GTA-IVaud 1.1

by Vilavek
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GTA-IVaud is an ivaud pcm audio replacement utility. It allows modders to replace audio within ivaud archives which have been extracted using other 3rd party utilities from rpf archives. Currently it does not support the showing of filenames however, since the filenames for audio files are not stored in the ivaud archives themselves.

This program will allow modders to export, and reimport audio files of any length into existing ivaud archives. I replaced the M4 fire sound myself and it worked nicely in game!
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Added: December 23, 2009 10:53AM
Last Downloaded: April 22, 2017 7:50AM
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You, sir, are a god * genius
Posted on December 27, 2009 1:01AM by K6Productions
So with this, can i DL the Glass-pack sound file from Magniflow Exhaust and use that for the Dukes/Banshee/Etc.?
Posted on December 27, 2009 2:47PM by Cobalt16
Yeah! i waited for so long...
Posted on December 28, 2009 1:55AM by Scroshi112
Vilavek's Response By all means! Thank you! Link me to it! lol.. You might mention in your thread that the current version 1.1 will open many IVAUD files, but cannot open IVAUD files containing radio station or speech data. Version 1.2 of my program (which I am working on now) will be able to open all ivaud file-types however.
Posted on December 28, 2009 3:51AM by zerofreeze
this is the beginning of a new ERA
Posted on December 28, 2009 5:18AM by zzcool
good... but it is annoying that it not tells you the real name of the audio file... :( please improve...
Posted on December 28, 2009 7:09AM by Scroshi112
yeah you need to search for a while before you have the correct 1e
Posted on December 28, 2009 7:13AM by Reetkorst
Time to put Francis voice on Niko and vice versa!
Posted on December 28, 2009 10:17AM by Thegodofskins
Just an update for those interested, I am currently working on version 1.2 and it will be able to display the filenames, as well as edit IVAUD files with radio station audio and speech audio! I'll upload it to this site as soon as i've completed it.
Posted on December 28, 2009 2:21PM by Vilavek
Awesome, I'll be waiting for that version and will download it as soon as it is uploaded :D
Posted on December 28, 2009 3:53PM by Cobalt16
K6Production: "You, sir, are a god * genius" Quoted for truth
Posted on December 28, 2009 5:14PM by Doomkiwi501
we need a good Lamborghini Gallardo sound , NFS Most Wanted has the best sound ever
Posted on December 29, 2009 10:02AM by polosistealth
At my computer is doesnt work good. I am trying to add a dutch siren but when i use it in game, i hear it good for about 3 seconds and then i hear a sound that looks like u hear when your tv is on a not working channel for about 3 seconds. Then the normal sound is starting again and so be. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? I tried another sound and that didnt workd either.
Posted on December 29, 2009 10:32AM by jeroen167
I'm still not sure about little endian. Even you have 16bit 26000khz mono pcm uncompressed file, it can still come out big endian as somebody explains on internet. If thats so, then which software can correct it? I checked BeSweet, River Past Audio and I'm using Steinberg Wavelab for few years and i can't find such option for uncompressed pcm anywhere. When i replace audio file with correct length and all other parameters i get NO error replacement message, but file gets downsized from whatever it is to 4kb. After i save it and exported again, to check it in wavelab, it shows as mono 16bit 26000khz SILENCE, lol. So maybe one day we'll get it right.
Posted on December 29, 2009 10:19PM by tall70
Goldwave allows you to specify between little and big endian when saving files. Depending on the ivaud you are editing, my program may be incorrectly placing it in the ivaud file. I'm working on 1.2 right now and redesigning the ivaud IO system from scratch to resolve the issues i've discovered along with the modding community over the past week. I already have it showing filenames! :D
Posted on December 30, 2009 12:50AM by Vilavek
Thank you for response, I'll check it up. And of course we all appreciate your effort to create this. I did change one weapon sound, but it had to stay original. I used sound from something else to make grenade launcher mod sound like poping grenade, instead of shotgun sound. That way i kept rocket launcher.
Posted on December 31, 2009 8:06PM by tall70
Could you tell us when the 1.2 version will be ready?
Posted on January 7, 2010 10:40AM by left_gangster
I am having issues implementing the IMA/DVI Adpcm decoder and encoder. As a result, I plan on releasing 1.1.5 soon which resolves some bugs and adds support for showing filenames, but still does not support replacing radio station or speech audio just yet. 1.2 will be out well before the end of the month, it would be out sooner but my college courses start up again next week. =)
Posted on January 7, 2010 4:44PM by Vilavek
I released version 1.1.5, but it hasn't shown up just yet on gta4-mods so you can grab it at
Posted on January 7, 2010 5:36PM by Vilavek
Thank you very much for your work!
Posted on January 9, 2010 3:42AM by left_gangster
It's a great program. I wish you'll make the 1.2 version it will be alot better.. Good luck with v1.2 !!!
Posted on January 19, 2010 6:01PM by Vanya007
does this work on patch ?
Posted on June 1, 2013 9:15AM by Tony Soprano
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