A-35 MGL Grenade Launcher

by butterhole
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Replaces the grenade launcher.
Includes an edited txt file for the grenade launcher.

And hey, give me some comments, constructive criticism, and requests.
8.13/10 - 15 votes
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Added: August 3, 2011 9:45PM
Last Downloaded: April 23, 2017 9:07AM
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can you make the mgl 140 pls?
Posted on August 4, 2011 2:04PM by NicoandLuisFan
You have got to be the best weapon guy for GTA4 yet! Looks sick man 10/10.
Posted on August 4, 2011 6:46PM by Dr. Toker
awesome grenade launcher 10/10

kinda thinkin' that you are the next Danham...

oh we miss you Danham ;(
Posted on August 4, 2011 8:29PM by NikoFromIndo
Hey i thought of another good suggestion for you that has not been made yet how about an IMI Galil? But take your time bro finishing the 5-7 first and then if you do the Mini-14 maybe after that and any other projects if you like the suggestion that is.
Posted on August 4, 2011 9:56PM by Dr. Toker
sorry for spamming :)

some suggestion here

-SCAR CELL (Crysis 2)

-Jackal (Crysis 2)

-M2014 Gauss Rifle(Crysis 2)

-K-Volt (Crysis 2)

-Grendel (Crysis 2)

-Marshall (Crysis 2)

-M12 Nova (Crysis 2)

-Hammer (Crysis 2)

-Majestic (Crysis 2)
Posted on August 5, 2011 9:21AM by NikoFromIndo
All your weapons are a MASTER PIECE!!! 10/10. Thanks You a Lot brother. Please Dont Stop =D
Posted on August 5, 2011 9:32PM by CORE.MAX2010
Looks better in game then the pictures, great work, I registered a name just to leave feedback on your weapons they're so good. Keep it up man, I'm checking the site everyday now just to see what goodies your posting lol.
Posted on August 10, 2011 11:57AM by DaBurna
looks awesome

where do you have to put it?
Posted on November 12, 2011 2:52PM by SuperB
My settings to shot 6 grenades:


<weapon type="EPISODIC_1">

<data slot="HEAVY" firetype="PROJECTILE" damagetype="EXPLOSIVE" group="GRENADE" targetrange="25.0" weaponrange="27.5" clipsize="6" ammomax="100" timebetweenshots="400">

<damage networkplayermod="2.0" networkpedmod="1.0"/>

<reload time="2066" fasttime="2066" crouchtime="2066"/>

<aiming accuracy="1.0">

<offset x="0.15" y="1.0" z="0.53"/>

<crouchedoffset x="0.12" y="1.0" z="0.05"/>

<reticule standing="1.0" ducked="1.0" scale="0.0"/>

<ordnanceoffset pitch="0.1"/>


<pickup regentime="600000" ammoonstreet="4"/>


<rumble duration="100" intensity="0.8"/>













<typetocreate type="EPISODIC_5"/>

<offset x="0.55" y="0.0" z="0.08"/>

<rotoffset x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0"/>



<assets model="w_e2_glauncher">

<anim group="gun@grnde_launch"/>

<!-- <effects> -->

<!-- <muzzle fx="muz_grenade_launcher"/> -->

<!-- </effects> -->



<!-- GRENADE for GRENADE LAUNCHER (not usable as a thrown weapon on its own) -->

<weapon type="EPISODIC_5">

<data slot="THROWN" firetype="PROJECTILE" damagetype="EXPLOSIVE" group="GRENADE" targetrange="35.0" clipsize="1" stattype="EPISODIC_1">

<damage networkplayermod="2.0" networkpedmod="1.0"/>

<projectile type="FUSE" fusetime="2000">

<explosion type="EPISODIC_1"/>

<physics force="53.0"/>



<assets model="w_e2_grenade">


<trail fx="weap_pipe_bomb_trail"/>




Posted on February 7, 2012 5:28AM by Nevitro
nice dude..i love this weapon...btw,please make this grenade launcher..


thanks a lot dude..
Posted on September 23, 2012 5:47AM by foucha081106
Hi Butterhole, i saw that GRIM's Weapon Pack has a M79 ...but the textures are really *, I would like a M79 mod made by you, since your weapon mods are relly great, you and danham make the best Weapon mods ever....So, I would be really pleased if u made a M79 Grenade Launcher (Thumper)
Posted on June 18, 2013 6:19PM by FiFiax
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