NYPD Command Truck Texture

by Pr0metheus
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This is just a textur in NYPD Style
but the model is includet but the model is not my work.

NYPD Command Truck. Replaces: nstockade or anything you like
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Added: March 17, 2014 5:02AM
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i try do ring out soon a complet NYPD Pack (with Ped's and Cars)

Police NYPD Chevrolet Impala (non-els)

Police2 NYPD Ford Crown Victoria (non-els)

Police3 Undercover Ford Crown Victoria (non-els)

Police4 Undercover Dodge Charger (non-els)

NOOSE NYPD Dodge Charger (non-els)

FBI Chevrolet Thao (non-els)

pstockade NYPD Command Truck (els*)

nstockade NYPD ESU Truck (els*)

Policeb NYPD Harley Davidson (non-els)

polmav NYPD Helicopter

* els becourse it dont exsist the same model in non els version, you and i have to life with it. but better the the delafult cars i think.
Posted on March 20, 2014 6:34AM by Pr0metheus
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