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ivPM - GTA IV Performance Manager (Get More FPS) by Jordan Micah Bennett26,484 downloads
Tutorial: Convert Player Model To Ped Model by metalwars10,151 downloads
LineMaker - EPM by Slyde5,589 downloads
GTA IV Indonesia Launcher by InvirSoft9,098 downloads
DFF2WDR v0.1 BETA by Shadow-Link4,951 downloads
G-Texture v0.1 - Create/Edit IV textures by REspawn17,590 downloads
Game Indefinite Modding Suite IV (GIMS) by 3Doomer14,740 downloads
GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer v1.2 by MobileD2495,707 downloads

"How to mod" + more guide by AussieProGamer38,711 downloads
GTA File Assistant 0.3 by thomasking427,423 downloads
Simple Native Trainer 6.3v for laptops by JamesForson1050,562 downloads
GTA IV Handling Batch Editor by Amunium30,675 downloads
.NET 4.0 Confirmation Test by Ironhide6,973 downloads
GTA IV Savegame Backup Tool + GTA IV Savegame Installer by MisterPC44,094 downloads
GTA IV Weapon Editor by Matikupa32146,872 downloads
EFLC File Unlocker (SDFA DUMPER) by Alexander Blade30,468 downloads

ASI Loader + Script Hook 0.5.0 (for GTA IV by Alexander Blade and Aru218,334 downloads
SparkIV 0.6.5 (for GTA IV - by Aru383,558 downloads
IV : Multiplayer Alpha 2 R3 by ReVo and JeNkStAX40,009 downloads
X GXT Editor by xmen20,936 downloads
GTA-IVaud v1.1.5 by Vilavek88,123 downloads
GTA-IVaud 1.1 by Vilavek7,979 downloads
IVTracker by Alan Baylis4,061 downloads
GTA IV Car Configuration Editor v1.0.117.0 BETA by ZZCOOL/InsaneMatt41,037 downloads

GTA IV C++ ScriptHook Development Kit v0.3.0 by aru10,210 downloads
GTA IV C++ ScriptHook Redistributable v0.3.0 by aru161,024 downloads
GTA IV .NET ScriptHook v0.893 beta by HazardX55,079 downloads
DFF2WDR Beta 0.1 by Shadow-Link3,524 downloads
WDR Analyze by Prince-Link5,247 downloads
g4mHOOK SDK v0.1.1 by bean_xp8,752 downloads