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Devgru MP7 by chinweiren2131,164 downloads
Realistic weapons and settings by LSP2,856 downloads
Ithaca M37 riot shotgun by moneyman121671,500 downloads
S&W M15-4 Revolver by moneyman121672,099 downloads
Car Keys by Krlos_Rokr2,117 downloads
Hidden Blade (LQ) by 123roach2,060 downloads
Tactical Mp5 by haxer451,036 downloads
Ironman BriefCase by Krlos_Rokr809 downloads

Pokeball grenade by Krlos_Rokr6,189 downloads
New Style Weapon icons by paulohenrique2,206 downloads
REORC RPG by Malikthegamer1,023 downloads
M4/AK as 9mm Glock by noentiendero831 downloads
SG 552 by Salgier1,479 downloads
AK47's by Salgier2,557 downloads
G36CV + SCOPE + SUPRRESSOR by Salgier3,681 downloads
H&K VP70 by Salgier1,795 downloads

S.T.A.R.S Samurai Edge by Salgier1,627 downloads
Molotov Bottle See Through by GlaD0s30570 downloads
AAC Honey Badger by GhReCoN2,212 downloads
Crysis 3 Predator Bow by Quechus136,723 downloads
Updated BF3 Gun Sounds Pt.2 by east55472,990 downloads
GTA V Weapon Icons Pack #2 by GTAVTOGTAIV5,016 downloads
New AK-47 sound by thejoker.171591 downloads
Realistic Bullet Damage by xSWATxALPHAx1,633 downloads

GTA V Weapon icons by GTAVTOGTAIV1,988 downloads
CSGO AWP by chinweiren2135,358 downloads
Milo's MP5SD Textures Fix by Naruto 6071,089 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v3Ω rev. 2 by Naruto 6073,046 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v3 by Naruto 6071,212 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon Sounds MOD by Clawsie1458,646 downloads