BouWeapons 1.0 by Gamerneskylling432 downloads
GTA V Weapon Sounds For GTA IV by Senatov4,438 downloads
Uzi SMG by G{}{}@ngsTer1,989 downloads
Battlefield 4 U100 by Victim_Crasher2,018 downloads
Medal of Honor Warfighter AK-103 OGA by AlphaWolf1,537 downloads
HK416 by chinweiren2132,188 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 by HyperZ4,413 downloads
Karabiner 98k by moneyman121671,042 downloads

AAC Honey Badger [Remake] by chinweiren2134,128 downloads
AR-15 CQB Mod Pack by Reza mctavish2,847 downloads
MP5K (Support dual weapon script) by Krlos_Rokr935 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX V3 by skelldoom872,781 downloads
MP7 Sopmod by chinweiren2137,328 downloads
Sig Sauer P226 by HyperZ12,058 downloads
BF 4 AK5C by Victim_Crasher1,416 downloads
Oldschool Weapons Sounds V1 by KnockFoX1,241 downloads

M4 Sirs Tactical by chinweiren2136,949 downloads
Digiegg of brave Heart Grenade by Krlos_Rokr295 downloads
Black WarGreymon Claw (just one) by Krlos_Rokr467 downloads
Black Knight Sword by Krlos_Rokr1,383 downloads
HD Weapons Pack by Salgier3,760 downloads
Artillery Luger by Iwan_Troides2,084 downloads
Hk416 Tactical by chinweiren2139,351 downloads
HK416 CQB by chinweiren2135,803 downloads

HandCannon from RE4 by VinylScratch2,245 downloads
Light Machine Gun Magazine Size For AK + M4 by C4pp3d289 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX V2 by skelldoom871,606 downloads
Taurus Weapons Pack [REALESED] by Kadu1,005 downloads
New HD Icons For new hud GTA 5 style for gta 4 by bobops22,924 downloads
M9A1 Bazooka by Iwan_Troides3,582 downloads