Albany Wildfire

by Algonquin Hood
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Another revisited Max Payne 3 conversion.
Fixes are like in my previous conversion work: UV prelight, shading, edge split fix, and some refinements.
My original conversion was called 'Iemanjà LX'. I've rebranded it to Albany Wildfire.

Carcols: wildfire, 121,133,1, 8,133,1, 10,133,1, 17,133,1, 24,133,1, 36,133,1, 37,133,1, 75,133,1, 55,133,1, 75,133,1, 0,93,34, 0,1,1, 87,133,83, 52,133,83, 39,133,34, 1,133,1, 7,133,7, 31,93,29, 16,133,76, 9,1,91, 15,133,93, 19,1,93, 13,133,80,

Handling: WILDFIRE 1815.0 4.0 85 0.0 0.1 -0.20 0.4 4 0.23 1.0 160.0 0.18 0.65 0.5 39.0 1.25 1.15 13.5 0.15 0.49 2.8 1.4 1.4 0.15 -0.14 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.0 0.8 1.5 0.0 15000 440000 0 0

Vehicles: wildfire, wildfire, car, WILDFIRE, PRES, VEH@STD, VEH@STD_RI2_LO2, 100, 999, 0.2579, 0.2579, 0, 2, 1.0 ,0, ext_gang+ext_all+ext_strong

No liveries

Rockstar Games for creating the Iemanjà LX
Algonquin Hood for converting and editing this car
lxIVanquish_MK for handling line
Anyone for video Replaces: Anything
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Added: March 19, 2017 1:22PM
Last Downloaded: March 30, 2017 12:29PM
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Hey great mod! Could you do the hatch car too? I have tried to but failed hard af
Posted on March 20, 2017 7:11AM by BrownieBear
Appreciate :) The next Max Payne 3 conversion I'll be doing will be one of the sedans or the SUV, but I'll take the hatch into consideration too.
Posted on March 21, 2017 6:26PM by Algonquin Hood
Hey Algonquin Hood,

is it possible for you to add some cars from Watch_Dogs? If Yes,could you do the minivan,the cavale and the polar for me?

Thank you in advance.
Posted on March 22, 2017 11:59AM by VolvoDriver
@VolvoDriver I have the game, but I can not rip models off it for some reason. Theres been converts of some Watch_Dogs cars already, and honestly, I don't have a single clue how they did it.
Posted on March 22, 2017 5:18PM by Algonquin Hood
Wow Algonquin Hood, thanks! Can't wait for both. I love the Hatch and the SUV. They both fit. Just one question, how do you even rip them out of Max Payne 3? I have tried a tool where it converts the model to dff. But isn't there an easier way?
Posted on March 25, 2017 10:53AM by BrownieBear
@BrownieBear I start up Max Payne 3 with Ninja Ripper (Dx9), since I played this game a f*ckton of times I remember which car is where, so with my finished savegame I just replay that mission, go up to the scene where the car is at and start ripping.
Posted on March 25, 2017 7:51PM by Algonquin Hood
Oh that's like tons of work!! Its great to see the car made in GTA although getting it out of Max Payne 3 sounds like a pain in the a
Posted on March 26, 2017 5:08AM by BrownieBear
For those who care:

I won't be releasing it yet, too many bugs that have fvcked over my motivation.
Posted on March 26, 2017 3:18PM by Algonquin Hood
O but that looks great!!! But I know exactly what you mean.. one of the main reasons why I haven't finished my police willard mod.
Posted on March 26, 2017 3:43PM by BrownieBear
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