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GTA V Sniper Scope by s251,376 downloads
M1895 Nagant Revolver by moneyman121672,220 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon and Explosion Sounds (Recorded Ingame) by shonenlex1,343 downloads
Mk 17 [w/ bipod] by BLAD31017,426 downloads
GTA V sniper crosshair by GTAVTOGTAIV1,730 downloads
Accurate Battlefield 3 Weapon Sounds Mod by Senatov4,557 downloads
M9 Sound Mod by xSWATxALPHAx4,265 downloads
Battlefield 2 AK-101 by AlphaWolf1,886 downloads

CS:GO Sound Mod v3,5 by TheNielegalnY1,162 downloads
Modified Weapon Sounds by Kocayine6,891 downloads
AK47 Fire & Reload Animation by [Mr.Ju]872 downloads
"Hitman: Absolution" Weapon Sounds (v1) by Ilivetwice2,017 downloads
G18 by 5.8mm5,577 downloads
M16A4 Acog *UPDATED SOUND* by AlphaWolf9,727 downloads
L96A1 Magnum [AWM] by BLAD310114,734 downloads
Wz 96 Beryl by AlphaWolf3,771 downloads

Mossberg 500 by BLAD31018,543 downloads
Winchester '73 Carbine by HyperZ6,598 downloads
FNP .45 by BLAD31012,441 downloads
Jericho 941 by AlphaWolf5,623 downloads
Desert Eagle MK XIX - 4 Textures by BLAD31013,353 downloads
Hardcore Weapon Damage Mod by noentiendero1,334 downloads
Wz 96 Mini-Beryl by AlphaWolf3,769 downloads
Colt Python .357 Elite by HyperZ21,013 downloads

One Hand Gun Aiming Mod *Updated* by ac.amir13,365 downloads
My weapons sounds pack V3 by GTAIVadict1,713 downloads
Full Assault Rifle Reload Anims by falcont2t5,944 downloads
Fabrique Nationale P90 by HyperZ8,155 downloads
Desert AA12 (Fps Russia) by east55472,446 downloads
RE6 Anti Material Rifle by AlphaWolf7,132 downloads