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Dallas Police & Fire Skins Pack by downcoldkiller1,331 downloads
BMW Z4 GT3 2010 Paintjob [NEO ZEON] by AZAMA1,962 downloads
1965 Pontiac GTO Paintjob by Ross [BloggerRoss]151 downloads
Benefactor Surano retexture by someguyfromlc325 downloads
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Indonesian Highway Patrol (Police) by xsdana (Xander)1,377 downloads
Sinar Jaya bus (Update v2) by oranGanteng2,097 downloads
1965 Pontiac GTO "GeeTO Tiger !" Paintjob by outsid3r4293 downloads
Sheriff Skin Pack by Bosancheros aka MrOxPlay1,800 downloads

Bugatti Veyron Texture [Trick or Tread] by RoyalPredator215 downloads
1965 Pontiac GTO "Flames" Paintjob by outsid3r4469 downloads
Need For Speed SWAT VAN Paintjob Update by GalaxyCoffee1,186 downloads
Audi R8 LMS PaintingJob by Aaron794703 downloads
1992 Jaguar XJ220 "Maximillion Cooper’s Gumball 3000 XJ220" Paintjob by outsid3r4600 downloads
1987 Ferrari F40 "Jolly Club" Paintjob by NFC94255 downloads
1987 Ferrari F40 "Tricolore" Paintjob by NFC94388 downloads
Presidente Racer retexture (update) by someguyfromlc195 downloads

Slipknot Paintjob for the Ferrari 458 Italia by MrSupercar55305 downloads
Deadmau5 "Purrari" Nyan Cat Paintjob for the Ferrari 458 Italia by MrSupercar55399 downloads
Lamborghini Huracan_15 paintjob by [TRH&YCA]Semsmile1,931 downloads
EU & PT Tank Leopard Texture Pack + Sounds by GTAEU-MODS1,448 downloads
2015 Audi R8 LMX paintjob by [TRH]Semsmile1,038 downloads
Liberty Deputy Sheriff - Breast Cancer Awarness by Bosancheros aka MrOxPlay389 downloads
Audi R8 LMX "Sticker Bomb" Paintjob by AzR_MaNiiAkixS1,285 downloads
Dark Knight Joker Truck + Trailer by GTAEU-MODS549 downloads

Audi R8 LMX 2015 Carbon Series by Itasha @ Raggazam1,559 downloads
Vermont State Police RH8 V2 by Marksman802357 downloads
1993 Mclaren F1 "Gulf #34" Paintjob by outsid3r4513 downloads
Karin Rebel 4x4 V.2 retexture by someguyfromlc296 downloads
Koenigsegg Agera FairTrade Paintjob by [YCA] Mr.Guo1,281 downloads
Elegy RH8 PI Blue Light bar by Marksman8021,240 downloads