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CZN M22 by Ryu_Agate177 downloads
M110 Silenced by Ryu_Agate393 downloads
Weapon recolor by someguyfromlc106 downloads
Windows 95 Bat by Shoy zedaka111 downloads
Monster Energy Grenade by MayhemGaming60 downloads
SuperMan AK47 skin mod by MayhemGaming552 downloads
Cheytac M200 by RRi1,732 downloads
Watch Dogs Weapon Sound V1.0 by A Chinesegtaer423 downloads

RE6 Bear Commander (Assault Rifle) by A Chinesegtaer1,242 downloads
RE4 Primary Handgun of Leon Scott Kennedy by A Chinesegtaer581 downloads
BattleField Hardline .300 Knockout by Troph1hunter2,195 downloads
Walther P38 Evoker by OtakuDelta141443 downloads
BattleField Hardline Uzi by Troph1hunter1,266 downloads
BattleField Hardline Kriss Vector K10 by Troph1hunter2,299 downloads
BattleField 4 AN-94 by Troph1hunter1,849 downloads
PSG-21 by Algonquin Hood596 downloads

GTA V Enhanced Weapon Icons V7 by someguyfromlc1,578 downloads
Leon's Knife from Resident Evil 4 by ResidentIV868 downloads
GTA V Broke Bottle and Golf Putter by JohnMc323 downloads
GTA V Hammer, Nightstick and Crowbar by JohnMc381 downloads
GTA V Carbine Rifle by JohnMc2,641 downloads
GTA V Vintage Pistol by JohnMc1,085 downloads
GTA V Assult SMG by JohnMc1,316 downloads
GTA V Assault Rifle[v.2] by JohnMc1,565 downloads

BattleField 4 L86A1 by Troph1hunter975 downloads
M4A1 Carbine by HackingFreak593 downloads
Shahada Flag by Maaz119 downloads
BattleField Hardline Scar-h by Troph1hunter1,787 downloads
BattleField Hardline SW.40 Pro by Troph1hunter1,119 downloads
BattleField Hardline RO933 by Troph1hunter2,752 downloads