Aqua Camos by Door769 downloads
Silence! **Improve Silence Sound** by Rangky Handy1,518 downloads
Blackshot Weapon Sound by GUNSHAKE161,334 downloads
AK 47 by Ross [BloggerRoss]1,398 downloads
Ruger MK2 by moneyman121671,201 downloads
TLaD Cz75 to IV and TBoGT by Erick11,219 downloads
Glow Gold AK47 by TechnicParadox1,245 downloads
V Style Baseball Bat by G{}{}@ngsTer2,198 downloads

Training aid weapons by Fragdog1,057 downloads
Shotgun on Bike v1.2 by protossevolutio2,067 downloads
Shotgun on Bike by protossevolutio1,502 downloads
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KassenBR's Weapon Pack by KassenBR2,624 downloads
Lone Survivor Weapon Sounds For GTA IV by Senatov2,144 downloads
Colt Python by yazn3,784 downloads
BouWeapons 1.0 by Gamerneskylling987 downloads

GTA V Weapon Sounds For GTA IV by Senatov6,270 downloads
Uzi SMG by G{}{}@ngsTer3,105 downloads
Battlefield 4 U100 by Victim_Crasher2,762 downloads
Medal of Honor Warfighter AK-103 OGA by AlphaWolf2,314 downloads
HK416 by chinweiren2133,078 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 by HyperZ6,012 downloads
Karabiner 98k by moneyman121671,775 downloads
AAC Honey Badger [Remake] by chinweiren2135,176 downloads

AR-15 CQB Mod Pack by Reza mctavish3,807 downloads
MP5K (Support dual weapon script) by Krlos_Rokr1,605 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX V3 by skelldoom873,631 downloads
MP7 Sopmod by chinweiren2139,198 downloads
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BF 4 AK5C by Victim_Crasher2,164 downloads