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Off road Truck Proto by louping05,885 downloads
Lamborghini Miura 2006 by zQrba4,723 downloads
F-14D Supertomcat with variable wings and retractable gear by SkylineGTRFreak7,536 downloads
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BMW X5 xDrive35d - v1.3 by Vertelvis6,434 downloads
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1995 Opel Kadett / South African Police Service (ELS-H) by KevinDV2,855 downloads

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Nissan Frontier - South African Police Service Dog Unit (ELS) by KevinDV4,789 downloads
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2011 Dodge Charger R/T Max by Spidereon14,738 downloads
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KA-50 Black Shark Modified by metalwars8,073 downloads
BMW E34 V8 540i by MorGaN10,097 downloads
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