Lightsaber Sound Mod

by KBL
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I designed this for use with Switch Designs' awesome Star Wars Lightsaber v2 mod

Installation instructions are included.

This is only my third mod (and second uploaded), so go easy in the comments.

I hope you enjoy it. Replaces: Ranged Melee Weapon Sound (Baseball Bat, Pool Que)
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Added: August 13, 2011 6:54PM
Last Downloaded: April 24, 2017 8:05AM
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nice! Though the sounds are sounding like if they would go through the body and slice them into halfs... XD but thats not the sounds fault ^^ should be a mod for that :)
Posted on August 13, 2011 9:24PM by Buzz996
Good idea man, keep it up!
Posted on August 13, 2011 9:58PM by H1Vltg3
really good work man, keep it up
Posted on August 14, 2011 7:01AM by janusantsky
thanks all. appreciate the feedback
Posted on August 14, 2011 8:03AM by KBL
sweet for any star wars fan. now if only it severed limbs :)
Posted on August 14, 2011 12:36PM by b1gtime
I hear tell there be quite a few of them. Or is that 'Trekkies'?
Posted on August 14, 2011 4:56PM by KBL
Sounds nice, but the damage needs to be boosted in weaponinfo.xml in the vids :P. It would at least be a little more realistic than hitting ppl like 6 times with a freaking lightsaber.

My dream come true for this mod would be passive sounds (e.g. humming when not swinging the saber), but that's probably beyond the scope of this mod.

Anyway, nice job.
Posted on August 15, 2011 4:23PM by X42.0
@X42.0 Yeah I agree completely. I actually experimented with heaps of different settings for the 'baseball bat'. Couldnt get satisfactory result. Also, there is a 'swoosh' sound when you swing but it doesn't play when I replace the sound. I instead added some lightsaber humming to random hits so that you'll hear them in there on occasion. Still looking into what can be done here.

Hey in the mean time, check out my new 'film'.

Darth Vader and the Attack of the Random Peds.
Posted on August 15, 2011 7:36PM by KBL
screens here
Posted on August 15, 2011 7:50PM by KBL
want more dragonball skins
Posted on September 19, 2011 8:04PM by bonewarrior00x
Aswome Luke lightsaber my gamertag is PreciousCircle9
Posted on September 27, 2011 5:33PM by elijahhill
Yeah thanks !!!
Posted on April 24, 2014 3:00AM by jomaxxxx
Why can t i hear the voice?
Posted on February 19, 2017 9:49AM by Mrcrazy666
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