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Oshkosh M-ATV

by SkylineGTRFreak
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Another armored US vehicle for GTA IV. The M-ATV is one of the newer additions to the US forces and can now be used in IV. Replacing the APC in TBoGT will allow yout o use the turret. The soldier in the turret is static and can be disabled usign SNT.
9.30/10 - 23 votes
Downloads: 4,719
Added: February 26, 2014 12:25PM
Last Downloaded: May 22, 2015 4:00AM
File Size: 4.08 MB
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:D :O 187945645/10 :O omg * yeah very very very good car omg :3
Posted on February 26, 2014 12:34PM by MURAT35*TURKIYE
where is gta v cars bro :D


gtav cars :D

Posted on February 26, 2014 12:41PM by MURAT35*TURKIYE
Can't you appreciate that he's sharing ANY work instead of just asking for GTA V cars?

Anyway, military stuff isn't my kind of thing since I like to have stuff that "makes sense" in LC for my mods, but I'll give you a 10/10 judging from the screenshots.
Posted on February 26, 2014 12:44PM by TheAdmiester
^yea, I can understand that. But I still hope that V will be announced for PC soon. Since the vehicle structure is pretty much the same I' m looking forward to port them over easily.
Posted on February 26, 2014 1:39PM by SkylineGTRFreak
Well holy * !

Rated: 10/10
Posted on February 26, 2014 1:59PM by MKIIIX
I have to admit i didn't use non of these either, except helicopters. But it's fantastic work with solid quality.

The gunner can have airconditioning now
Posted on February 26, 2014 4:29PM by tall70
I'm not in those military vehicles, i like only Tanks,V Cars and real life cars is what i want. But overall this vehicle is not bad but not my type, but still pretty good.

Posted on February 26, 2014 8:16PM by Yellow_Car901

Posted on February 26, 2014 10:09PM by LCPD43057
im from syira and here no one know make this car!!

Please !!! bro do this To gta iv apc car

You are the only one who can make this

i hope do that bro

thank you...


Posted on February 26, 2014 11:05PM by yazn
Posted on March 23, 2014 6:34PM by prom3th3us
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