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F620 GTA IV by Alderny2,524 downloads
Nissan silvia S15 Stock by Toxa4,251 downloads
Smuggler from BOGT by martronn2,133 downloads
Stretch E by PuSSyZ DaY OuT1,743 downloads
Brickade by PuSSyZ DaY OuT2,561 downloads
Mercedes CL 63 AMG by bean_19, GtaMania.ru9,791 downloads
Bati Custom (TLaD) by x41semih2,864 downloads
Hakuchou Custom (TLaD) by x41semih2,144 downloads

Aston Martin Volante DB9 by Bean_1910,622 downloads
Serrano 1 & 2 SUV Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA2,363 downloads
Swift Helicopter Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA4,289 downloads
SkyLift Helicopter Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA5,915 downloads
Schafter 3 Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA2,526 downloads
Schafter 2 Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA2,726 downloads
Super D 2 Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA3,924 downloads
Super D Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA5,576 downloads

Bullet Like in TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA2,681 downloads
Civilian Buffalo Like TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA2,512 downloads
Toyota Hilux Trophytruck 0.8 by hellraceR140,134 downloads
New Jetmax by martronn1,195 downloads
Saab 9-7x by X-pro4,666 downloads
Norwegian police car by martronn3,076 downloads
TLaD Double T Custom by Rockstar Games converted by Gforce4,234 downloads
APC / Tank Like TBOGT by ObsessedWithGTA12,840 downloads

Police Stinger Like TBOGT Car by ObsessedWithGTA4,042 downloads
GTA IV SlamVan like in TLAD by ObsessedWithGTA3,051 downloads
NYPD Ford Crown Victoria ELS Handling (HANDLING ONLY) by Heathconno6,389 downloads
Fiat 500 Abarth by Giorgio916,371 downloads
Alfa Romeo 8C by Giorgio914,033 downloads
Porsche Cayenne Lift Kit & 4x4 Handling Mod by Heathconno3,773 downloads