DxTory Crash Fix GUI Edition by LetsPlayOrDy205 downloads
GTA IV - Import 3D Model's Tutorial by IxCr4nkV2383 downloads
Mod Manager V2.2 + Mod installer by Wiebrendh14,070 downloads
GTA IV Custom Animation Tutorial - 3ds MAX (IN-DEPTH) by TheVideoVolcano2,311 downloads
Map Tutorial by extrememodder1911,423 downloads
Mod Manager V1.1 by Wiebrendh5,807 downloads
GTA IV Custom Animation Helper Tool v1.1 (C.A.H.T.) by TheVideoVolcano654 downloads
GTA V texture library by Fragdog1,764 downloads

Dxtory crash fix 2.0 by Fragdog1,235 downloads
Andrew's IV Audio Editor by AndrewMulti1,596 downloads
.OIV Generator for vehicles - OpenIV Package generator by JulioNIB3,759 downloads
CMDLine Editor 1.0 by gtamchaos1,047 downloads
KSOFT - spl handling line creator by Slyde951 downloads
OpenIV 2.1 by OpenIV team269,685 downloads
Custom Mod Manager by kurtis222230,614 downloads
GTA IV Launcher v2 by sc214238,469 downloads

GTA IV Viewer(3.0+3.1) by BlueRayTeam19,704 downloads
GTA IV Mod Setup by _Pure54,388 downloads
GTAIV Launcher (Steam) by sc214219,976 downloads
Edit IV (timecyc editor for GTAIV and EFLC) by MysTer9213,827 downloads
ModSelector3 (cmd made) by thehavenot8,165 downloads
GTA Override 1.3 by kurtis22226,742 downloads
Aca - Vehicle Adder Tool (No Replace!) by coladopje22,609 downloads
Handling Editor NEW by Paulo Barca25,608 downloads

ivGarage - Easiest Handling Editing by Bushman8,443 downloads
GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer v1.3 by MobileD2220,375 downloads
ivPM - GTA IV Performance Manager (Get More FPS) by Bushman25,272 downloads
Text-Based ENB Setup v1.5 [Updated! Error Fixes] by Crosire5,180 downloads
Tutorial: Convert Player Model To Ped Model by metalwars9,611 downloads
LineMaker - EPM by Slyde5,377 downloads