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Leon's Primary Handgun From RE4 by A Chinesegtaer187 downloads
BattleField Hardline .300 Knockout by Troph1hunter399 downloads
Walther P38 Evoker by OtakuDelta14185 downloads
BattleField Hardline Uzi by Troph1hunter216 downloads
BattleField Hardline Kriss Vector K10 by Troph1hunter402 downloads
BattleField 4 AN-94 by Troph1hunter376 downloads
PSG-21 by Algonquin Hood151 downloads
GTA V Enhanced Weapon Icons V7 by someguyfromlc498 downloads

Leon's Knife from Resident Evil 4 by ResidentIV227 downloads
GTA V Broke Bottle and Golf Putter by JohnMc137 downloads
GTA V Hammer, Nightstick and Crowbar by JohnMc150 downloads
GTA V Carbine Rifle by JohnMc884 downloads
GTA V Vintage Pistol by JohnMc368 downloads
GTA V Assult SMG by JohnMc420 downloads
GTA V Assault Rifle[v.2] by JohnMc541 downloads
BattleField 4 L86A1 by Troph1hunter291 downloads

M4A1 Carbine by HackingFreak230 downloads
Shahada Flag by Maaz47 downloads
BattleField Hardline Scar-h by Troph1hunter738 downloads
BattleField Hardline SW.40 Pro by Troph1hunter418 downloads
BattleField Hardline RO933 by Troph1hunter1,367 downloads
BattleField Hardline Mac-10 by Troph1hunter555 downloads
Barrett M107 retexture by someguyfromlc1,176 downloads
BattleField 4 Custom Unica-6 by Troph1hunter595 downloads

BattleField 4 MPX by Troph1hunter1,382 downloads
BattleField 4 CZ-75 by Troph1hunter840 downloads
BattleField 4 Deagle by Troph1hunter1,272 downloads
BattleField 4 SRR-61 by Troph1hunter1,231 downloads
BattleField 4 93R by Troph1hunter711 downloads
BattleField 4 RPG-7 by Troph1hunter789 downloads