KEL-TEC KSG Shotgun by Rangky Handy4,227 downloads
MP5 With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU2,862 downloads
Battlefield 4 G36C by hl2poo10,035 downloads
Battlefield 4 ACRW by hl2poo4,003 downloads
Azrael Knife by GUNSHAKE161,462 downloads
Hk416 With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU4,718 downloads
M9 Beretta With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU3,148 downloads
Original Shotgun With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU1,213 downloads

Blackshot MSR by GUNSHAKE163,402 downloads
Beretta Garena Frost by GUNSHAKE161,668 downloads
NZ1 Knife by GUNSHAKE162,573 downloads
Holy Rifle by GUNSHAKE161,551 downloads
Explode Pistol by PulloHeikkiProx574 downloads
Gta V StickyBomb For TboGt (Beta) by II macc II1,644 downloads
HK416 Custom by GUNSHAKE163,082 downloads
As-Val by Rangky Handy1,358 downloads

GTA V Micro Uzi Icon For GTA IV by Loay209248 downloads
GTA IV icons in GTA V style by NEpE4En1,189 downloads
MC Millan Unicorn by GUNSHAKE162,345 downloads
Colt M1911 "Heartbreaker" by OtakuDelta1412,163 downloads
GTAV Micro SMG icons for GTAIV by NEpE4En931 downloads
MP5 Garena by GUNSHAKE162,125 downloads
Winchester 1887 "Magica Rifle" Version 2 by OtakuDelta1411,155 downloads
Battlefield 4 Ultimax U-100 MK5 by GUNSHAKE16786 downloads

Icons for "GTA V Carbine Rifle by Victim_Crasher" by NEpE4En2,530 downloads
Battlefield 4 ACB-90 Knife by GUNSHAKE161,662 downloads
Battlefield 4 SPAS-12 by hl2poo4,608 downloads
Battlefield 4 PDW-R by hl2poo3,239 downloads
Battlefield 4 RPK by hl2poo1,399 downloads
Battlefield 4 M1014 by hl2poo4,405 downloads