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Leopard 2A7 (with working tracks)

by SkylineGTRFreak
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New tank model for JulioNIB's Tank V script.
The latest German Main Battle Tank for GTA IV with a normal texture and one with GTA V inspired camo. The tracks and all wheels are working like in GTA V (or real life for that matter) thanks to an update to the tank script by JulioNIB (You have to use version 1.1 or higher)
9.00/10 - 36 votes
Downloads: 10,278
Added: February 22, 2014 5:55PM
Last Downloaded: June 30, 2015 3:40AM
File Size: 9.66 MB
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Amazing! And I cant believe the tracks actually move. 10/10 You deserved it.
Posted on February 22, 2014 6:13PM by Johhny3Tears1
Realy Nice 10/10 Have you on your Plan List the GTA V Tank? :D
Posted on February 22, 2014 6:35PM by DayL
i've waited so much for a tank like this *^*

Posted on February 22, 2014 7:37PM by hailMajor95
Omg! At last

Posted on February 22, 2014 8:35PM by venkyaj
nice work 10/10

please man can anyway for this car ??

To gta iv apc car??

Please man i gave you what you want

Posted on February 22, 2014 9:05PM by yazn
Posted on February 22, 2014 9:08PM by sergiyj
Hey Skylinegtrfreak,

Are you going to make the rest of the gta 5 police vehicles.

I saw that you made some already, their amazing. 10/10 for each in my mind.
Posted on February 22, 2014 9:38PM by OfficerAgrawal
Great job!

It would be cool to see the JB700 working with JulioNIB's old script. ;)
Posted on February 23, 2014 1:24AM by RobertBlox
Crap there's a new version? I just started work on a tank for the previous one lol

This is real nice btw!
Posted on February 23, 2014 6:03AM by Khanage
More awesome tanks please 10/10
Posted on February 23, 2014 6:25AM by hunter 57
@DayL: No, I would have to recreate the panel models in order to give it detail and I don't really want to. Maybe multiple UV channels will be supported in the future, until then I won't convert any military V vehicles.

@all: I'm not converting ANY V vehicles at the moment.

@hunter 57: Next will probably be the T-90A and I also plan on making a new M1A2, Challenger 2 and maybe a M2A2 Bradley or German Marder or so
Posted on February 23, 2014 7:07AM by SkylineGTRFreak
German's are really awesome in Military...

-Adolf Hitler
Posted on February 23, 2014 8:39AM by gta4police
You should try add an interior because when the tank turret blown off is all transparent inside!
Posted on February 23, 2014 9:47AM by R3vollv3r

love it.........
Posted on February 23, 2014 11:41AM by Devil_fist
man with the mods you do i have this nissan gt-r i would love to see made with nismo style handling!
Posted on February 23, 2014 3:48PM by Italianmadman
What Graphic mod did you used in the screenshots?
Posted on February 23, 2014 10:07PM by gta4police
you said:

"Then open up GTA IV-pc-data-maps-generic-procobj.img and replace the other files."

But script uses this address:

cj_* to "pc-data-maps-props-commercial-beauty.img"

Posted on February 24, 2014 12:47PM by .:Shadow:.
So what about opening the archives and see which one contains the files?
Posted on February 25, 2014 2:24AM by SkylineGTRFreak
This tank reminds me german "Zerstorer" that was used in Hamburg in MW3 :)
Posted on February 28, 2014 11:07AM by TheWhiteEagle
SkylineGTRFreak Why not convert the rhino for gta gta iv?
Posted on March 11, 2014 8:59AM by Cross93
unable to enter in tank
Posted on March 14, 2014 12:58AM by rehman
I cannot get into the tank.... help!
Posted on May 3, 2014 2:07PM by tcwriter1399
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