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Audi Q7 v12 TDI Stock

by DesertFox
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Features auto:
-All working parts car
The correct dirt, superposed
-Break all the glass
-Right wheels with a broken tire
Auto-exposed to fire and hit all the standard
Niko-hand on the wheel
-Out can kill all who sit inside
-Properly functioning lights
-Properly tuned handling
Auto quality
-Traces of bullets ostayutsya Car
Auto Correct size

-Rear lights are working properly
Stock version ...
-Smooth body
-Fixed all the details Replaces: rebla
8.69/10 - 93 votes
Downloads: 23,259
Added: June 7, 2010 11:21PM
Last Downloaded: June 30, 2015 12:51PM
File Size: 5.38 MB
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Great!! 10/10
Posted on June 8, 2010 12:46PM by AcePan
wow nice 10.5/10 :P
Posted on June 8, 2010 1:28PM by stephenmarsh
Is that stock rims?

Just asking, cause they look too nice for stock rims! :)
Posted on June 8, 2010 1:53PM by Gus84
rims are stock with color change.
Posted on June 8, 2010 2:38PM by Eryk03
looks awesome 10/10
Posted on June 8, 2010 5:04PM by Dr.Shock
still crash model and low poly...
Posted on June 8, 2010 5:51PM by Eryk03
Gr8 10/10 man amazing.But guys I need help,some of my cars flip even

after applying handling provided & I also don't understand how to

use XLIVELESS ,whenever I try it,my game crashes.Please help.Thanks
Posted on June 8, 2010 10:00PM by Panzer
Gus84 => yes it's stock rims on Q7 V12 TDI, Q7 v6/v8 have others wheels

But there is a bug since first version ! when I open driver door, there are polygons of dashboard that move with the door :/
Posted on June 9, 2010 1:04AM by Alis_70
too bad. :/

do you know a good Q7?
Posted on June 9, 2010 3:50PM by Gus84
thx for this car 10/10, but why nobody have make this car :( and can you make it please :)))) i just have a video so please just watch and maybee soon i see this car here :))) make adream reality please :)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdDfpq2uxbc&feature=related
Posted on June 9, 2010 8:40PM by dounet
How can it be called FINAL? It still has polygons of dashboard when opening a door, as Alis_70 mentioned. Still it has no front licence plate, no illuminations, wrong dashboard colors, somekind of crap - where quattro label should be. And why are the door handles chrome? In stock version they aren't like this. 6.3/10
Posted on June 11, 2010 12:24PM by tomzzzlv
i love it besides the back bumber missing somtimes and then making the ground dissapear.
Posted on June 19, 2010 7:32PM by warthog32695
what makes this stock so different from the regluar

Posted on June 28, 2010 1:53PM by nyc
Pretty good job.
Posted on December 12, 2010 2:47PM by ZBNYNC
@Panzer You Dsound It's Much Better than xliveless.
Posted on August 5, 2013 9:52PM by trendymods07
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