SCAR-L by Victim_Crasher9,657 downloads
Halo Reach M6G Magnum by Pro Racer8,042 downloads
Milo's MP5SD by Pro Racer16,311 downloads
Wooden Bat by 50percentJoe2,527 downloads
My sniper crosshair by Dzanhe81,988 downloads
Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk by Quechus1312,751 downloads
AC III Ratonhnhaké:ton's Tomahawk by Victim_Crasher3,154 downloads
AK-12 by CORE.MAX20105,934 downloads

[PUSH] FN P90 (TBOGT) *Updated-New Skin Options* by Push7,626 downloads
FIM-92 Stinger by metalwars11,170 downloads
M16A4 by NikoFromIndo2,845 downloads
Halo Reach SRS 99 (AMR) by metalwars4,697 downloads
Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR Fall Out NV) by metalwars4,694 downloads
Modern Warfare Style CQC M4 by CORE.MAX20108,595 downloads
XM1014 Full Covered by CORE.MAX20106,712 downloads
Glock 18 by iiMcDermott5,157 downloads

GTA V Style Mini Uzi + Options *Updated 1* by CORE.MAX20104,227 downloads
Call of Duty Desert Eagle Sound For GTA IV by Senatov904 downloads
Hitman Silverballer by NikoFromIndo7,975 downloads
Silenced Eagle Sound Mod by anis hussain972 downloads
AK47 SD by edsir985,098 downloads
M16A4 (2) by Killerfist2,396 downloads
Barrett M98 Bravo (4 Options) by Pedrofire217,979 downloads
[Re-Up] Creation of Flame Rounds for Grenade Launchers v2 by Naruto 607440 downloads

Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns Part 3 by Naruto 607966 downloads
M4A1 Grip Versions by edsir982,907 downloads
Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns Part 2 by Naruto 6072,340 downloads
H&K Kitchen Knife by Killerfist2,266 downloads
SIG P210 by Killerfist5,551 downloads
My weapons sounds pack V2 by GTAIVadict2,917 downloads