1996 Daewoo Espero 1,5 GLX [three version of plates] by Lazlow555, darewnoo769 downloads
Turismo GT Carbon V2 by Nitroflasche881 downloads
Coquette Spec-R1 by Algonquin Hood681 downloads
Turismo GT Carbon V1 by Nitroflasche421 downloads
Liberty County Sheriff's Office 2010 F-150 Slicktop by wolfrunner861,193 downloads
Batman tumbler by kapilb8,659 downloads
Feroci Los Santos Customs Edition by Nitroflasche474 downloads
1965 MGB GT by YCA-RE1,886 downloads

GTAV Bagger by JoeVK1,249 downloads
Stallion Fastback by Algonquin Hood530 downloads
BMW M5 E39 by Vertelvis6,427 downloads
Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6 by Vertelvis5,219 downloads
Moonbeam XL by Algonquin Hood435 downloads
Liberty County Sheriff's Office 2010 F-150 by wolfrunner861,358 downloads
SabreGT-R UPDATE by SnugglyDuckling4,981 downloads
2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B - Los Angeles Sheriff Department V3.2S by JokerMods2,976 downloads

2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V.specII by monster8752,163 downloads
Beater Blista Compact V2 by TOMMYE109365 downloads
2013 Pagani Zonda R Evolucion by AIGE16,818 downloads
GTA V Dinka Blista by Algonquin Hood943 downloads
Super GT Sport by Nitroflasche576 downloads
GTA V Fathom FQ2 by Algonquin Hood1,166 downloads
Honda Twister 2014 by Daniel Mercau1,044 downloads
1995 Nissan Skyline BCNR33 (JUN VER) V2.0 by SCRN3,344 downloads

1960 Land Rover Series II 2.0 *FIXED* by Stratumxspb and Carface802,100 downloads
BMW 530d Norwegian Police by QPS162 downloads
Tofu AE 86 (dark hood) by baby1,747 downloads
BMW M1 [EPM] by Lord Neophyte1,258 downloads
Batman Batpod by kapilb2,466 downloads
GTA V Banshee by kapilb536 downloads