BMW 1M 'London 2012 Union Jack' livery by Bonaparte580 downloads
Ferrari 458 Italia Paintjob by starfish swag4,766 downloads
BMW M5 'London 2012 Olympic Games' livery by Bonaparte501 downloads
2013 SRT Viper GTS "Stripes Pack" Paintjobs by outsid3r4991 downloads
Hatsune future Car Paintjob by [ltasha]TC_AGI746 downloads
2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Monter Energy Paintjob by Cesar Garcia1,105 downloads
Ferrari F430 Scuderia 2007 "Wheelsandmore" Paintjob by smeagol_rp1,750 downloads
Ferrari 458 Italia 2010 "Challenge" Paintjob by smeagol_rp685 downloads

Bearcat Vice city skin by jpm1321 downloads
BladeRunner Spinner Texture for Lamborghini Reventón Police by 983 (simplestarwarsfan)1,173 downloads
2007 Police Tahoe Vice city skin by jpm1907 downloads
Infernus With LamboFreak Textures by cromchen1,189 downloads
BMW M3 E46 2005 "Dr. Nagano's Stripes" Paintjob by outsid3r4764 downloads
NYPD + LCPD Textures for Saab 9-3 by 983 (simplestarwarsfan)1,974 downloads
2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series "Ramspeed" Paintjob by outsid3r41,998 downloads
2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG "Wheelsandmore Stripe" Paintjob by outsid3r42,095 downloads

Mercedes Benz SLS Threep Edition [EPM] Paintjob by Harout556 downloads
Civic SI Liveries by extrememodder434 downloads
2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 "Super Bee" Paintjobs v2.1 by outsid3r41,948 downloads
Dirt3 EvoX New Livaries by extrememodder917 downloads
'12 Porsche 911 GT2 RS "Gulf Edition" Paintjob by Pitbull972,119 downloads
Porsche 911GT2 RS Car Paintjob by [Itasha]TC_AGI971 downloads
Porsche 911 GT2 RS Car Paintjob by [Itasha]TC_AGI1,431 downloads
2012 Porsche 911 GT2 RS "Coleccion Gomez Pack" Paintjobs by outsid3r4618 downloads

GMC Savana Texture Pack 1 by CTI551,373 downloads
GMC Savana 2500 v1 Paintjob by Harout326 downloads
German Police Berliner Polizei Peugot by German Mods3,035 downloads
Subaru WRX STI S206 Car Paintjob by [Itasha]TC_AGI1,495 downloads
Ferrari 599XX Coating by [Iatasha]TC_AGI811 downloads
Pack Texture Police NFS the run [ELS] by Voltrock2,990 downloads