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True GTA V Weapon Wheel Controls by DRUZZRIN122968,774 downloads
Shawn Michaels DX (SvR 2011 XBox 360) by Miha Volkov , deexie1,010 downloads
GTA V LSPD CVPI by SkylineGTRFreak1,666 downloads
GTA 5 Weapon HUD 1.00 by M. Wojtanis49,730 downloads
BulletTime v2.0 [ *UPDATED* ] by lordwriter4,213 downloads
Iron Man IV by H1Vltg3 & JulioNIB267,853 downloads
Air Combat IV v1.5.1 by JulioNIB35,645 downloads
BulletTime 1.8 [LAST VERSION] by ZeroCool7,995 downloads

Crysis Nanosuit Abilities, Bullettime, and Gesture Mods Bind To Xbox 360 Controller by wapeddell1,608 downloads
Amplified Rumble For Xbox 360 Controller and Supported Controllers Only by wapeddell833 downloads
GTA IV Multiplayer New Clothes by dioniszLTU2,130 downloads
No Helicopter Sound-FX Mod (For Film Makers) by InterGlobalFilm536 downloads
Huge Stunt Park by Carrythxd1,431 downloads
The Lost and Damned Loading Screens by Quechus92,966 downloads
Bikes from The Lost and Damned by Blazer30uk20,239 downloads
Johnny Klebitz by simkas4,946 downloads

GTA IV Music Pack by Zidane5,826 downloads