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Optimal Universal HQ Textures (fxprojtex.wtd) by kizacudo2,370 downloads
Military Pack For Niko (HD Texture) by gtaviv5,metalwars, ac.amir, digitalEN4CR, InventiveA and CORE.MAX20102,170 downloads
Wake Island by nine306,812 downloads
Sentium M5 Muller (HAWKEN) by metalwars7,168 downloads
Ship Mod Pack (Part 1) by metalwars1,892 downloads
Bravo & Echo (USS Flysenhower) by metalwars1,921 downloads
Enhanced Power Armor (F.E.A.R. 3) by metalwars4,890 downloads
Aircraft Mod Pack (Part 3) [Reupload] by metalwars4,972 downloads

Aircraft Mod Pack (Part 2) [Reupload] by metalwars3,638 downloads
Aircraft Mod Pack (Part 1) [Reupload] by metalwars2,677 downloads
Gabriel Skin v1 [HD] by GabrielAug1 , Satyr15, Metalwars , Fragdog1,649 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X by Naruto 6071,527 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4 by Naruto 6072,160 downloads
CRS police nationale BETA by ltgwen1,943 downloads
Ped Pompier français + casque F1 by ltgwen1,658 downloads
GTA V fireman (PED) by ltgwen1,216 downloads

ENB Light Random by GTARandom1,925 downloads
Ramp Jump for Metalwars' Space Dock Station by MrSupercar551,356 downloads
Police Woman Voice NYPD by Aditya_Fauzi1,155 downloads
Snowball by metalwars & Scrat1908Mods1,454 downloads
Battlefield 3 Blackburn Original Skin [Ped] by chinweiren2133,871 downloads
Battlefield 3 Blackburn Original Skin by chinweiren2137,984 downloads
ENB or Visual EFLC/GTA 4 For Low-Medium PC by yanuar140452,769 downloads
Mind Attack by Dabanya & metalwars1,151 downloads

Angry Birds Pack & Bad Piggies (Ped) by metalwars3,252 downloads
The Black Plowman by bigretard3,266 downloads
Kindergarten Camo by bigretard1,830 downloads
Mecha Reduction by bigretard1,368 downloads
Vigilante Script v0.01 Alpha by Will_I_Beard2,776 downloads
Bus Stop Ad 2 by kor0ro.k3yz1,088 downloads
Bus Stop Ad by kor0ro.k3yz1,182 downloads
CyborX CD 10.0 XL-GT (SupermotoXL) by metalwars10,654 downloads

Wanzer Frost (Front Mission: Evolved) by metalwars7,380 downloads
AltEisen Riese (Another Century's Episode R) by metalwars7,877 downloads
Helicopter Mod Pack by metalwars7,458 downloads
Free Syrian Army by yazn & metalwars2,899 downloads
Air Combat IV v1.5.1 by JulioNIB45,091 downloads
Milo's MP5SD by Pro Racer20,329 downloads
KA-50 Black Shark Modified by metalwars8,562 downloads
Tokyo Freeway by metalwars4,740 downloads

Niko's Summoning Monster by metalwars5,378 downloads
Niko Jackson by metalwars2,922 downloads
AK-12 by CORE.MAX20107,807 downloads
Shaundi from Saints Row The third (Niko) by Gabriel.Augusto & alex1898,272 downloads
Bad Ass Animations for Niko by CORE.MAX20106,267 downloads
FIM-92 Stinger by metalwars15,704 downloads
Casual Lightning Mod (Ped) by metalwars4,283 downloads
Halo Reach SRS 99 (AMR) by metalwars6,172 downloads

Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR Fall Out NV) by metalwars5,783 downloads
Rangers & Shadow Company Uniform+Equip for Niko *Update 1* by metalwars, ac.amir, digitalEN4CR and CORE.MAX2010 14,025 downloads
Kirov Airship (Fix) by metalwars5,171 downloads
Pirate Ship by metalwars4,822 downloads
Galleon Ship by metalwars3,871 downloads
Modern Warfare Style CQC M4 by CORE.MAX201010,159 downloads
XM1014 Full Covered by CORE.MAX20108,291 downloads
F-22 + Jet Sound + Guns & AIM-9 Sidewinder *Updated* by metalwars & CORE.MAX20107,865 downloads

Gunship Model AC130 Script (Update) by metalwars5,145 downloads
F-22 Starscream Raptor Paint Job by metalwars2,614 downloads
F-22 Raptor by metalwars19,101 downloads
Eurocopter Tiger / Tigre by metalwars6,353 downloads
Niko Steel Armor by metalwars7,354 downloads
Nuclear Submarine by metalwars5,805 downloads
Mini Submarine by metalwars2,550 downloads
metalwars Jill Valentine New WTD by hostline10,446 downloads

Mild ENB Ultimate by metalwars13,235 downloads
Natasha Mod (Ped) by metalwars8,794 downloads
Fabiana Branco Max Payne 3 (Ped) by metalwars10,356 downloads
Chinatown Girl (Ped) by metalwars6,110 downloads
Maya Borderlands 2 (Ped) by metalwars3,451 downloads
AV-8B Harrier VTOL by metalwars8,577 downloads
Jill Valentine Secretary Mod (Ped) by metalwars7,927 downloads
Niko Battlefield 3 Uniform by metalwars11,805 downloads

Harley Batman Arkham City (Ped) by metalwars4,834 downloads
New Peds for Niko 8 by jorgehunter2,055 downloads
Dishonored Corvo's Blade by metalwars6,176 downloads
A&K SVD Dragunov by metalwars3,984 downloads
German M43 Stick Grenade by metalwars3,439 downloads
Batman's Batwing by metalwars14,530 downloads
F-35B VTOL Guns & Rockets + AIM-9 Sidewinder V B0.96 *Updated 6* by metalwars and CORE.MAX2010 9,881 downloads
F-35 Lightning II by metalwars6,897 downloads

Blackburn & Montes Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars2,853 downloads
Bihoku Drift Track by metalwars3,264 downloads
PSP Mobile Phone by metalwars5,152 downloads
Tron Identity Discs v1.0 by metalwars5,744 downloads
Montes Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars6,004 downloads
Blackburn Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars6,840 downloads
Trishka Bulletstorm (Ped) by metalwars3,282 downloads
Miranda Mass Effect 3 (Ped) by metalwars3,614 downloads

Ashley Mass Effect 3 (Ped) by metalwars2,762 downloads
Candy Rumble Roses (Ped) by metalwars4,171 downloads
Duke Nukem Forever Girls Pack by metalwars4,901 downloads
Texture pack V2 by TLA-9196 metalwars1,227 downloads
Fatal Frame 4 Girls Pack by metalwars5,562 downloads
CrossFire Girls (Ped) by metalwars8,468 downloads
Laughing Octopus (Ped) by metalwars2,081 downloads
Talia Batman Arkham City (Ped) by metalwars3,594 downloads

Dead Rising 2 Playboy Girl (Ped) by metalwars7,194 downloads
The Sims 2 Girl (Ped) by metalwars6,325 downloads
BangBang Race HD Retexture by leec3131,639 downloads
BangBang Town Race by metalwars3,656 downloads
Blur Port Drift by metalwars2,430 downloads
New Hair For Niko v1.0 by metalwars24,236 downloads
Stella Cash Loco Police (Ped) by metalwars11,152 downloads
Zakonin Tenchu Ninja (Ped) by metalwars2,691 downloads

Gundam Wing v1.0 by metalwars10,040 downloads
Devil May Cry 4 Boss Chapitre by metalwars2,310 downloads
Resident Evil Girls Pack by metalwars9,421 downloads
Angry Bird Ped v1.0 by metalwars3,593 downloads
Tokyo Docks HD by leec3131,549 downloads
Windows Phone 7 by metalwars10,000 downloads
Tokyo Docks Drift by metalwars8,738 downloads
Final Fantasy XIII Girls Pack by metalwars10,893 downloads

Aya Brea Parasite Eve (Ped) by metalwars5,714 downloads
Joker Gun by metalwars2,529 downloads
Desert Mod by matt198115,854 downloads
SnakerBR ENB v1.1 - For & EFLC by SnakerBR2,645 downloads
Stargate Atlantis Final by metalwars3,661 downloads
Crimson Mecha v1.0 by metalwars18,261 downloads
Batman Batarang v1.0 by metalwars8,996 downloads
MP5 Flashlight by indirivacua1,749 downloads

King Kong Statue by metalwars3,139 downloads
Flashlight And LaserSight 4 Player, BodyGuards, And SWAT v2.0 by motorsport714,003 downloads
New Peds for Niko 7 by jorgehunter2,908 downloads
USS CVN-68 Nimitz by metalwars7,555 downloads
Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons by motorsport7112,690 downloads
USS Intrepid Museum NYC by metalwars6,744 downloads
Flashlight 4 Weapons v2.0 by metalwars15,557 downloads
FGM-148 Javelin by metalwars9,594 downloads

Aircraft Replacement At Airport by metalwars8,425 downloads
Rollermine Disco Grenade by metalwars3,141 downloads
Sacred Sword by metalwars4,078 downloads
Magnum Rifle With Laser Sight by metalwars3,221 downloads
Arabian: Ancient Civilizations by metalwars3,358 downloads
Cherry Blossom Trees v1.0 by metalwars2,655 downloads
Mario Kart Rooster Island by metalwars2,399 downloads
Times Square Zeppelin v2.0 by metalwars2,290 downloads

Hot Air Balloon by metalwars2,185 downloads
New Peds for Niko 6 by jorgehunter2,640 downloads
New Peds for Niko 5 by jorgehunter2,049 downloads
Magic Scripts Pack v1.0 by metalwars41,333 downloads
Seafleet: Warships by metalwars38,538 downloads
Space Dock Station by metalwars5,103 downloads
New Peds for Niko 4 by jorgehunter2,321 downloads
New Peds for Niko 3 by jorgehunter3,377 downloads

Gripen VTOL Guns & Rockets Beta Updated 3 by udihow and CORE.MAX201012,034 downloads
Girls Skin Pack v3.0 Final by metalwars35,863 downloads
Liberty City Defender Ped v1.0 by metalwars8,788 downloads
New Peds for Niko 2 by jorgehunter2,474 downloads
New Peds for Niko 1 by jorgehunter2,441 downloads
New Clothes for Niko (Ped Clothes) by jorgehunter4,902 downloads
New Glasses - Headset - Cowboy Hat v2.0 by metalwars8,689 downloads
Tutorial: Convert Player Model To Ped Model by metalwars11,197 downloads

Dog Mod v1.0 by metalwars15,938 downloads
Blood Tweak v1.0 by metalwars24,813 downloads
Coronas Pack v1.0 by metalwars8,873 downloads
Fix Red Sky Bug Beta by metalwars21,874 downloads
Killer Technique Pack v1.0 by metalwars33,199 downloads
Jump Jet v1.0 by metalwars13,330 downloads
Lens Flare Corona v1.0 by metalwars5,984 downloads
Mild ENB Final Released All Patch by metalwars23,641 downloads

MW2 Special Ghost v1.0 by metalwars9,911 downloads
The Terrorist Ped v2.0 by metalwars3,378 downloads
Alone In The Dark-Edward Carnby FR by ac.amir4,192 downloads
The Terrorist Ped v1.0 by metalwars3,409 downloads
Bodyguards With Lights v1.01 by motorsport714,763 downloads
Explosion & Fire Tweak v1.0 by metalwars10,495 downloads
Female Cop Ped Mod v1.0 by metalwars7,213 downloads
Front Mission Skin Mod v1.0 by metalwars2,691 downloads

New FBI Ped Mod v1.0 by metalwars12,555 downloads
2Pac Shakur Ped v1.0 by metalwars2,908 downloads
Prisoner Ped Mod v1.0 by metalwars3,213 downloads
Custom INI for Flashlight 4 Weapons v1 by motorsport713,464 downloads
Burn To Hell v2.0 by metalwars8,134 downloads
Tom Cruise Ped v1.0 by metalwars7,311 downloads
Jackie Chan Ped v1.0 by metalwars5,200 downloads
Girl Skin Pack v2.0 by metalwars22,230 downloads

Flashlight 4 Weapons v1.0 by metalwars11,665 downloads
Air Force One v1.0 by metalwars2,736 downloads
Russian Glasses Colors v1.0 by metalwars6,430 downloads
Bus Stop Advertising v1.0 by metalwars3,503 downloads