Noble M600 2010 v1.0

by Tizir
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Original author of the 3D model: Turn 10 Studios (Forza Motorsport 4)
Converted & Edited by Tizir

Features of model:
Model support all features of the game;
Remaining bullet holes on the body;
No broken tire bug;
All optics are working correctly;
Accurate model size;
Niko's hands are on the steering wheel;
Passengers are on their seats;
High-quality reflections;
Realistic handling;
- .wft 4.10 МБ;
- .wtd 3.37 MB.
The car can be painted in 3 colors:
Body [CLR:1];
Interior [CLR:2];
Rims [CLR:4]. Replaces: uranus
8.67/10 - 24 votes
Downloads: 6,257
Added: October 17, 2013 2:57PM
Last Downloaded: May 23, 2017 8:22PM
File Size: 10.32 MB
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Didn't work, Caused a System restart when using on the highest setting?
Posted on October 17, 2013 6:15PM by SonicIsKool
^ Car mods shouldn't cause things like those because they dont use any scripting supported by windows and most of game engines doesn't use any code to restart windows because it wouldn't make any sense

maybe it was just a system update and windows did it?
Posted on October 17, 2013 6:41PM by TheNielegalnY
This is beautiful. I absolutely love the M600, and it looks like you've pulled off the conversion flawlessly. Normally I wouldn't really like UK number plates on IV mods, but they just suit this one so well, especially since you did them properly. 10/10, bonus points because I had to stare at your pictures for 10 minutes to determine whether or not it was actually a mod because of your ENB settings.
Posted on October 18, 2013 1:34AM by PaddMadd
PaddMadd, Thanks for the comment ))
Posted on October 18, 2013 3:58AM by Tizir1
You are the first one who did a noble! that's fantastic!
Posted on October 18, 2013 5:47AM by Ace_Topspeed

Posted on October 18, 2013 8:20AM by weny_i
Ace_Topspeed: He's the 2nd or third, lol.
Posted on October 18, 2013 8:27AM by Bid96
awesome my video coming soon waiting to upload finish please share :)

Rated: 10/10
Posted on October 18, 2013 3:34PM by GGC_89
Update:No update caused it. I already have the latest...
Posted on October 18, 2013 7:08PM by SonicIsKool
Stop rating 5/10 on everyone's mod. HATER!

Rated: 1/10
Posted on October 31, 2013 8:54AM by Im Watching You
@weny_i: Please explain, you say this just because you dont like the car itself?

Nice one 10/10
Posted on July 31, 2014 1:38PM by NepiM3
Fast download , no waiting :
Posted on August 30, 2015 10:19AM by Maychanello
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