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Tokyo Drift DK's VeilSide 350z by OliverWright1,660 downloads
Benefactor Dubsta ELS by corleone(norpolice123)/cromchen767 downloads
Subaru Impreza 22B Street by twattyballs20116,150 downloads
8x4 Mercedes Benz Actros Dumper Truck by GTAEU-MODS/MAU/Fredzaza1,765 downloads
Terminator 3 Movie Truck Champion Crane 2.0 by GTAEU-MODS/Kazuma/[S.W.A.T.]Trooper1,199 downloads
Unmarked Chevy Camaro [ELS] by Black Jesus2,696 downloads
2015 Audi R8 LMX [EPM] (Update1.3) by AIGE22,229 downloads
GTA V Vapid Cruiser Rotor [ELS & Non-ELS] by ThatOneHick1,843 downloads

Ford Capri GT Mk1 v1.0 by twattyballs20111,405 downloads
Nissan 200SX S14 by Zemu555 downloads
Nismo GTR R34 Z-Tune [RIV] by ghost-gt2,184 downloads
Audi RS5 2011 [EPM] v2.0 by bam-p4elkin & Goga0006,272 downloads
Dukes Supercharger by Algonquin Hood, someguyfromlc1,065 downloads
2010 Ariel ATOM V8 [RIV] (Update1.1) by AIGE11,148 downloads
1993 Mclaren F1 [EPM] by alex1892,239 downloads
Lamborghini Aventador TZR R-Tech beta by navzahed & MERCEDESG2D8,490 downloads

Futo RST V1 by Rika, Ryu_Agate770 downloads
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari [EPM] by Knoxville981310,339 downloads
Mosler MT 900 Hamann + Sound by GTAEU-MODS/MAU1,531 downloads
Tampa GT by TOMMYE109386 downloads
2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach package by [GOC] FeiJi2,648 downloads
2014 Porsche 918 Spyder by [GOC] FeiJi6,059 downloads
GTA V Rumpo by johny sins1,171 downloads
Renault Trafic II.2 by skybh1,334 downloads

FlatOut UC Vexter XS by Algonquin Hood329 downloads
Kawasaki Eliminator 400SE by gosuke2,980 downloads
Nissan 350Z by Zemu1,907 downloads
Toyota Police Land Cruiser 100 by GTAEU-MODS/Radim/SALAVEY1,194 downloads
Intruder Sport by Algonquin Hood409 downloads
2015 Marked Liberty City Police Tahoe PPV TAHO 1.0M by VooDoobie8,834 downloads