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BF3 Gun Sounds & Icons by east55471,635 downloads
SS2V1 by 123roach424 downloads
G3SG1 by 123roach2,438 downloads
AKM-74 by 123roach1,729 downloads
Weapon Pack 1 by 123roach1,943 downloads
HD Ak47 by thejoker.171650 downloads
L11A3 (BETA) by 123roach559 downloads
Mk. 14 Mod. 0 (BETA) by 123roach793 downloads

L.N.L MP5 SD V2 by Lock.n.Load3,849 downloads
Better Chainsaw Texture by VaultBoy1011,195 downloads
L.N.L MP5 SD by Lock.n.Load3,304 downloads
L.N.L FNP90 by Lock.n.Load8,006 downloads
L.N.L AKM by Lock.n.Load2,880 downloads
L.N.L SR25 SD by Lock.n.Load5,795 downloads
L.N.L UMP45 by Lock.n.Load8,666 downloads
L.N.L M4A1 by Lock.n.Load8,388 downloads

HD Desert Mp5 by thejoker.1711,353 downloads
Flamethrower Guns (incendiary ammo/throwing molotovs) by noentiendero2,333 downloads
HD Sniper Rifle by thejoker.1711,688 downloads
Tony Montana Handgun by Michoakano22/ Killerfist4,645 downloads
AK 47 Cattle Skin by Kadu584 downloads
Far Cry 3 P416 by AlphaWolf2,915 downloads
New AK 47 skin by Kadu577 downloads
Kujang (Sundanese traditional weapon) by Victim_Crasher938 downloads

Confederate pack by Kadu614 downloads
Gold & Diamond Knife by Alexgazz931,376 downloads
Russian TT33 by moneyman121671,186 downloads
AK-47 black ops 2 graffiti camo by Alexgazz932,191 downloads
Sith lightsaber by Sgt.Kanyo4,486 downloads
GTA V Sniper Scope for GTA IV by Homie Games1,871 downloads