Battlefield 4 L96 UPDATE March 14 by hl2poo4,550 downloads
Battlefield 4 L85 UPDATE March 14 by hl2poo867 downloads
Battlefield 4 HAWK Shotgun UPDATE March 14 by hl2poo1,754 downloads
Battlefield 4 CZ805 by GUNSHAKE16790 downloads
Battlefield 4 P90 by hl2poo2,327 downloads
Battlefield 4 JS2 by hl2poo863 downloads
The MP5K from Call of Duty: Black Ops by Rangky Handy1,897 downloads
Satchel from Sniper Ghost Warrior by Rangky Handy1,883 downloads

Left 4 Dead Pipebomb by Rangky Handy1,260 downloads
Revenant (Dante's shotgun) by Rangky Handy1,710 downloads
MK48 Camo by Rangky Handy3,572 downloads
Battlefield 4 RFB UPDATED March 14 by hl2poo978 downloads
Battlefield 4 HK416 UPDATED March 14 by hl2poo1,283 downloads
Battlefield 4 AK12 by GUNSHAKE161,576 downloads
Barrett XM500 by Rangky Handy5,107 downloads
Cheytac M200 by GUNSHAKE161,451 downloads

SCAR-H w/ ACOG (Beta) by 123roach278 downloads
Weapon Pack by Door884 downloads
Aqua Camos by Door330 downloads
Silence! **Improve Silence Sound** by Rangky Handy870 downloads
Blackshot Weapon Sound by GUNSHAKE16777 downloads
AK 47 by Ross [BloggerRoss]814 downloads
Ruger MK2 by moneyman12167669 downloads
TLaD Cz75 to IV and TBoGT by Erick1719 downloads

Glow Gold AK47 by TechnicParadox788 downloads
V Style Baseball Bat by G{}{}@ngsTer1,599 downloads
Training aid weapons by Fragdog509 downloads
Shotgun on Bike v1.2 by protossevolutio1,337 downloads
Shotgun on Bike by protossevolutio868 downloads
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