Car Pack 2013 [BETA]

by CarSpawner
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CAR PACK 2013 by CarSpawner -

►1. THX FOR 1k SUBSCRIBERS! And here is the next car pack.
It's :

- force & velocity is realistic (Not too fast)
- There isn't any failed handling line (I hope :D)
- Realistic replacement (for example: Emperor 1 & 2 or every muscle car is a muscle car, so
not a super car)
- 4-door cars are 4-door cars - the same with 2-door cars

- You have lot's of types (e.g: European cars, Chinese cars and American cars.)

►It's a beta, if you have problems reply me at youtube. (
Videos for the car pack are welcome.

►If there aren't so many problems, I'll add real car names, EPM or ELS.

Car list:

ADMIRAL Lincoln Town Car '2003-11
BANSHEE 2013 Dodge Viper GTS
BIFF Mitsubishi Fuso
BLISTA Renault Clio V6
BOBCAT 1973 Chevrolet El Camino
BOXVILLE Brute Boxville
BUCCANEER Ford Gran Torino 1975
BUS MTA New York City Bus
CABBY Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
CAVALCADE Cadillac Escalade v3.0
CHAVOS Audi S4 2010
CONTENDER Dodge Ram SRT-10 2003
COQUETTE Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport '2010
DF8 BMW M5 E39
DUKES 1969 Dodge Charger RT Tun
EMPEROR 1974 Dodge Monaco
EMPEROR2 1974 Dodge Monaco RUSTY
ESPERANT Mercury Tracer 1993
FACTION Dodge Stealth Turbo
FBI Ford Crown Victoria 2003
FELTZER Mercedes Benz SLK55 R172 AMG 2011
FEROCI Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
FORTUNE Nissan Skyline GT-R34 V-spec II
FUTO Toyota Corolla AE86
FXT Ford F150 FX4 OffRoad
HABANERO Pontiac G8 GXP v 1.1
HAKUMAI Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo
HUNTLEY Range Rover Supercharged 2008
INGERNUS Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2012
INGOT Volvo 850 Turbo R 1996
INTRUDER Ford Focus ST 2012
LANDSTALKER Grand Cherokee STR8 2012
LOKUS Ford Falcon XR-8
MANANA Plymouth Scamp 1971
MARBELLA Mercedes Benz SeL600 (w140)
MERIT Mazda 6 Sport
MINIVAN Renault Grand Espace III 2.0
NOOSE Police Crown Victoria
PACKER Peterbilt 289
PERENNIAL Audi Q7 V12 TDI quattro
PHANTOM Kenworth T700
PINNACLE Chevrolet Impala LS 2006
PMP600 Chrysler 300C
POLICE NYPD Ford Crown Victoria Police
POLICE2 NYPD Chevrolet Impala 2006
POLPAT NYPD Ford Expedition Truck Enforcement
PONY Mercedes Benz TNT
PRES 2009 Audi S8 D3
PRIMO BMW E34 540i
RANCHER Nissan Safari
REBLA BMW X5M chromium
ROMAN 刂 2106
RUINER Chevy Camaro by
SABRE Ford Shelby GT500 2010
SABRE2 Ford Shelby GT500 1967
SABREGT Saleen S281 Extreme
SCHAFTER Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG 2004
SENTINEL 2001 BMW M3 e46 (Stock)
SOLAIR 2007 Dodge Caliber
SPEEDO GMC Savana 2500
STALLION Ford Mustang Fastback
STRATUM Mercedes E Class Estate
SULTAN Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2012
SULTANRS Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
SUPERGT Aston Martin Vantage V8
TAXI 2003 Ford Crown Victoria v.2 Taxi
TAXI2 Chevrolet Impala Taxi
TURISMO Ferrari 458 Italia
URANUS Escort L 1994
VIGERO 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8
VIGERO2 Dodge Charger RT 1969
VINCENT Honda Accord Type S '2009
VIRGO Lincoln Continental Town Coupe '1979
VOODOO Buick Riviera '72
WASHINGTON Mercedes Benz W111
WILLARD Volkswagen Bora
WOLFSBANE org Replaces: vehicles.img,vehicles.ide,handling.dat
8.18/10 - 50 votes
Downloads: 62,007
Added: December 29, 2012 7:07AM
Last Downloaded: April 30, 2017 11:00AM
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Posted on December 29, 2012 10:59AM by Jaizeta
Really nice car pack man! keep it up.

Please approve this awesome car pack :O
Posted on December 29, 2012 11:25AM by BlazeThat
any other download mirrors for this man?

Posted on December 30, 2012 4:37AM by flashflood

Posted on December 30, 2012 4:02PM by Venix
Admins approve the pack ASAP!
Posted on December 31, 2013 1:35AM by RiceDie
can you share the enb you are using CarSpawner :(
Posted on January 1, 2013 9:32AM by gayniko
Nice pack CarSpawner as I saw it in your vid. Is it a problem if I take some of these cars for my pack?
Posted on January 1, 2013 12:52PM by XModHunterX
@xModHunterx That aren't my cars :/

If you want to make another car pack then write pls it's based on Car Pack 2013 :P
Posted on January 2, 2013 6:49AM by CarSpawner
I deceive myself or convertible car are available in your pack no
Posted on January 2, 2013 7:23AM by cromchen
is it for gta 4 or EFLC ?
Posted on January 3, 2013 6:59AM by gayniko
I think for both, because I took en EFLC vehicles.img
Posted on January 3, 2013 10:13AM by CarSpawner
Are the police cars ELS?!
Posted on January 3, 2013 2:22PM by GothicStorm
I think you meant Japanese cars, not Chinese... or at least I hope thats what you meant.
Posted on January 6, 2013 1:53PM by LCstuntman
@LCstuntman: lol sry I mean japanese o.0
Posted on January 11, 2013 7:00PM by CarSpawner
wow. nice
Posted on January 13, 2013 9:25PM by strain
some of these car fall over at the slightest turn at the lowest speeds. an ant could flip that mercedese sedan over.
Posted on January 22, 2013 4:57PM by FreshyDeff
I start the game normally, but after a few seconds the game crashes and goes down
Posted on January 30, 2013 9:48AM by racerPT
Nice car pack.
Posted on January 31, 2013 4:40PM by Meklood
Posted on February 2, 2013 4:07AM by Hi-Roller
Do i need that hq patch so that thos cars will work? or it will work on vanila one?
Posted on February 3, 2013 4:15PM by kadju
I download this mod and .....

The faq is this, it says 2013 cars & don't even contain these famous cars :

Mclaren MP4-12C

Koenigsegg Agera

Pagani Huayra

Lexus LFA

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport (With Variable Spoiler)

Lamborghini Reventon Police Version

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera

Hummer H2 Police

Koenigsegg CCXR

BMW M3 GTR (NFS Most Wanted 2005 Version)

Ford Mustang GT (NFS Most Wanted 2005 RAZOR Version)

Lamborghini Aventador J

Suzuki Hayabusa Bike

Audi R8 Quattro
Posted on February 6, 2013 3:01AM by lovelesh1995
2013 cars means it's maked in 2013 for your information !!!
Posted on February 9, 2013 7:44AM by mveli58
make a added car pack wich only high quality cars =D
Posted on February 11, 2013 6:12PM by LLD
game has stopped working thx man,the game has been damaged!!!
Posted on February 15, 2013 1:28AM by Abdullah873
Very nice job at creating this pack, cars look sexy ;)
Posted on March 15, 2013 5:32AM by MaximusPrime
I love what you created. Im just hoping that my game won't crash when I reach the racing missions. Previously, I downloaded other packs that crashed my game when I accepted a racing mission.

Posted on April 2, 2013 10:50PM by dragonmanahan
I really need help, I saw that German video on how to install it but it did not work :( I really need help installing it, as this is probably the best pack Ive ever seen
Posted on April 6, 2013 7:10PM by chrisbix
I really need help, I saw that German video on how to install it but it did not work :( I really need help installing it, as this is probably the best pack Ive ever seen
Posted on April 6, 2013 7:16PM by chrisbix
Hey Man, Nice work on the Car Pack. I love it and hopefully you keep doing what your doing. Don't listen to these "HATERS".

10/10 - Rate
Posted on April 7, 2013 1:06PM by xViiGiiLaNcEx
can u make sound too :) that will be great thx
Posted on April 8, 2013 11:36PM by ymcmbnigga
It claims that the data files are corrupt and won't let me transfer them into my vehicles.img. The other 2 are fine except for the 2 vehicles ones. What do?
Posted on April 28, 2013 11:19PM by TheDukes
Also, What Graphics Mods are you using?
Posted on May 1, 2013 8:09PM by TheDukes
Very nice job!!
Posted on May 17, 2013 6:04AM by Rosiwar
Thank you for creating a car pack; I have tried installing carmods and created a mess :)
Posted on June 13, 2013 9:40AM by bknst
Thank you for a car pack.

Help pls Simple Trainer V6.5 Car spawn unable to spawn requested car,check model almost all car scripts:lcpdfr,PoliceHelper,ELS mods:ENB
Posted on June 24, 2013 9:30AM by szokocska
love it, love it, just love it 10000000/10!!!!!!!! :D
Posted on June 30, 2013 9:21PM by TheK1D
it is good pack have good cars but most of cars is juming WHY>???
Posted on July 15, 2013 3:45AM by MidoovMido
10/10 man. and if someone needs help installing it or downloading it Contact me via fb:Daniel Rzr Weber

or:email> :)

Posted on July 15, 2013 7:53AM by Danielrzr96
Great pack! Too bad that my vga doesn't handle so well. :p
Posted on July 21, 2013 1:22PM by Lekes
Hi there great pack :D installed fine ... but are the cars supposed to roll every time i turn a corner ? lol or i do something wrong
Posted on July 22, 2013 1:48PM by P4T5H4RP
admins please help us it is look everybody have a same problem
Posted on July 24, 2013 6:42PM by MidoovMido
hey when i click on download it just brings me to this page where it looks like a readme file, why isn't it just downloading the files like other mods do? please help would love this car pack :)
Posted on July 25, 2013 3:37PM by snipeudown123
Pls someone send download link this ''download now'' dosent work
Posted on July 26, 2013 4:13PM by Nutz
@ P4T5H4RP u need to copy the handling data lol :D
Posted on August 1, 2013 3:26AM by Danielrzr96
Pack doesn't work for me, followed your instructions like 7 nipple trillion times.
Posted on August 4, 2013 6:21PM by Darkstar600
Does it replace all of the cars or just some of the cars?
Posted on October 14, 2013 10:58PM by javid98
Dissapearing textures what should i do
Posted on October 27, 2013 3:24AM by BlackWeaver
It doesn't work for ''EFLC'' i tried both ''IV'' and ''EFLC it does only work for ''IV''
Posted on November 3, 2013 4:44AM by CoolingDown300
Looks EPICC!!!!
Posted on November 5, 2013 7:40AM by almog223344
it would be more epic if it contain all new cars from 2013 or 2010-2013 cars except for the classic cars

And i suggest you to also upload it to torrent site cuz IMO torrent is much more a good option to upload file that has a large size just like this to prevent a corrupt data

Posted on December 14, 2013 12:17AM by Ivanthe17th
so what do i do? there is 2 files do i combine them and transfer them and btw the readme files is where the download is located

? - Part 1

? - Part 2 :)

I need help though :C do I combine them?
Posted on March 10, 2014 9:14PM by Umekichi96
this is not working...

I have original steam game and will not work, all the cars are taxis and a SUV.
Posted on July 27, 2014 10:21AM by valentyn0
File does not exist anymore? This was the first car park I was excited for!
Posted on May 7, 2015 8:54AM by Dragonslaya197
I cant download this *...

Rated: 1/10
Posted on December 7, 2015 9:48AM by Kacper12
hey man please reupload :D
Posted on December 9, 2015 5:45AM by Niko_Bellic3605
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