2003 Dodge Ram SRT-10

by Allcash
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Replaces: e109 (Contender)
8.79/10 - 175 votes
Downloads: 48,226
Added: October 9, 2009 7:23AM
Last Downloaded: April 26, 2017 11:07AM
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This will be featured, trust me, best American sport pickup ever
Posted on October 9, 2009 10:07AM by Thegodofskins
* good Dodge ram nice.....Hmmm Holden HSV ute SS thats nice as well.
Posted on October 9, 2009 7:00PM by Zergtos
My link dos not work tryed twice even closing down the page.
Posted on October 9, 2009 7:08PM by Zergtos
Very nice model with all features and lights working. Nice detailed interior(it spawns randomly with silver or wood grain style, how cool). Only little thing. When lights comes on, tail lights should have all four red bulbs lighted. Thanks for this model.
Posted on October 9, 2009 9:50PM by tall70
please make Audi RS6 :) thx:)
Posted on October 10, 2009 1:39AM by xaander
I'd have to agree with a comment I read at n-gine, being that the "body is too bright and doesn't match with the other vehicles" - what I think he's trying to say is that there's too much specular - even if the material setts leave a bit to be desired, this is a beautifully detailed model inside and out (and underneath)- hopefully we'll see a v2 with improved mat setts
Posted on October 10, 2009 6:53AM by KotsChopShop
How do you get FOG LIGHTS on. On n-gine site they got them on. I have them down. Must be those bulbs.
Posted on October 10, 2009 8:55AM by tall70
In readme he is asking for some handling conf. CONTENDER 3500.0 8.0 85 0.0 0.0 -0.27 0.0 5 0.25 1.0 155.0 0.45 0.65 1.0 35.0 1.50 1.20 15.0 0.15 0.47 1.4 0.9 0.9 0.14 -0.18 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.0 0.8 1.5 0.0 80000 00440810 00000000 1. Its combination of banshes acceleration, pres suspension and i did not like exhaust flames so i have DF8 sound at IDE file. Single cab pickup is still pretty heavy, therefor it's increased to 3500. If it's leaning too much for sporty pickup, make it more then -0.27. If ya'll like dash view and don't wanna see his head every time you hit breaks use this, VEHICLE e109 FIELD BONNET_FWD POS -0.44000 0.2300 1.015000 ANGLES 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 FOV 90.000000, in vehOff.csv. IDE animations must be set correctly for this to be right. See if it's good enough for you.
Posted on October 10, 2009 9:18AM by tall70
Model is a tad large for scale camera view is close to truck and handling are out.
Posted on October 10, 2009 6:25PM by Zergtos
the camera is to close i can barely see what's in front of me in the first view or whatever you call it when you press v or back on the 360 controller if anyone has a fix for this please post it also happens with my h1 hummer mod to
Posted on October 11, 2009 10:11PM by wapeddell
good looking but very huge
Posted on October 12, 2009 5:09AM by bluemaneh
Size looks normal to me. Infinity Triant is way to big, Hummer HX too, Land Cruiser feels like it's Tahoe. Well, i never made a model, so i'm just drinking beer and complaining.
Posted on October 12, 2009 7:56PM by tall70
Beautiful and fast.
Posted on October 14, 2009 1:34PM by Latetzki
I like this mod but colors are too dim I wish that it had the same colors are the Viper srt10
Posted on October 17, 2009 4:22PM by Dustin619
PERFECT 10/10 Great model. Super textures. Awsome handling. Good job.
Posted on October 20, 2009 3:30AM by N1kos_gr
the far chase cam is to low and close.. fixable?
Posted on October 26, 2009 8:50PM by YoungGun8
Really god model and truck, men! you can do a Dodge Caravan or another van for the GTA IV? Thanks
Posted on October 29, 2009 6:23PM by MrBellic
Nice we need more modders to make trucks and this one is a perfect example!! 10/10 beautiful.
Posted on November 7, 2009 10:59PM by GTRmanR35
10/10 beautiful ;)
Posted on November 26, 2009 3:44PM by Mastercz
I've had it since this thing was released, and I still have it. I've modded the handling so it goes pretty fast, it's one fun truck. I love it :D
Posted on November 27, 2009 6:00PM by UltraHavoc
how do u downlode it to the game
Posted on January 20, 2010 3:09PM by greg00
how do u downlode it to the game
Posted on January 20, 2010 3:30PM by greg00
u're one of the best modders. i'm so happy that i could pee


p.p.s. is brian o'connor in LC because that ride looks like his pickup from FNF
Posted on March 25, 2010 4:37PM by monster875
I really like this truck but I would also like to have the handling that is being used in the drift video of this. Any one know it please?
Posted on April 2, 2010 5:52PM by havok S14
is this site only for pc or can i get the codes to 360???

Posted on May 15, 2010 7:59AM by aparlet
is this site only for pc or can i get the codes to 360???

Posted on May 15, 2010 8:05AM by aparlet
Nice work. I added certain elements from the suspension line of infernus and this thing handles nicely. Thank you. Are you by any chance working on a ford F-150? Seems to me you might do well on that model too.
Posted on May 20, 2010 10:52AM by sagebrush
ugly like your mother
Posted on June 24, 2010 5:59PM by nyc
Posted on August 7, 2010 1:48PM by RAFAEL656
I like this one MUCH better than the newer version that came out yesterday!
Posted on September 14, 2010 8:59AM by stonee206
nice 10/10 make a BATmobil ;)
Posted on September 29, 2010 1:41PM by harow93
Nice mod ! (y)
Posted on January 16, 2013 9:31AM by Alantg96
could you make a 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 4 door long bed heavy duty cummins turbo diesel? Preferably not a duelly. Have a real one and its not a duelly image link as example http://i623.photobucket.com/albums/tt317/nirion/DSC_0681Custom.jpg the one i have doesn't have the lights on the top of the cab but it has a sun roof and yes i see the image is of a 2500 not a 3500 however it looks just like the one i have including the color
Posted on March 16, 2015 11:23PM by Zero_CN_Reaper
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