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1965 MGB GT by twattyballs20111,240 downloads
Vapid Dominator + extras by twattyballs20112,619 downloads
Sultan Race-Kit by Algonquin Hood525 downloads
2014 Corvette C7 Stingray Police by SkylineGTRFreak5,165 downloads
Hot Rod Truck Gas Monkey V2 by louping0461 downloads
Tofaş Doğan by turkiye1,016 downloads
GTA V Canis Seminole by SkylineGTRFreak2,279 downloads
2015 Ford Mustang GT Police(UpdateV2.1) by AIGE24,090 downloads

Gauntlet by Bravado (seating fixed) by twattyballs20112,350 downloads
Hot Rod Truck Gas Monkey by louping0630 downloads
Grotti Cheetah [FIXED GLASS + spoiler added] by twattyballs20115,350 downloads
Vapid Sandking XL [Updated Dirt mappings] by twattyballs20114,906 downloads
Brawn BGP 001 by cjisntgay5,525 downloads
Porsche 911 SportClassic 2010 by [YCA]Nima9,306 downloads
Ultra GT by Algonquin Hood699 downloads
STL-K Force Pack by Refected1,312 downloads

Gallivanter Baller 2 by twattyballs20112,606 downloads
2010 Unmarked Chevy Impala by Foward2,470 downloads
Code 3 Rx2700 "Liberty City Police Department" Vehicle Pack by Foward3,583 downloads
2008 LCPD Slicktop Dodge Charger by Foward988 downloads
Declasse Yosemite Dually V.2 by Thundersmacker2,204 downloads
Civilian Buffalo v2 FIXED by Johncs154/JoeVK705 downloads
Comet TURBO by Algonquin Hood754 downloads
2013 Ford Explorer Utility - Slicktop by NickieB2,115 downloads

GTA V DeClasse Asea by twattyballs20111,738 downloads
McLaren MP4-29 by cjisntgay6,513 downloads
GTA V Sentinel ToneBee Street Tuned Edit by twattyballs20112,264 downloads
FXT Ultima by Algonquin Hood553 downloads
1972 Chevrolet Blazer K5 by louping03,787 downloads
GMC Tough Guy by SR__森然5,171 downloads