Steyraug by edsir982,366 downloads
Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns by Naruto 607719 downloads
Remington ACR + Optics *updated/fixed* by 9SYcH01,614 downloads
AR-15 by NikoFromIndo1,216 downloads
McMillan TAC-300 by cjisntgay5,898 downloads
Barrett M107 w/AN/PVS-13 optics by cjisntgay14,014 downloads
Russian Handgun Pack by edsir981,843 downloads
AK47 Draco by edsir981,776 downloads

Gerber Powerframe Knife by edsir982,971 downloads
MM118 AK by edsir982,914 downloads
MK48 mod 0 by edsir987,543 downloads
Mw3 barrett 50 cal BETA by XzSuPaHoTz JKILLA342 FaZe-_FaKiE6,578 downloads
Desert Eagle Guns Pack by Naruto 6072,333 downloads
Blood Prison Guns Pack by Naruto 607792 downloads
Gold AK47 BETA by XzSuPaHoTz 2,362 downloads
M21 by 9SYcH0905 downloads

SCAR-H by NikoFromIndo1,959 downloads
AK47 (no stock) by Killerfist3,329 downloads
Exploding Nokia 3310 by Victim_Crasher1,178 downloads
FN P90 by NikoFromIndo5,126 downloads
Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher BaseBall Bat by Cisconetto and Killerfist4,177 downloads
H&K's MP5 A5 by Nobeus4,502 downloads
MW3 RPG-7 by 9SYcH02,028 downloads
AS VAL by Riot-MH1,596 downloads

Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Mod by Quechus132,756 downloads
Total Rubber Guns Mod by Naruto 607818 downloads
Colt Defender by Killerfist3,572 downloads
MW2 Breach Charge by 9SYcH0705 downloads
DSR-1 by 9SYcH01,976 downloads
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