GTA IV Indonesia Launcher by InvirSoft8,648 downloads
DFF2WDR v0.1 BETA by Shadow-Link4,787 downloads
G-Texture v0.1 - Create/Edit IV textures by REspawn16,310 downloads
Game Indefinite Modding Suite IV (GIMS) by 3Doomer14,002 downloads
GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer v1.2 by MobileD2413,576 downloads
"How to mod" + more guide by AussieProGamer37,947 downloads
GTA File Assistant 0.3 by thomasking427,193 downloads
Simple Native Trainer 6.3v for laptops by JamesForson1045,771 downloads

GTA IV Handling Batch Editor by Amunium29,729 downloads
.NET 4.0 Confirmation Test by Ironhide6,823 downloads
GTA IV Savegame Backup Tool + GTA IV Savegame Installer by MisterPC42,882 downloads
GTA IV Weapon Editor by Matikupa32145,281 downloads
EFLC File Unlocker (SDFA DUMPER) by Alexander Blade29,340 downloads
ASI Loader + Script Hook 0.5.0 (for GTA IV by Alexander Blade and Aru203,413 downloads
SparkIV 0.6.5 (for GTA IV - by Aru371,149 downloads
IV : Multiplayer Alpha 2 R3 by ReVo and JeNkStAX36,427 downloads

X GXT Editor by xmen19,537 downloads
GTA-IVaud v1.1.5 by Vilavek75,958 downloads
GTA-IVaud 1.1 by Vilavek7,581 downloads
IVTracker by Alan Baylis3,922 downloads
GTA IV Car Configuration Editor v1.0.117.0 BETA by ZZCOOL/InsaneMatt40,328 downloads
GTA IV C++ ScriptHook Development Kit v0.3.0 by aru9,795 downloads
GTA IV C++ ScriptHook Redistributable v0.3.0 by aru158,411 downloads
GTA IV .NET ScriptHook v0.893 beta by HazardX53,366 downloads

DFF2WDR Beta 0.1 by Shadow-Link3,410 downloads
WDR Analyze by Prince-Link5,045 downloads
g4mHOOK SDK v0.1.1 by bean_xp8,540 downloads
IV Placement Editor v1.3 by Chipsman5,030 downloads
XLiveLess 0.97b by listener181,316 downloads
GTA IV Scripts Centre v2b by Gforce3,701 downloads