KA-60 Kasatka (Battlefield 3)

by SkylineGTRFreak
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Another helicopter directly coming from BF3. The KA-60 is a modern, russian transport helicopter and can be outfitted with stuff liek rocket pods and more. Textures have been edited by me and the camo texture was made by me aswell. Decals are 100% accurate and identical to the original BF3 helicopter.
If you replace Swift (like I did), you can find it with or without rear doors (last pic), just saying. You can also replace Maverick or so, handling lines included. Replaces: Helicopter
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Added: July 27, 2013 11:36AM
Last Downloaded: April 25, 2017 5:03PM
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really nice
Posted on July 27, 2013 12:26PM by TheK1D
Super cool!!!
Posted on July 27, 2013 3:18PM by NokaS
The helicopter version with machine guns and missile installations awakes?

Будит версия вертолета с пулеметами и ракетными установками?
Posted on July 27, 2013 3:22PM by NokaS
i Have made a ENB Config that looks like Forza 4 or BF3 but i need help to fix my epic GTA IV ENB Config things to fix next Shadows, Evning & Night... help me Fix and be beta tester... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXNNN1oKajA
Posted on July 27, 2013 6:21PM by BFTDavis
Mate, this is the Kamov KA-62 Kasatka, not KA-60
Posted on July 27, 2013 8:05PM by Aiden880

I'm expecting. UH-1Y venom (BF3)
Posted on July 27, 2013 8:42PM by MINARI
@BFTDavis: I'm currently using IcEnhancer, but I'll see what I can do.

@Aiden880: No, the KA-60 is the military variant while the KA-62 is a civillian variant. This one is military, so a KA-60

@Minari: Already in progress. Looking forward to finish it soon.
Posted on July 28, 2013 3:08AM by SkylineGTRFreak
Can I make a video to share the mod ?
Posted on August 16, 2013 11:26AM by xGamos91x
Fast download , no waiting : http://bit.ly/1hovU5S
Posted on August 30, 2015 10:35AM by Maychanello
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