AFROKI Molotov Cocktail by GPDRIFTKING393 downloads
Crossbow by Victim_Crasher7,604 downloads
Makarov by Victim_Crasher1,689 downloads
Tactical M16A4 with GL,lamb and sight by edsir9811,346 downloads
Smith and Wesson Handgun by edsir987,394 downloads
AntiPirate's VZ.61 Skorpion by edsir983,925 downloads
BF2142 Knife by edsir986,048 downloads
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 weapon sound by Gta4gaaamer5,336 downloads

Far Cry 3 Weapon sound Mod by Gta4gaaamer5,322 downloads
Taurus Weapons Pack by Kadu1,914 downloads
Assassin's Creed 3 Flintlock by Victim_Crasher4,539 downloads
Wooden Bat by razorX961,990 downloads
COLT 1911: Snake Eater by Pedrofire217,226 downloads
Colt 1911 with MW3 CQC Knife by Pedrofire213,425 downloads
Famas sound MOD by Silva13372,255 downloads
M16A1 Vietnam by Leandro_18463,166 downloads

CS:GO Sound mod for GTA IV v3 by TheNielegalnY3,491 downloads
Home Run Bat MOD by rkmario3,345 downloads
New Battlefield 3 HQ Weapon Sound by Gta4gaaamer10,946 downloads
Steel Rod by maaaaz2,254 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: Mossberg 590 (Pumpshot) by edsir987,874 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: Mossberg 590 (Shotgun) by edsir987,122 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: Tavor TAR-21 by edsir987,845 downloads
GTA V Weapon Series: M4 CAR-15 by edsir988,355 downloads

Black Ops II M8A1 by edsir986,939 downloads
Keyblade by [0x80075af]4,929 downloads
Leek/Negi/Welsh Onion by [0x80075af]3,835 downloads
CS:GO Sound mod for GTA IV by TheNielegalnY2,921 downloads
Absolute Weapon Pack v1.0 by andr3_64,873 downloads
Miku AUG Sniper by 7thevolution4,401 downloads