Nissan 240sx

by RickiHKS
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Added: November 1, 2013 2:03PM
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Need For Speed:Underground 2 anyone?
Posted on November 1, 2013 6:03PM by SonicIsKool
^* yea!

Posted on November 2, 2013 7:23AM by TheNielegalnY

rated 4/10

Rated: 4/10
Posted on November 2, 2013 1:29PM by son94
Very nice brother :)
Posted on November 3, 2013 10:59AM by FreeZiic
Seeing as you deleted my comment, I'll post it again. Credit DK's Wheel Shop for the rims, or I'll report the file.
Posted on November 3, 2013 1:18PM by PaddMadd

can report

this wheel was taken by my friend Rafael, if not have what it takes please get out I do not have time to be arguing with a child
Posted on November 3, 2013 2:08PM by RickiHKS
Can't report? So let me get this straight, the PM I'm currently sending to a moderator on here is me not being able to report the file? I'm confused. I'm also confused that you claim that your friend Rafael made the mesh, despite that when I compared this mod's wheel mesh with the one made by DK's Wheel Shop, the polys lined up perfectly, and were the same poly count when I removed the tire mesh from both wheels.

As for your "arguing with a child" comment: Try looking up some of my well-known work with SA mods(none of which was released because of thieves like you) before you start calling out college students as children.
Posted on November 4, 2013 5:41AM by PaddMadd
Rating 1 for credit theft(body mesh is from Turn 10 Studios which was originally converted by an uncredited San Andreas mod creator, wheels are from DK's Wheel Shop)

Rated: 1/10
Posted on November 4, 2013 5:45AM by PaddMadd

think the way you want, I do not care

alendo over this shop has wheels DK site?
Posted on November 4, 2013 8:57AM by RickiHKS
this wheel isn't DK's wheel.

because this wheel have different tire than DK's wheel.
Posted on November 5, 2013 4:20AM by ApexGT

I think so too.
Posted on November 5, 2013 4:28AM by kazumaByOZ
10/10 Ricki :)
Posted on November 5, 2013 7:44AM by mixdrift
Everyone stfu. its a great car. it goes hard. especially with my turbo in it. check out my vid for this car in the videos section. CHILL OUT EVERYONE. 10/10 to "Whoever" made it
Posted on November 13, 2013 3:29PM by EliteAngel3
wich car i gonna replace? sorry for my english ;)
Posted on May 29, 2014 2:27AM by Sweeth
Fast download , no waiting :
Posted on August 30, 2015 10:16AM by Maychanello
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