2011 Mercedes Benz SLK55 R172 AMG by zQrba12,415 downloads
Mugen Honda Accord by 9lXA11,946 downloads
Ford Fusion by TenentAraujo2,531 downloads
'08 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 by Driftér5,978 downloads
2012 Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. by smokey880821,287 downloads
2006 Ruf RK Spyder [EPM] by huanglqi20304,568 downloads
2009 Ford F-150 XLT V 1.4 by Policefanatic5,298 downloads
Chikamru HD Car Pack 2.0 by chikamru12,167 downloads

Santa Fé DUB by TenentAraujo1,943 downloads
Chevrolet Chevelle SS '72 v2.0 by JMoorfoot42,532 downloads
Kenworth W900 by Mr.Bolleck5,638 downloads
Pagani Cinque Police [ELS] by crossnfs0071,953 downloads
Porsche GT3 RS Police [ELS] by crossnfs0073,459 downloads
1996/98 Daewoo Tico SX by Lazlow555, darewnoo3,635 downloads
Flying Carpet by KING LQ2,093 downloads
UPDATE of GTAIV Swedish Police Pack v.1.5 by MrPstromb6,013 downloads

Toyota Mark II Tourer V (JZX90) by 9lXA5,461 downloads
Car Mod Pack V1 by aZuReLoGiiCz3,552 downloads
2013 Dodge Viper GTS by Arti96095,346 downloads
Dodge Challenger SRT8 First Five by imtaj3,332 downloads
SOOYOUNG (SNSD) skin for Spidereon's Dodge Charger by AUDI972,816 downloads
BMW Z4 GT3 2010 V1.0 by GOC wind26,650 downloads
Volkswagen Passat Police with Simon1790 Skins Pack by simon17906,257 downloads
Iranian Peykan (Talbot Avenger) by mrfnikoo1,618 downloads

Swedish Mercedes Benz E-Class CDI Police Car by SwedishModding2,886 downloads
Volkswagen CC by KING LQ18,550 downloads
Estonian Scania Firetruck by EstonianModding4,902 downloads
NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS #3 Dale Earnheardt by midknightkruzer2,908 downloads
Estonian Border Guard Ford Connect by EstonianModding & Mc_cEzA1,185 downloads
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