Master Antunes2,100 downloads
P.A.R ENB V1 [BETA] by KR1ll-TK2,081 downloads
Nissan Skyline R34 by RickiHKS8,000 downloads

Ford Fiesta Gymkhana 6 Ken Block [Hoonigan] 2013 by imtaj9,311 downloads
Envo 4.1 Edition Enb for low end pc's [PRE-ALPHA] by Siaxiz, M1xDRiFT1,042 downloads
Reverse Drift Handling by _astroAtomic919 downloads
ICON Drift 3 NICK APEX Suit by imtaj2,648 downloads
Triumph 675R Turbo ICON Drift 3 NICK APEX by imtaj11,994 downloads
DesertDrift ProStreetStyle by FreeZiic4,941 downloads
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII - Freestyle by Drifting.Pro.Master Antunes3,813 downloads
Illegal drift on the street by Shapespeare1,852 downloads

Nissan 240sx by RickiHKS3,076 downloads
Drift on airport by Shapespeare1,405 downloads
Drift Map on Airport by T3mas12,217 downloads
1999 Subaru Impreza WRX STI [Final] by ToneBee20131,850 downloads
AWD Drift Handling v.1 by _astroAtomic3,936 downloads
BMW M3 E92 Rockstar Energy Drink Albania by QenKu770 downloads
Nissan Cedric Y33 Privately owned taxi (個人タクシー) V1.0 by kazumaByOZ1,839 downloads
Sahiru Island by gta4maniac771,269 downloads

Lamborghini Aventador LP700 "GUMBALL3000" Paintjob by mortezadrift4,352 downloads
Drift Track by JeayS801 downloads
Ford Mustang GTR DiRT Showdown (GRID) by imtaj10,326 downloads
Subaru Impreza WRX STI GD Gymkhana Ken Block (DiRT3) by imtaj12,116 downloads
Drift Rising Hell Timecycle (Xbox360 Team) by DRS StreetFever408 downloads
Drift Rising Best Drift Handling [RWD] v2 (Xbox360 Team) by DRS StreetFever807 downloads
Ford Focus tuning by mortezadrift5,605 downloads
Tudor St. Drift Track by NYLONStudio528 downloads

Star Junction Drift Track by NYLONStudio728 downloads
Port Tudor Drift Track by NYLONStudio1,165 downloads
FlyUS Drift Ring by NYLONStudio714 downloads
DRiFT Labyrinth Track by NYLONStudio1,044 downloads
Charge Island Drift Track by NYLONStudio857 downloads
Car Park Drift Track (Tokyo Drift Style) by NYLONStudio1,093 downloads
Airport Stage 1 Drift Track by NYLONStudio1,325 downloads
Van Drift Handling v2 by niko98fin938 downloads

Volkswagen Golf MK1 RS4 Gymkhana/Drift by louping04,025 downloads
Limousine Drift Handling by niko98fin553 downloads
Lamborghini Aventador Monster Paintjob by mortezadrift3,520 downloads
Ford Fiesta Rallycross - Ken Block [Hoonigan] 2013 by imtaj10,335 downloads
Ultimate Nissan Skyline Handling v3 by PLEH4992,204 downloads
Drag Bus [FIXED] by TED4,513 downloads
Ken Block Pack 2.0 *Fixed by H5lion2,589 downloads
Nevada_Drift map (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj5,076 downloads

Nissan 240sx Drift (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj7,094 downloads
Mazda RX-7 Sticker Bomb+Drift Handling by Pacotron vagenrider4,541 downloads
2005 Lamborghini Gallardo "Game Over" Paintjob by mortezadrift2,221 downloads
New Nissan Skyline Handling v2 by PLEH4991,157 downloads
Ford Fiesta Gymkhana - Ken Block [Hoonigan] 2013 by imtaj7,452 downloads
Paintjob 2013 Audi RS4 Avant by mortezadrift1,896 downloads
Agressive RWD Handling Line by Pacotron,CyDoN2,280 downloads
Sabre GT Drift by ollieclarkk448 downloads

Handling Line by Simoskillz18633 downloads
Garage Drift Track by Subrosa,Pacotron1,188 downloads
Hoonigan (Gymkhana) Drift Track (Ken Block) v3 by Subrosa,Pacotron882 downloads
DiRT 3 Drift Playground (Drift Track) by Pacotron1,181 downloads
Hoonigan (Gymkhana) Drift Track (Ken Block) v2 by Pacotron,Subrosa2,079 downloads
'11 Mazda RX-8 R3 痛車 "Vividred Operation" paintjob by [Itasha]furin0620919 downloads
Neelas' RX-8 skin mod (Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift) by espace723,193 downloads
Nissan Sileighty by kazumaByOZ5,155 downloads

Volvo 945 "Wentworth R" Ridiculous Drift TurboBrick by Chong Mc Bong & Sleepy4,065 downloads
Midnight Mixed ENB V2 by MidnightD707 downloads
Toyota Chaser Custom + 2JZ Engine Sound by kazumaByOZ3,923 downloads
Nissan S15 Drifting Car by dennisandree2,390 downloads
RX7 APEXi final by vagenrider7,373 downloads
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 by DRIFTZ18,295 downloads
Jaguar XKR GT by kazumaByOZ5,127 downloads
Casio Island by gta4maniac772,955 downloads

DRIFT Handling Line SultanRS by SidLeParesseux63,251 downloads
Circuit DRIFT TRACK by CyDoN^3,393 downloads
4x4 DRIFT Handling Line by Pacotron1,995 downloads
Midnight ENB V1 by MidnightD706 downloads
2011 Audi R8 GT Coupe by Driftér45,737 downloads
Drift Technique Setup Line V.2 by vagenrider2,784 downloads
Nissan S14 Zenki JDM v2 by kazumaByOZ5,632 downloads
JVJDriftorz Mod by Joez629567 downloads

Ebisu Land [BETA] by Leoni Dias2,127 downloads
2009 Honda Fit Sport 痛車 milkyholmes painting [FIX] by [Itasha]furin匠1,232 downloads
Meihan Circuit Beta by Leoni Dias1,283 downloads
Van Drift Handling by niko98fin528 downloads
Nissan Silvia S15 by SvdTeam3,702 downloads
Grand Theft Auto 4.5 Mod Pack [Beta] by Variois. viper33assasin8,158 downloads
Nissan Silvia S15 Boso Drift Formula D M-Design by FelipeHks2,932 downloads
Steve Aoki Mr. Taxi by GPDRIFTKING481 downloads

AFROKI Molotov Cocktail by GPDRIFTKING560 downloads
DRIFT Handling Lines by Pacotron1,400 downloads
Toyota Chaser skin THE IDOLM@STER painting [BETA 1.0] by furin0620844 downloads
Beettle Drift Beta by nervous943,311 downloads
Mazda Rx7 Veilside Drift v2 by nervous9418,038 downloads
BMW E30 V8 Drift by ciku72012,828 downloads
Non-Drift Handling Nissan Skyline R34 GTR VSPEC II by PLEH4993,302 downloads
Mazda Rx7 Veilside Drift by nervous945,039 downloads

Turbo Sound v.3 Revo by vagenrider4,301 downloads
Subaru Impreza Sound by vagenrider4,535 downloads
Schiphol Firetruck Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,179 downloads
New Runway by GPDRIFTKING1,167 downloads
KLM Cargo by GPDRIFTKING713 downloads
KLM Boss Car Livery by GPDRIFTKING716 downloads
KLM Truck Livery by GPDRIFTKING990 downloads
Corvette Sound v 1.1 [FINAL] by vagenrider2,024 downloads

Best Saudi drift handling by xahmadx19996,848 downloads
KLM Airbus Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,871 downloads
KLM 747 Cargo Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,042 downloads
KLM 747 Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,080 downloads
M1xENB V2 by mixdrift1,413 downloads
KLM Car Livery by GPDRIFTKING558 downloads
KLM Pushback Livery by GPDRIFTKING787 downloads
Tomorrowland Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,355 downloads

Air Force One Livery v2 by GPDRIFTKING2,628 downloads
Mazda RX-7 Veilside Tokyo Drift by imtaj39,973 downloads
NASA Space Suit by GPDRIFTKING3,260 downloads
Beaten up female multiplayer V1.1 (FemalePlayerSettingsE2 FIX) by Algonquin Hood2,689 downloads
Nissan Skyline GT-R34 - DriftMonkey Paintjob by Babyto1,690 downloads
Aston Martin Amstel Beer Paintjob by GPDRIFTKING834 downloads
Drift Technique Setup Line by vagenrider2,797 downloads
'11 Mazda RX-8 R3 by Driftér8,393 downloads

Lada 2101 Drift Edition by DoMaG3 & Sleepy93HUN2,361 downloads
M1xENB V1 by mixdrift1,990 downloads
Ken Block 2013 Subaru Impreza Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,046 downloads
Ken Block 2013 Ford Fiesta Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,873 downloads
S.T.A.G Retexture Pack for GTAIV/EFLC by Algonquin Hood & MKD IDrifterI658 downloads
G4S Honda Fit 2009 Skin by Homer810 downloads
GINAF Dakar Service Car Livery by GPDRIFTKING765 downloads
GINAF Dakar Service Truck Livery by GPDRIFTKING924 downloads

GINAF Dakar Race Truck Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,125 downloads
Robby Gordon 2013 Livery by GPDRIFTKING1,221 downloads
'09 Honda Fit FlyUS Edition by Driftér4,580 downloads
'09 Honda Fit Sport by Driftér6,214 downloads
RX7 D1 EXEDY v.3 [FINAL] by vagenrider5,413 downloads
G4S Estonia (Mazda 2.2011) by Homer593 downloads
'11 Mazda 2 by Driftér4,286 downloads
EFLC Bikes Mad Mike Mod For GTA 4 by imtaj6,327 downloads

Hazyview Eight Drift Map (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj10,031 downloads
Kawabata Toyo Drift Car 2013 by vagenrider4,848 downloads
Turbo Flutter Sound Mod v.2 by vagenrider4,730 downloads
RX7 D1 EXEDY v.2 by vagenrider1,194 downloads
Comet Tribal Dragon Lights by Algonquin Hood488 downloads
Licor 43 / Block 43 by GPDRIFTKING455 downloads
Toyota Supra RS-R D1 v1.1 by vagenrider2,067 downloads
New Skydome.wtd for GTAIV/EFLC by MKD IDrifterI998 downloads

J VD Heuvel Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Livery by GPDRIFTKING398 downloads
VD Brink Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Rally Team Livery by GPDRIFTKING652 downloads
Van Loon Ford Fiesta Livery by GPDRIFTKING471 downloads
Kuipers Ford Fiesta FERM WRC Livery by GPDRIFTKING391 downloads
Martini Ford Fiesta WRC Livery by GPDRIFTKING481 downloads
Grolsch BMW Z4 by GPDRIFTKING520 downloads
Bacardi Mini Livery by GPDRIFTKING512 downloads
Tezuka Goodyear D1 Drift Car Paintjob by vagenrider846 downloads

'09 Volvo C30 by Driftér3,948 downloads
Kawabata Drift Car V.2 by vagenrider2,972 downloads
Mercedes CLK GTR Handling **Updated** by MKD IDrifterI834 downloads
'09 Nissan Versa by Driftér2,843 downloads
Various Drift mods by MKD IDrifterI1,346 downloads
'91 Honda CR-X SiR by Driftér4,896 downloads
Tuned car Sound Mod by BobyBlaby1,645 downloads
Ford Fiesta RS WRC Showdown mod (DiRT3) by imtaj8,938 downloads

Ford Fiesta RS WRC Showdown mod (DiRT3) by imtaj3,298 downloads
BMW Z4 M Coupe Motorsport (DiRT3) by imtaj4,566 downloads
II GTA ST4R II 2.0 by jamie360boy459 downloads
Mazda RX-7 Mad Mike (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj6,075 downloads
Nissan Sil1480 Drift Spec by FelipeHks3,993 downloads
River Side Drift Track Mod by NYLONStudio1,134 downloads
MAZDA RX-8 Mad Mike (NFS SHIFT 2) stock by imtaj5,065 downloads
MAZDA RX-8 Mad Mike (NFS SHIFT 2) Crash Fix by imtaj10,357 downloads

Mazda RX-8 Mad Mike (NFS SHIFT 2) by imtaj3,796 downloads
Bihoku Drift Track by metalwars2,775 downloads
Ford Fiesta RS WRC Gymkhana mod (DiRT3) by imtaj13,327 downloads
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (DiRT3) by imtaj3,569 downloads
Subaru Impreza WRX STI N12 (DiRT3) by imtaj5,092 downloads
Scion TC Fredric Aasbo Team NFS by FelipeHks1,889 downloads
Ford Escort MK2 rally version (DiRT2) by imtaj3,510 downloads
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT rallycross version (DiRT2) by imtaj2,877 downloads

Futo Rally/Drift Handling by +Rallycross+654 downloads
Enb For Low End PCs [1.1v] by mixdrift,redbullmaster1,082 downloads
Mini Countryman Rally Edition (DiRT3) by imtaj3,705 downloads
C5 handling by Deve572 downloads
1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally version (DiRT2) by imtaj1,827 downloads
Citroen C4 WRC (DiRT3) by imtaj4,026 downloads
BangBang Town Race by metalwars3,182 downloads
Blur Port Drift by metalwars1,973 downloads

Dark-Master V2.0 For GTA IV by RedBullMaster,L3evo,mixdrift852 downloads
Nissan Silvia S15 Tokyo Drift V.2 by RickiHKS5,748 downloads
Ford RS200 Evolution rallycross version (DiRT2) by imtaj2,131 downloads
Nissan Silvia V2.0 Fixed And and New Livery by Felipe[TDW]2,467 downloads
Nissan Silvia S15 Tokyo Drift by RickiHKS6,762 downloads
Colin McRae R4 rallycross version (DiRT2) by imtaj2,476 downloads
Enb For Low End PCs [] by mixdrift1,976 downloads
2013 Mustang Boss 302 real drift v2 by Tatsuo1,437 downloads

Mustang GT'93 Handling Line (Update) by Deve696 downloads
Subaru Impreza WRX STI RALLYCROSS (DiRT2) by imtaj3,365 downloads
'56 Porsche 550 A Spyder by Driftér2,861 downloads
'00 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 by Driftér11,127 downloads
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX RallyCross (DiRT2) by imtaj2,578 downloads
Very Short Disco Drift Race Track by S-T-A-L-K-E-R404 downloads
Nissan 350Z Rally car (DiRT2) by imtaj3,311 downloads
Modified Peds' Fear by Rain_Freshness2,102 downloads

Porshe 914 - 6 [PACK] by Hungarian3D & DangerIV & DivX 923 downloads
2013 Mustang Boss 302 real drift v1 by Tatsuo1,340 downloads
Tokyo Docks Drift by metalwars8,229 downloads
Subaru Impreza WRX Group N1 RALLYCROSS (DiRT2) by imtaj7,361 downloads
Nissan 350z [TDW] by Felipe[TDW]4,382 downloads
Biff Drift Handling Mod by Le Maitre Du 93748 downloads
Mitsubishi Lancer EVOX RALLYCROSS (DiRT2) by imtaj2,959 downloads
Track 1 Drift Team by TheTDG4716 downloads

Trike Hellfury Drift Turbo Beta 2 + Sound Mod by nervous941,167 downloads
Trike Hellfury Drift Beta by Nervous942,900 downloads
Red Dead Desert '12 - Public Beta by stilldre50,826 downloads
Nissan 200 SX Stock Final by Driftér1,396 downloads
Sultan from San Andreas + drift handling by Snickers744 downloads
My Drift Mod by ijustkilledu0072,081 downloads
'08 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 by Driftér5,521 downloads
Lincoln Town Car Limousine Final by Driftér7,423 downloads

2010 Cheverolet Camaro Hankook Tire by Cesar Garcia1,607 downloads
2009 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mopar Drift by Cesar Garcia2,306 downloads
2010 Lincoln Town Car Limousine [Fixed] by Driftér5,478 downloads
Cadillac Escalade EXT Beta by Driftér2,477 downloads
Futo Drift Line by Im Drifting538 downloads
Funny Handling.dat by ProMons860 downloads
Nissan Silvia S14 Matt Powers Felipe by FelipeHks2,817 downloads
Fast And Furious 1 Mazda RX7 + Drift Handling line by GtaThundersmack13,455 downloads

Rich Man's Added Car Pack 2012 v1 by insanegaz43,221 downloads
iRevolution Handling Configurations by RoyalPredator3,343 downloads
GMC C4500 Ambulance by Driftér5,719 downloads
Project RAGE2! by test116,249 downloads
Mustang Vaughn Gittin Jr ClanDriftHks by FelipeHks2,507 downloads
Fujimi Kaido by stilldre9,409 downloads
Ford Mustang Tokyo Drift by FelipeHks4,979 downloads
Toyota Chaser Tokyo Drift by FelipeHks2,452 downloads

Range Rover 2010 Hamann Conqueror II by alzentani718,709 downloads
Joker Paintjob for smart 2012 by StuntmanYuV1,029 downloads
RX7 Veilside Drift Easy Handling by Nervous946,928 downloads
Nissan Skyline ER34 by merkedca5,704 downloads
PCJ Street Drift Beta Test by nervous94603 downloads
Pro Drift v1.0 by farnyte719 downloads
Edem Hill Drift Track by MiXA232,558 downloads
Schafter Handling lines (includes drift lines) v3.0 by Working-mods668 downloads

Ultimate HD Car Pack 2012 v1.2 by martin.svk138,216 downloads
2 Fast 2 Furious Evo Paint Job by xFunkx1,201 downloads
1994 Nissan 240SX Drift by [GOC] peng0082018,703 downloads
2004 Toyota Camry by alialmoot2,405 downloads
2 x Futo Mod by cromchen1,214 downloads
Extremely Impossible Drift Line by call911roku623 downloads
Maple Valley Raceway 1.1 + Aqua Fun Add-On by stilldre8,603 downloads
Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo by Cpt.SkyDaRk5,426 downloads

Maple Valley Raceway by stilldre6,094 downloads
Drift Around the City by ledbus458 downloads
NYC Mega Car Pack FINAL by Driftér91,561 downloads
Feltzer Drift Tec by gta4tank & lol derpy derp1,124 downloads
Drift аnд Speed Handling by MrAldebaran993,397 downloads
Schafter Handling lines (includes drift lines) v2.0 by Working-mods689 downloads
Drift Handling (83 quattro sport) V0.2 by Working-mods892 downloads
SSDB2 Sanchez Street Drift Beta2 by Nervous941,481 downloads

Liberty Green by nine308,731 downloads
Schafter Handling lines (includes drift lines) by Working-mods413 downloads
Sanchez Street Drift Beta by nervous94909 downloads
Turismo Drifting Handling by Gender79784 downloads
Perfect Drift Mod by Baja0023,363 downloads
Drift Handling (83 quattro sport) V0.1 by Working-mods462 downloads
Drift Paradise V2 by stilldre17,600 downloads
Drift Handling by XtremeIV1,464 downloads

Drift&Drag Handling line V2. by KFXXXCOBRAXXX884 downloads
Futo Cab Drift V1 by nervous94458 downloads
Drift & Drag Handling Line by KFXXXCOBRAXXX806 downloads
Drift Bus by Monster2b1,370 downloads
Drift Handling Mod V2 + Lights by ijustkilledu0072,802 downloads
Trashmaster Drifting by vick9209515 downloads
Duke, Sultan RS, Futo Handling Mod by socisse2009805 downloads
Drift Handling Mod by ijustkilledu0073,682 downloads

Super Drift Mod Pack by mavs10078,825 downloads
Nissan 370z Tuned V1.0 by [ITC]RR_LXD19,778 downloads
GTA IV Rocky Drift Island (BETA) by StunterDan1,245 downloads
Realistic Driving n Flying 2.7 by Olaf 52,219 downloads
Easy Drift Handling Mod by Krimzon5,305 downloads
Drift Police Monster Energy by snickers111640 downloads
Drift Handling Line for Any Car by Krimzon1,124 downloads
Ford Mustang Fastback 302did Cruise O Matic by [ITC]RR_LXD29,992 downloads

GTAIV Drift track (novice) by xXadsybroXx918 downloads
Airport Drift Track by Skittles1,786 downloads
Awesome Drift Mod 2 RWD and 2 4WD by ANGUSIEO1,743 downloads
Dukes Drift Mod v1.1 by grimreaper012,307 downloads
Dukes Drifting Mod Easy Control by grimreaper011,627 downloads
New SultanRS Handling / Speed+Drift by Krimzon1,397 downloads
TBoGT Bullet GT Reworked Handling v1 by MegaGTA4Master1,136 downloads
APC Handling by fulmjacket804 downloads

Sultan RS Drift Mod by joelrocks9871,511 downloads
The Amazing Maze Drift Track by Cleptik1,032 downloads
Sultan RS Drift Mod/Config V1.1 by Badman9593,183 downloads
Sultan RS Drift Mod/Config V1.0 by Badman9591,597 downloads
Sultan RS Drift Handling by RidderProGame10,351 downloads
Drift Circuit by NikoFromIndo1,554 downloads
Easy Drift Handling Line by bloodixalex1,568 downloads
The Climbing Man Rally Course by HellOnWheels1,224 downloads

Tudor Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli1,157 downloads
Hill-Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli1,890 downloads
Illegal Street Drifting Track by Carrythxd1,217 downloads
Charge Island Drift Track by MrNaikkeli1,044 downloads
Ken Block Style Drift/Rally Track by Carrythxd1,521 downloads
Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli914 downloads
Drift Police Car by kingskyline2,378 downloads
Futo Drift Mod by vidur6,946 downloads

Comet The Drifter by tony5512951 downloads
gta 4 underwater stunt by kudoboi728 downloads
GTA 4x4/Casual/Sports Car Pack V4! MAJOR FIXES by SP-JESTER6,041 downloads
Drift mod and Traction mod by TheBlackRacer1,836 downloads
drift park by kudoboi1,145 downloads
DRIFT TRACK by TheGTADK1,368 downloads
Drift cam by call911roku4,824 downloads
Ken Block Subaru Handling v1.0 by Leace927,326 downloads

Drift Mod for Mazda RX-7 FD3S Veilside Fortune by DVA51120,191 downloads
Drift Handling Mod by milo3423,278 downloads
Best Drift Handling (100% Perfect) by havark51,461 downloads
Feroci Drift Spec by EasyMan2,704 downloads
Drift City Mod v1.0 by Finking3,676 downloads
Drift Driving Mod by white8man30,500 downloads