One Hit Kill Pistol by Trademarc parv110 downloads
Winchester M1912 by Victim_Crasher244 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X by Naruto 607193 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4 by Naruto 607228 downloads
No scope on Sniper Rifle by RageQuit576243 downloads
TLaD Combat Shotgun by someguyfromlc176 downloads
M60 with ACOG remake by cjisntgay908 downloads
M60 with ACOG by cjisntgay691 downloads

M110 SASS by cjisntgay1,462 downloads
Spiked Bat by bullet-zone534 downloads
MP5 PaintJob by TürkMod664 downloads
AAC Honey Badger by Bullet-Zone174 downloads
Tactical HK417 by cjisntgay1,443 downloads
Flintlock Pistol: 1-shot, no mag (Weaponinfo mod) by noentiendero203 downloads
GTA V-Style Grenade textures by ModderIV372 downloads
EFLC Weapons on GTA IV by Lorenzo3024940 downloads

CS:GO Weapon Stats updated v1.2 by JayBlaze70 downloads
Madoka Magica Mami Weapon Sound by japanese56 downloads
Jerry Can HD Textures by ModderIV823 downloads
Glock 19 by Victim_Crasher1,069 downloads
Atomic Bullet Mod by NeonGaming1,719 downloads
MG4 by cjisntgay1,381 downloads
The Punisher Bat by bluebfaith180 downloads
Powerful Deagle mod V1 by gamehalo84 downloads

M-45 MEUSOC by cjisntgay1,026 downloads
Mk48 Mod 0 by cjisntgay1,366 downloads
Glock-18 From CS:GO by MishKa Volkav),FrostByte,Valve851 downloads
Magnum 44 by alpha00981,972 downloads
M4A1 for marksmen by cjisntgay1,836 downloads
Barrett M107 by cjisntgay1,814 downloads