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2005 Renault Clio Expression 1.4L 8valve by JUVENILE7,039 downloads
2009 Mitsubishi Evo X by Melcihah16,112 downloads
Opel Vectra Polish Police by simon17904,922 downloads
2005 Ford Mustang GT v1.2 by Raines7,624 downloads
1972 VAZ 2101 Tun by Murchik5,233 downloads
Škoda Superb by Raines7,063 downloads
Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG by Sashka(UA)5,745 downloads
Audi A8 by Soot (Showdown)11,139 downloads

Nissan 370z Tuned V1.0 by [ITC]RR_LXD19,275 downloads
Rancher XL 3.0 by Apex_Skins/ThunderSmacker12,160 downloads
BMW X3 by DANGER IV & Sleepy93HUN & xxShannonxx3,809 downloads
2008 Audi R10 TDI by Spidereon27,113 downloads
Banshee From ViceIV by ViceIV Team1,024 downloads
Subaru Impreza WRX STi Falken Tire by Valerio69943,429 downloads
Shelby GT500KR by Valerio699416,595 downloads
GTA IV SWAT Tank by abhicool5,722 downloads

Scania R580 Monster Energy by Valerio699414,106 downloads
New Maverick by XTREME02352,464 downloads
2005 Skoda Octavia Kombi Hungarian Police by BloxBloger & Sleepy93HUN & xxShannonxx1,834 downloads
Nissan 200SX Police v0.2 by GT-RR8,456 downloads
LCPD Lamborghini Reventón by ezanrki & DanteUniversal19,989 downloads
Chevrolet Blazer K5 '86 Monster Edition by MiXA238,617 downloads
2005 Skoda Octavia Hungarian Police by JVT & Sleepy93HUN & Nylon & xxShannonxx1,907 downloads
TLAD Hakuchou Custom by juanma5901,573 downloads

Supercar/Exotic Car Pack by Krimzon14,549 downloads
2011 Toyota FJ by WALEED M. ALRAGGAD2,060 downloads
2010 Ferrari 458 Italia v3.0 by smokey880861,981 downloads
Tofaş 131 Şahin by Eren Tipo1,649 downloads
2009 BMW X5 by AMG^636,811 downloads
Rancher XL v2.1 by Thundersmacker4,072 downloads