2012 Jaguar XKR-S

by [GOC]peng00820
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Model by:Forza 4

Settings by:小迪
doorsills:huanglqi2030 Replaces: supergt
8.39/10 - 75 votes
Downloads: 9,146
Added: April 20, 2012 10:31PM
Last Downloaded: April 23, 2017 7:36AM
File Size: 5.04 MB

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what did u improved?
Posted on April 21, 2012 4:51AM by cherninho
this is final huh? well... let's see :)

- one sided windows (they don't exist from inside)

- sills are * up plus there is a not necessary black frame at the bottom

- player seats not correctly and his hands are not at steering wheel

- dirtmapp needs to be improved (it's very very weak)

- where are wipers?

- no suspension

- whole body doesn't register bulletholes

- mirrors are wrong mapped

- tire is * up when pops up (radius needs to be increased in vehicles.ide line)

- IV standard plates pls?
Posted on April 21, 2012 5:02AM by outsid3r4
@outsid3r4 It's a final beta ^^

Car is sexy :D
Posted on April 21, 2012 5:06AM by CarSpawner
tested, overall compare to previous version, the wheels are correct size, but why the font and rear skirts not in black color? but in dark green color. 9.9/10

btw, thanks for the 2nd version, this is my another collection.
Posted on April 21, 2012 5:29AM by johnnywcw
u all have to listen what outsid3r4 says from is experience u have a lot what to learn but i agree with the fact that the car is improved just not agree with the word "FINAL"
Posted on April 21, 2012 5:40AM by elisp
sorry for comment twice but u realy have to fix the skirts + spoiler color and windows color too it looks like dark green like it said here an well done of of fixing the wheel size keep up working on this car and finish her completley soon thanks!
Posted on April 21, 2012 5:50AM by elisp
This Jaguar XKR-S comes with handling?
Posted on April 21, 2012 8:22AM by //ReVO Graphics
Finish it up dude, great car so far.
Posted on April 21, 2012 8:50AM by JzztBlazze
no boot, no bonnet : 4/10 !
Posted on April 21, 2012 10:35AM by Alis_70
It's nice that you fixed the wheels and added a license plate but it still has all of the problems that outsid3r4 said it has.
Posted on April 21, 2012 1:25PM by ZBNYNC
the car quality is great but u should improve thus

skirts and spoiler shoud be carbon fiber instead greenish

and bonnet is different shade of color compared to the rest of the body.... 9/10

Posted on April 21, 2012 1:31PM by cherninho
for me..delete the sills and do them again!!!blocky!!
Posted on April 22, 2012 6:40AM by DesMan
What ENB is used in the pictures?
Posted on April 22, 2012 12:17PM by AJacobsen1806
This is such a beautiful model!

could you PLEASE so the Mosler MT900S R3 since you are so amazing at it

Posted on May 1, 2012 8:54PM by KevinMinato
Please someone make an Audi A7 Sportback
Posted on May 5, 2012 5:29AM by lamm7191
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