1991 Chevrolet Caprice

by Compeast
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- NAME: Chevrolet Caprice 1991
- VERSION: V1.0 Expression Gaming
- LIGHTSYS: Default
- CREDITS: Expression Gaming/Carface


- Actual accurate correct Light setup
- High quality model
- Working indicators on the dashboard
- Realistic Dirt
- Accurate Collision
- Default license plate

Put the merit.wft and merit.wtd into your vehicles.img

- Chevrolet Caprice by Carface
- Modified and Converted to Grand Theft Auto IV by Compeast
- Dirt texture by Lt.Caine

- merit.wtd
- merit.wft
- pic-(1).png
- pic-(2).png
- pic-(3).png
- readme.txt

Do not edit or redistribute without permission!
--> Special thanks to Carface for the model <-- Replaces: merit
9.55/10 - 56 votes
Downloads: 5,776
Added: February 16, 2013 6:16PM
Last Downloaded: April 28, 2017 11:20AM
File Size: 11.21 MB
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make 2005 or 2006

Rated: 1/10
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:23PM by Niko911_RS
@Niko911_RS First off, there is no such thing as a 2005 or 2006 Caprice because Chevrolet stopped making them in 1996. Second, why would you give him a 1/10 just because you don't like the year?

Personally, I think it is very good and highly detailed. 10/10
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:27PM by ZBNYNC
Dear Niko911_RS.

I'll say this the polite way. I do this modding voluntarily. I work my * off to satisfy us classic lovers. This convert took me a whole week, all day long. There are plenty of nowadays car mods. People like you make me quit modding. Now I don't see you making any mods. Do you?

Doesn't feel good to not be appreciated.

As for your request, not the best way to ask a modeler. Annoys the fuq of us. Second, 2005 are Arabic caprices. Hate them. Ugly as *.

If you have nothing good to say, or the vehicle isn't your taste, just * off will you.
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:29PM by Compeast
Niko911_RS:What Compeast said.I think you have no clue how much work it is to get a model converted and so on.

Nice compeast 10/10 more if it would be possible
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:32PM by Policefanatic
Nice :D

Rated: 10/10
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:35PM by feky
Just something about this car that feels like it belongs in Liberty City.
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:37PM by Roblok
Really supportive, guys. Thank you very much.
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:37PM by Compeast
ignore those fuckers, this car is gold 10/10
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:42PM by GTacer12
10/10, amazing work, amazing wheel, way better than the other Caprices, or are they revelant? Because honestly, the other Caprices are *, this is THE Caprice.

Ignore that Niko *, he is sad because he was adopted.
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:52PM by ZeLoyalK9
With others you mean either Pumbars' model(ugly and inaccurate), or my other conversions. My other conversion wasn't that accurate and was my first ever. That's why I re-did this one. More to come. I'm now working on a taxi version. I will also do the 1993 model, as well from Carface. The artist behind these amazing models.
Posted on February 16, 2013 6:58PM by Compeast
Didn't know you made the first one, yeah that is the one I am talking about.
Posted on February 16, 2013 7:16PM by ZeLoyalK9
Ever thought of making a Gruppe Sachs Security Caprice?
Posted on February 16, 2013 8:13PM by BRAVO9ACTUAL
Dear Compeast,

Do NOT listen to the demanding haters. Your work is very good and us classic lovers really sincerely appreciate it, keep up the good work. :)
Posted on February 16, 2013 8:21PM by carsrule1444
I give this car 10/10 very detailed and accurate , love the working turn signal dash lights - keep up the great work!!!

remember you will NEVER please everyone, you just have make yourself happy everything else is just a bonus
Posted on February 16, 2013 8:37PM by gatekeeper
10/10 the haters can go get hit by a taxi for all i care
Posted on February 16, 2013 8:37PM by Nikoiscool1
Nice work, Jordyy. Thats one helluva classic. And there's always haters like Niko_911RS. Earlier we didn't know who rated our mods 1, thank GTA4Mods moderators they have introduced a new system which requires >5 raters to give a reason and shows it as a direct comment.
Posted on February 16, 2013 9:04PM by Fulcrum
10/10. A well done reasonable car, because sometimes I need a break from supercar after supercar.
Posted on February 16, 2013 10:29PM by Nuck Chorris
10/10 - I have been using Carface's '93 Caprice for a year or so now, great to see a '91. Great work!
Posted on February 16, 2013 11:29PM by ArchieGates
10/10 - Excellent car, and unlike Niko91_RS, I have a request that isn't rude, any chance of some Australian cars getting made? 1970s XB Coupes (Last of the V8 Interceptors, with an aftermarket front end) and whatnot? Even modern ones, if not, is cool, still an ace car and keep up the good work!
Posted on February 16, 2013 11:49PM by CrowbarRX
Great 10/10..............Thanks Man.
Posted on February 16, 2013 11:52PM by bobby12345robby
10/10 haters should be banned from the community on IP base
Posted on February 17, 2013 1:11AM by ReNNie
good lord people are thick these days.great model bro 10/10
Posted on February 17, 2013 1:24AM by element2586
I know how you feel about being under appreciated. As a modder myself, I've been through it. Majority of comments you see are people asking for other cars, or just hate comments. It does get annoying.

Anyway, on to the Caprice. I haven't had a chance to test it, but it does look good!

I've seen the video that CarryTHXD made. So going from that, your pictures and car description, I can already give this a 10/10.

Not to mention this is one of my favourite cars!

Keep up the good work, and remember, there are a lot of people who do appreciate the effort you put in!
Posted on February 17, 2013 1:53AM by Tinman1287

Please ignore those who spew nonsense at your work. I personally enjoy your cars. Hence why I have so many of them in my game and in my show! :) I look forward to your releases, as having more reasonable cars on the road is a 10+.

I added a crash testing video to the side. Don't stop making cars. You're a great modeller. Just know there are those of us that really do appreciate you. You can always a expect a slot on my channel now that we have been acquainted.

10/10 from Trashpig!

Posted on February 17, 2013 2:11AM by Trashpig
very good mod 10/10 .. thanks for it

and yes 2005 - 2006 Caprice was release for the middle east only (gulf region) and as the Holden made in AU and GM bring it here as "Lumina" they did that for the Caprice ,, Holden produced that car specially for Gulf Region and bring it here with the name "New Caprice" it's all about marketing.
Posted on February 17, 2013 2:12AM by Deve
Now this is real Caprice anyway. 5th gen is just rebadged Opel Omega. I mean i like Opel, but don't call it Caprice, lol
Posted on February 17, 2013 2:13AM by tall70
It a great car but big size(mb)

I want you make car from driver san francisco game

Driver SF model is great and low size(mb). It doesn't cause missing texture graphic and any bugs. So can be installed on the MID LOW end computer, not only for high end computers.

This is link to get z3d model from Driver SF more car by mad-dog666 and stratumx. Please make more cars of this model:


(Just click picture of cars to get models)

I hope you make it with high interior and light spidometer but have size under 2mb wtd or wft, Good luck
Posted on February 17, 2013 2:16AM by raffisYnth

You and those who think like you are stupid.Motherfucker do you know how many times, the modders spend time on this car mods?

You can't know. Why? Because you are stupid!

Anyway, 10/10 Boss!
Posted on February 17, 2013 3:15AM by Luis_Lopez_TR
Correct lightsetup? I don't think so:


The model is really nice, but please make the lights work like the real one. Also parking lights at front turn on with the headlights.

Brake lights are the same as the indicators in the video above:

Posted on February 17, 2013 3:34AM by Sgt.Kanyo
AT LEAST WE KNOW NIKO911 IS ONE OF THE * WHO LEAVES PEOPLE 1/10 FOR NO REASON AT ALL.. PROBABLY DUE TO HIS SMALL PENIS SIZE. no reason to rate a mod 1 unless there was no effort put in at all
Posted on February 17, 2013 3:42AM by normalguy
Hey great job 10/10 and do you take request and if you do could you try something like this 2000 chevy impala taxi because it would be awsome to see in game with your details added into it.
Posted on February 17, 2013 4:00AM by lt. smell my
What an ignorant * that guy is... rating 1/10... don't blame you for wanting to quit, anyway rating 10
Posted on February 17, 2013 4:33AM by sebianoti
@Sgt.Kanyo; I've seen that video a long time ago. And I made the lights exactly the same. They are accurate, believe me. All lights are the taillights. When you break, two of the lights will brighten up. And for the indicators, they will brighten up even more when you use them. They're all correct. I did my research.

Still I gotta thank you though. Great to see your interests. :)

@raffisYnth; I made the file size as low as possible. Mainly on the textures. Sorry I couldn't get it any lower. The quality is too big. And Driver SF doesn't have a Caprice. Thanks for sharing the link!
Posted on February 17, 2013 4:36AM by Compeast
thats amazing

if you don't mind me asking

2005 escalade

corvette c5
Posted on February 17, 2013 5:22AM by zzcool
New caprice? * yeah!
Posted on February 17, 2013 5:42AM by Airbus
interesting! why the system doesnt ask to substantiate a high rating? its extremely stupid innovation!

poctik's convert of this model is muth better, but why people rate with 10?? O_o they lied? :LOL:
Posted on February 17, 2013 7:08AM by BubL1k
poctik's convert has a wrong light system, too bright light textures that looks like halogan and the body and wheels are way too dull.

Plus he just did one model. I'm doing the 1991, 1993 and taxi/police versions.
Posted on February 17, 2013 7:18AM by Compeast
Posted on February 17, 2013 8:17AM by DanWg
In the video it's nothing like that. Is it possible the video is showing a different car?
Posted on February 17, 2013 9:26AM by Sgt.Kanyo
Nice model Compeast. 10/10. been looking for some older vehicles like this. fits perfectly into the game.
Posted on February 17, 2013 9:42AM by Jebus
Actually, Compeast, you know what you should make that no one has ever made yet? A 2011 Chevrolet Volt.
Posted on February 17, 2013 11:02AM by ZeLoyalK9
@Niko911_RS they made a 2012 caprice. and dude grow the * up
Posted on February 17, 2013 12:24PM by GTA4swag
что с размером

Rated: 3/10
Posted on February 17, 2013 6:26PM by Zborg
No offence to anyone requesting models but Compeast only makes classic models. So anything post 2000 will most likely not be made.

Awesome car btw :D
Posted on February 18, 2013 4:28AM by SharpCommand
SharpCommand, you did it again... :D
Posted on February 18, 2013 11:12AM by Compeast
hello am sorry about rating down
Posted on February 18, 2013 5:04PM by Niko911_RS
Thank you for the apology. It's not the rating I care about, but the effort that's being criticised.
Posted on February 19, 2013 2:11PM by Compeast
I'm still loving this car. Your cars just love being flipped over.. they roll perfectly. :) I look forward to your next project! What do you have planned?
Posted on February 20, 2013 12:37AM by Trashpig
Nice!!!! That GMC Sierra NYPD should be awesome! :D
Posted on February 21, 2013 3:08AM by Trashpig
Amazing mod, 10/10 from me.

I know how much time it takes to do a mod so please don't listen to the haters.

I would love to see a Volvo 245 in GTA, we got the 242 but I haven't seen the 245.

There is one in GT4 but it might be hard to convert.
Posted on February 21, 2013 5:12PM by THB
Is there any model?
Posted on February 22, 2013 4:35PM by Compeast
definitely not a 9.6

Rated: 1/10
Posted on February 23, 2013 5:53AM by mcknme
Well, I suppose yours is better? Oh, that's right...

Opinions are different, learn to live with it. What arre you doing here anyways if you don't like it?
Posted on February 25, 2013 12:01PM by Compeast
Please make a unmarked police one but yea cool caprice
Posted on April 7, 2013 2:23AM by LuisLopez1029
It is planned.
Posted on April 14, 2013 12:54PM by Compeast
Posted on April 15, 2013 2:05AM by boss06
Excelent mod! love this car!

I have a question to the author, can I use this model to tune it, or is there a more detailed model and where can I get it? My friend has a 91 caprice (was once a police car) but it's in very bad condition so we want to restore it, but the problem is we want to tune it virtually how we want first to see how it will look, but there are no virtual tuning programs. So we decided to try tuning it in 3d modeling program but we need a good 91 caprice model, so if you please can help would be very happy!
Posted on April 22, 2013 6:07AM by FleX
10/10 Beautiful work!
Posted on November 18, 2014 8:56AM by Johtheman
lol i download this everytime i break my install of gtaiv. Pure gold!
Posted on June 15, 2015 12:36PM by prom3th3us
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