Flintlock Pistol: 1-shot, no mag (Weaponinfo mod)

by noentiendero
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This mod is based on some Flintlock pistols models, as i know, here are they two models:

But those pistols only shoot one bullet, and have to be reloaded after each shoot. So Weaponinfo file can basically be modified, to make the pistol mag has only 1 bullet. So, each time the weapon is fired, it must be reloaded.

Not a "great" modification, it's very simple, but i guess the idea is nice. It could be awesome if somebody imports some musket models on GTA IV.

Aditionally, i increased the damage, and added the muzzle effect from shotguns, so more smoke will show after shooting the weapon. Reload effect is the same from pistols...


I uploaded the Weaponinfo.xml modification to Pastebin. Copy and paste in your file, replacing the original content. Be sure of making a backup of your original/prefeered file.
Weaponinfo.xml is located in GTAIV/common/data Replaces: weaponinfo.xml (manual edit)
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Added: August 21, 2014 3:14PM
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cool but why do ya gotta reload every shot

Rated: 9/10
Posted on August 21, 2014 6:14PM by NeonGaming
That's how flint lock pistols work. It's old school. Think of the guns they use in Assassin's Creed.
Posted on August 21, 2014 8:17PM by GuyFawkes
Often they'd just explode in your hand or misfire too, but if they do work you'd be lucky to hit the broadside of a barn from 50 meters away, haha. They were extremely unreliable.
Posted on August 22, 2014 3:53AM by SharpCommand
Yeah you got reason SharpCommand and even on Assassin's Creed those guns and muskets have a good accuracy :'V

I can try to reduce accuracy on weaponinfo but i don't know if i can do that without having a big crosshair that is as bigger as the screen (i did it once on Glock and... wew)
Posted on August 23, 2014 2:01PM by noentiendero
whew, I was hoping someone make a flintlock and here it is, Thanks man! 10/10
Posted on August 30, 2014 12:14AM by gilbis
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