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POLICE COPS vs MAFIA ROBBERS vs RACERS MultiPlayer Skin Pack 16 by GTAEU-MODS598 downloads
Oracle XS Sport by Algonquin Hood323 downloads
Liberty Timecyc v1(edited) by Mr.Red Devil1,177 downloads
ghost rider spirit of vengeance by sweet 3d5,128 downloads
1989 Batman ped by GTAEU-MODS3,255 downloads
Grand ENB by Officer Smith2,440 downloads
GTA Real ShowRoom Textures Addons by GTAEU-MODS978 downloads
Defender Mod by Solarix3,924 downloads

Buccaneer San Andreas Style by TOMMYE109346 downloads
ENB-LYNX ( by lynxES4,154 downloads
Schafter Gen. 2 Grey Series by Algonquin Hood1,416 downloads
Oracle Elegance V2 by Algonquin Hood641 downloads
Fócus ENB 3.0 ELS Only and MultiPlayer by crosstrigger1489 downloads
1995 Heat Movie Robber Skin Pack by GTAEU-MODS1,019 downloads
CryENB V3 ( by Fabriciuz73,819 downloads
GTA V Grotti Cheetah by Algonquin Hood2,849 downloads

E109 DUB by Algonquin Hood757 downloads
GTA V Bravado Buffalo Gen. 2 Trick or Treat Halloween Special by Algonquin Hood2,442 downloads
GTA V Bravado Buffalo Gen. 2 by Algonquin Hood1,891 downloads
Sultan GTS by Algonquin Hood1,925 downloads
Presidente Racer by Algonquin Hood1,078 downloads
GTA V Lampadati Furore GT by Algonquin Hood1,782 downloads
Schafter Gen. 1 Grey Series by Algonquin Hood741 downloads
Oracle Elegance by Algonquin Hood697 downloads

Sentinel SEVEN V2 by Algonquin Hood690 downloads
GTA V Übermacht Zion XS by Algonquin Hood818 downloads
Dukes Supercharger by Algonquin Hood, someguyfromlc1,373 downloads
FlatOut UC Vexter XS by Algonquin Hood527 downloads
Intruder Sport by Algonquin Hood655 downloads
Primo Continental by Algonquin Hood661 downloads
Feltzer Grey Series V3 LOD Patch by Algonquin Hood605 downloads
Blista Sport by Algonquin Hood697 downloads

Bobcat Desert by Algonquin Hood1,541 downloads
GTA V BeeJay XL by Algonquin Hood919 downloads
Infernus Carbonerra by Algonquin Hood1,596 downloads
Comet Turbo V2 by Algonquin Hood1,007 downloads
GTA IV Beta Grotti Turismo by TOMMYE109465 downloads
GTA V Übermacht Sentinel XS by Algonquin Hood3,675 downloads
Sentinel GTR (NFS MW style) by Algonquin Hood2,179 downloads
ChinaGreenElvis ENB 6 by chinagreenelvis1,836 downloads

GTA V Bravado Gresley by Algonquin Hood1,541 downloads
GTA V Maibatsu Frogger by Algonquin Hood2,242 downloads
GTA V Vapid Radius by Algonquin Hood1,434 downloads
GTA V Dewbauchee Exemplar by Algonquin Hood1,389 downloads
GTA V Ocelot Jackal by Algonquin Hood1,667 downloads
GTA V Lampadati Felon by Algonquin Hood1,599 downloads
Speed Enforcement Merit DOOR FIX by Algonquin Hood2,366 downloads
Mule Trailpackage by Algonquin Hood910 downloads

Vincent GT V2 by Algonquin Hood1,046 downloads
Patriot DUB by Algonquin Hood1,591 downloads
Bunker Tower at Westdyte - 65 items by divization659 downloads
GTA V Bravado Bison by Algonquin Hood2,660 downloads
GTA V Albany Buccaneer Gen. II by Algonquin Hood1,452 downloads
GTA V Vapid Sadler FINAL by Algonquin Hood1,457 downloads
GTA V Albany Washington Stretch-Limo *FIXED BUGS* by Algonquin Hood2,148 downloads
Bunker Tower - 69 items by divization771 downloads

Strange Ramp - 69 items by divization1,716 downloads
CryENB V2 ( by Fabriciuz31,597 downloads
Flying on the Roof - 69 items by divization929 downloads
2014 Rally City Stage 1 vs 1 Mode by GTAEU-MODS404 downloads
Emperor Traveler by Algonquin Hood889 downloads
Advanced Graphics V1 by Sharing (Golak mods)3,087 downloads
Watch_Dogs Black Viceroys Willard by Algonquin Hood716 downloads
Watch_Dogs Black Viceroys Cavalcade *FIXED WHEELS* by Algonquin Hood1,475 downloads

Modna Trainer by formel1172,868 downloads
Watch_Dogs Black Viceroys Buffalo *UPDATED HANDLING* by Algonquin Hood2,629 downloads
New Multiplayer Textures by PulloHeikkiProx342 downloads
Bullet RS by Algonquin Hood1,027 downloads
Exit Cafe - 70 items by divization724 downloads
Virgo Cliffrider by Algonquin Hood944 downloads
Banshee GT3 V2 (TIRES FIXED) by Algonquin Hood1,773 downloads
F620 Racer by Algonquin Hood1,699 downloads

Vigero Supercharger V2 by Algonquin Hood2,789 downloads
The jump by danielesx1,554 downloads
Taxi Buffalo V2 (Downtown Cab Co. Update) by Algonquin Hood2,114 downloads
Fortune GTRS V2 (Updated Rear Bumper) by Algonquin Hood823 downloads
Secret High Security - 70 items by divization1,775 downloads
HelpKit 1.7 *NEW* by ZeroCool518 downloads
DF8GT-90 by Algonquin Hood1,601 downloads
Team Ultima Tampa V2 (NEW BODYKIT) by Algonquin Hood1,232 downloads

Landstalker 4x4 by Algonquin Hood1,761 downloads
Schafter Gen2 AMG *V2 EXTRA ADDITION* by Algonquin Hood1,473 downloads
Burrito Bodybuilder by Algonquin Hood1,169 downloads
New Multiplayer Type Of Clothes Mod by PulloHeikkiProx366 downloads
Faction Drift by Algonquin Hood1,325 downloads
The French Place to Be by divization1,151 downloads
Police Patriot V2 [NON-ELS] by Algonquin Hood1,320 downloads
Futo RS by Algonquin Hood936 downloads

CryENB V1 ( by Fabriciuz56,104 downloads
VIP Drop Diamond by Algonquin Hood932 downloads
VIP Diamond by Algonquin Hood2,832 downloads
Jump the Lake by GtaGamer222865 downloads
Civil Cruiser by Algonquin Hood693 downloads
DayL IV Graphics 4.0 by DayL1,432 downloads
Benson Heavy by Algonquin Hood1,185 downloads
Phantom Zombie [FIXED LOD] by Algonquin Hood1,095 downloads

Chavos RSX V2 by Algonquin Hood1,446 downloads
Chavos RSX by Algonquin Hood610 downloads
Hallenberg Multiplayer Crash Protection v1.1 by formel1171,486 downloads
Admiral TUNED by Algonquin Hood937 downloads
Solair 2000 Facelift by Algonquin Hood628 downloads
Turismo Sport by Algonquin Hood1,400 downloads
Peyote 1950 V2 (UPDATED WHEELS) by Algonquin Hood852 downloads
Police-Cruiser V2 [NON-ELS] by Algonquin Hood1,146 downloads

Purgatory Race II - 70 items by divization1,115 downloads
Hydro Firetruck by Algonquin Hood1,308 downloads
Contender FX by Algonquin Hood1,064 downloads
Sultan Race-Kit by Algonquin Hood723 downloads
On the roof - 70 items by divization2,262 downloads
GTA V Burrito Textures by PoliceOfficer07416 downloads
Ultra GT by Algonquin Hood900 downloads
Comet TURBO by Algonquin Hood957 downloads

FXT Ultima by Algonquin Hood760 downloads
Sabre Rod Ride (New Wheels) by Algonquin Hood574 downloads
Monster Energy Sanchez by Algonquin Hood2,894 downloads
Sabre RS by Algonquin Hood1,002 downloads
1997 Rancher by Algonquin Hood538 downloads
Sand & Water II - 71 items by divization750 downloads
Vincent GT by Algonquin Hood731 downloads
Race Ramp - 70 items by divization2,341 downloads

Water Race 4 - 69 items by divization1,980 downloads
Camp of Resistance II - Middle Park - 70 items by divization940 downloads
Airport - Fishmarket Bridge - 391 items by divization1,048 downloads
Daimyo's RPG Mod Pack - Community Edition v1.2.2b by daimyo211,723 downloads
PvP Wanted v1a by daimyo21705 downloads
Weapon Vendors v1 by daimyo21/endosan1,616 downloads
MPBlips v1a by daimyo211,514 downloads
Food Mod v1 by daimyo212,963 downloads

Persistent Persons v1.1.1 by daimyo211,852 downloads
Everything Car v1.2b by daimyo215,766 downloads
Public Host Game v1.1.1 by daimyo211,053 downloads
Speed Line Airport - 70 items by divization1,044 downloads
Algonquin - Alderney - 90 items by divization1,971 downloads
Halfpipes Ramp at the Airport - 70 & 248 items by divization1,099 downloads
8 Race in Airport - 70 items by divization1,010 downloads
Arena Derby at the Airport - 94 items by divization667 downloads

The Wall - Race in Airport - 92 items by divization1,200 downloads
Car Spawner 1.25 (Open Source) by Solarix22,648 downloads
P.A.R ENB (Performance And Realism) by TheK1D4,865 downloads
[Multiplayer] Airport Demolition Derby Area - V.0.9 by CJ42700690 downloads
AK-47 black ops 2 graffiti camo by Alexgazz932,357 downloads
CS:GO Sound Mod v3,5 by TheNielegalnY1,434 downloads
Multiplayer Hideout (Arena) by Pacotron853 downloads
Prone (Updated 7/5/14) by Dvnt7,509 downloads

Boost Point 1.3 by HadesOfGTA561 downloads
Tescular Miracle V3 [Online] EFLC by TesticleMachine1,877 downloads
XV8 ENB (Dpeasant3 based) by buzzz15,175 downloads
Mess Box by Pacotron478 downloads
Challenge track by Pacotron1,251 downloads
Muscle Ped New Heads & Clothes by DetectiveDavis1,214 downloads
Docks Rallycross by S-T-A-L-K-E-R1,150 downloads
Trials Evolution Track (Object Mod) by XTREME0235851 downloads

Beaten up female multiplayer V1.1 (FemalePlayerSettingsE2 FIX) by Algonquin Hood2,680 downloads
Multiplayer hair, beard, and pants for Niko by jorgehunter4,257 downloads
No Rust on Burnt out Cars by Algonquin Hood564 downloads
LAV-25 IFV from Battlefield 3 by SkylineGTRFreak7,547 downloads
Comet Tribal Dragon Lights by Algonquin Hood478 downloads
Air Combat IV v1.5.1 by JulioNIB43,468 downloads
Comet RS by Algonquin Hood658 downloads
tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.5.0 by tjackiseN14,731 downloads

ENBseries by farnyte v2.0 by farnyte1,617 downloads
tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.1.1 by tjackiseN2,834 downloads
Tattoo for male multiplayer by khikay07641 downloads
Realistic car physics and speed by Stoveboy3,185 downloads
GTA 4 - Niko Bellic in Multiplayer by MGS996 downloads
Rotterdam Tower Long Jump Insane Edition by insanegaz2,274 downloads
CGE ENB 5 by chinagreenelvis8,471 downloads
ChinaGreenElvis ENB 4 for GTA IV and EFLC by chinagreenelvis3,984 downloads

Big Ramp-Algonquin by MiauczekPL812 downloads
GTA IV Viewer(3.0+3.1) by BlueRayTeam22,605 downloads
Fortress V1 by S-T-A-L-K-E-R514 downloads
iCEnhancer [Custom Edition V2] by Tweaker12,299 downloads
Legacyy's ENB 2.0 for and EFLC [BETA1] by legacyy, Icelaglace, ChinaGreenElvis, DKT701,108 downloads
Ramp on Airport by MiauczekPL1,956 downloads
CGE ENB 3.0 for GTA IV and EFLC by chinagreenelvis14,219 downloads
Bodyguard Script v1.4.0.0B (Updated 18/09/12) by _Pure14,488 downloads

APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade by Naruto 6071,213 downloads
Airport Base mod by ijustkilledu007944 downloads
Fallen Liberty (Custom Race Track) by AmazingGameMods384 downloads
EFLC LiveGamesStar ENB Settings by LiveGamesStar2,436 downloads
TBOGT helmet for GTAIV by HairiPRO971,143 downloads
Mobile Radio in Multiplayer by ChelNaPer1,713 downloads
Collaider (SNT) by sergun99090714 downloads
Female LCPD Cops by kit_y4,568 downloads

Water Blender (SNT) by sergun99090574 downloads
Blender (SNT) by sergun990901,030 downloads
All clothes for EFLC multiplayer by TheUltraPC1,383 downloads
LCPD Just like NYPD Officer by stevetrackboyz3,380 downloads
Idle Animations Remover by SFK363606 downloads
Car Tuning Garage 2 by TheLastCommand15,595 downloads
GTA IV Car Pack V6.2 by AXE122116,898 downloads
Luxury Ferrari Apartment by Styrke931,271 downloads

GTA IV Car Pack v5.5 by AXE122114,689 downloads
GTA IV Car Pack V5.0 by AXE12216,510 downloads
Multiplayer Police Outfit V2.1 by stevetrackboyz3,276 downloads
CGE ENB 2.0 for GTAIV and EFLC by chinagreenelvis17,064 downloads
No Police Blips by Custo2,253 downloads
ChinaGreenElvis ENB for and EFLC by chinagreenelvis11,660 downloads
Idle Animation Mod by Custo3,783 downloads
GTA IV Car Pack by bicixo17,608 downloads

Airport Ramps by ijustkilledu0071,807 downloads
The Great Wall of Liberty City by RSocialClubTV12,758 downloads
Beach House With Ramps by ijustkilledu007950 downloads
My Hideout by ijustkilledu0071,117 downloads
Store [Multiplayer friendly] by TheLastCommand1,016 downloads
Soccer Mod by TheLastCommand1,437 downloads
GTA IV Multiplayer New Clothes by dioniszLTU2,317 downloads
TBoGT Schafter Stock Model to IV (Fixed Lights) by juanma590977 downloads

Porta Cabin Park by TheLastCommand780 downloads
IV:MP, GTAIV Multiplayer Mod 0.1 T3 by Pyrokid and the IV:MP Team4,948 downloads
GTA IV Nederlandse Vertaling Mod by Bassieboy35678 downloads
Summer Cottage by TheLastCommand3,511 downloads
Gang Clothing by Cubexd1,454 downloads
Upgraded Gas Station 2 by Carrythxd1,061 downloads
New Sultan RS Handling! (0.7 version) by MegaGTA4Master881 downloads
Four Seater Airtug by XTREME02352,855 downloads

The Jason Statham Mod by timothyR6,238 downloads
Huge Stunt Park by Carrythxd1,655 downloads
Parkour Course for GTA IV/EFLC by Nat34eme1,148 downloads
Demolition Derby Arena (Airport) V2 by Carrythxd1,123 downloads
Face Mask by gerbil211,328 downloads
Tudor Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli1,147 downloads
Hill-Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli1,884 downloads
All Terrain Off-Road Track by MrNaikkeli1,816 downloads

Charge Island Drift Track by MrNaikkeli1,041 downloads
Hummer Trial Track 3 by MrNaikkeli799 downloads
Hummer Trial Track 2 by MrNaikkeli866 downloads
Hummer Trial Track 1 by MrNaikkeli747 downloads
Street Drifting Track by MrNaikkeli908 downloads
EFLC TBOGT New Track by MegaGTA4Master635 downloads
Atlanta Caps - MP - New Era Cap 59Fifty by polodave4,834 downloads
Unlock Multiplayer Clothes Mod v1.2 by LucasSlipknot11,929 downloads

SkyLift Mod Online (fixed) by nixolas112,325 downloads
InvaderV by matthewf5,138 downloads
IV : Multiplayer Alpha 2 R3 by ReVo and JeNkStAX43,506 downloads
Terminator Multiplayer Pack by mstfa80976 downloads
Vehicle GOD Mode + Super SultanRS by UnlockedTax4,715 downloads
TLAD Bike Spawner Add-On Vehicles by ObsessedWithGTA4 + Sjaak3279,970 downloads
Submarine by Switch Designs7,647 downloads
AH-6 LittleBird Helicopter by H1Vltg3 & Smokey880813,972 downloads

Sparrow by smokey88082,627 downloads
Realistic Environment Mod by rinuextreme15,667 downloads
GTA IV File Check Fix v1.0.4.0 by Alexander Blade84,107 downloads
XLiveLess 0.97b by listener193,590 downloads
Multiplayer Head Pack by buitenwet12,165 downloads
GTA IV GrabScript v1.3 by HazardX14,881 downloads
XLiveLess 0.94 by listener21,402 downloads
GTA IV Multiplayer Exotic Cars/Bikes by Beuzer1,869 downloads

All Cars in Multiplayer by Kitteh5,032 downloads
XLive Wrapper by Rick108,868 downloads
Unlock Multiplayer Customizations by MiniAnt6,299 downloads
GTA IV Patch v1.0 by Rockstar Games11,884 downloads