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by Sentinel55
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Many thanks to McAwesome6934 for testing and providing a pretty cool video!!

I've been working on these cars for a very long time now and since they are finally good enough for public release, I decided to upload them.

- This pack is optimized for light enhancing mods.

- If you find any bugs, have a question or just want to talk to me feel free to pm me on LCPDFR.com

- Do not upload this pack elsewhere without my permission!

- Do not edit content of this pack without my permission.


- Model is original Ford Crown Victoria by Schaefft, modified for and converted to GTAIV by Chasez.
- This version of the CVPI model has been modified by Bxbugs123 & Lt.Caine with permission by Schaefft and Chasez, edited by Sentinel55
- DSF Interior made by Ubisoft edited and converted to GTAIV by Sentinel55
- Various interior parts made by Schaefft converted to GTAIV by Sentinel55
- Whelen Liberty by EVI
- Pushbar made by Bxbugs123
- Pushbar lights made by trewq34
- Police Console by PFCBAREFOOT
- Axixtech Stealth Visor 3D Modeled by Sgt.Hoffers Textures, UV-Mapping and conversion, by Sgt.Hoffers
- SecurCOM Antenns by PriMan
- Toughbook C19 by PFCBarefoot edited by Sentinel55
- Setina BodyGuard 6,7 Partition made by deco.
- Whelen Par46 Spotlight modelled and converted by deco(Tim98).
- Whelen Inner Edge models made & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123, Main textures made by Bxbugs123
- Watch Guard 4RE made & converted by Caleb3019 Textures By Caleb3019
- Stalker DUAL made & converted by Caleb3019
- Screenshots by Sentinel55
- Skins made by Sentinel55
- Testing/video McAwesome6934 Replaces: police, police2, noose
8.21/10 - 14 votes
Downloads: 4,263
Added: April 6, 2014 3:12PM
Last Downloaded: July 3, 2015 2:00PM
File Size: 30.97 MB
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you are the best person. I rate this 10/10x1000
Posted on April 6, 2014 9:03PM by Rekozz
What ENB or Iceenhancer was used in the screenshots?
Posted on April 6, 2014 10:16PM by gta4police
@ GTA4Police,

Probably NEXT-GEN ELS ENB Finale or CryENB V1.
Posted on April 7, 2014 3:57AM by Exo 401
@ Rekozz: Thank you!! :)

@ gta4police & Exo 401: It's this one: http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/rage-x--graphics-enhancer-f25576
Posted on April 7, 2014 7:19AM by Sentinel55
And a link to that sexy Enhancer. dude keep up the good work. Although, I would love to see a tahoe, or a Tarus from you. but don't rush. this is a great mod!
Posted on April 7, 2014 12:46PM by Rekozz
@ Rekozz: Change the Bloom in the enbseries.ini to this:







And change the other emissive lights line in the visualsettings.dat to this:

# Other emissive lights

car.defaultlight.emissive.on 260.00

Thats exactly what I've used in the screenshots! I'm more a Crown Vic guy, but who knows what will happen in the Future? :) Thanks again btw.
Posted on April 7, 2014 2:08PM by Sentinel55
I'd love a Non-ELS version. ^_^
Posted on April 7, 2014 8:48PM by BULLDOG266
WTF!! How are you able to open the doors with ELS open!!! Is it ELS v8? Please give me the link
Posted on April 7, 2014 11:14PM by gta4police
WTF!! How are you able to open the doors with ELS open!!! Is it ELS v8? Please give me the link
Posted on April 7, 2014 11:25PM by gta4police
Did you fix the ELS problem?
Posted on April 8, 2014 5:40AM by LCPD43057
@ gta4police & LCPD43057: It's just the steady burn feature
Posted on April 8, 2014 7:15AM by Sentinel55
just perfect I love 10/10
Posted on April 17, 2014 11:47AM by crocro54
@ crocro54: Thank you!
Posted on April 18, 2014 5:00AM by Sentinel55
Downloaded this and installed the slicktop, and the non-slick top with rambar. I absolutely love these cars. the location of the lights and everything just works, especially with ELS V7 10/10
Posted on April 18, 2014 8:37PM by ThrustPlaceBo0
@ ThrustPlaceBo0: Thanks!! :)
Posted on April 19, 2014 6:00AM by Sentinel55
@Sentinel55 No problem! Keep up the good work!
Posted on April 23, 2014 5:53PM by ThrustPlaceBo0
Is it ELS 8?

Posted on May 20, 2014 8:01PM by Jayjacker
Posted on June 2, 2014 1:27PM by Sentinel55
Please make non-ELS. :)
Posted on August 1, 2014 11:55PM by Coldzero
What is this police skin???
Posted on September 4, 2014 6:02PM by Policeguy333
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