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Flamethrower Guns (incendiary ammo/throwing molotovs) by noentiendero2,384 downloads
HD Sniper Rifle by thejoker.1711,734 downloads
Tony Montana Handgun by Michoakano22/ Killerfist4,728 downloads
AK 47 Cattle Skin by Kadu614 downloads
Far Cry 3 P416 by AlphaWolf2,964 downloads
New AK 47 skin by Kadu619 downloads
Kujang (Sundanese traditional weapon) by Victim_Crasher963 downloads
Confederate pack by Kadu648 downloads

Gold & Diamond Knife by Alexgazz931,419 downloads
Russian TT33 by moneyman121671,223 downloads
AK-47 black ops 2 graffiti camo by Alexgazz932,219 downloads
Sith lightsaber by Sgt.Kanyo4,586 downloads
GTA V Sniper Scope for GTA IV by Homie Games1,994 downloads
GTA V Sniper Scope by s251,409 downloads
M1895 Nagant Revolver by moneyman121672,264 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon and Explosion Sounds (Recorded Ingame) by shonenlex1,380 downloads

Mk 17 [w/ bipod] by BLAD31017,533 downloads
GTA V sniper crosshair by GTAVTOGTAIV1,763 downloads
Accurate Battlefield 3 Weapon Sounds Mod by Senatov4,650 downloads
M9 Sound Mod by xSWATxALPHAx4,336 downloads
Battlefield 2 AK-101 by AlphaWolf1,926 downloads
CS:GO Sound Mod v3,5 by TheNielegalnY1,218 downloads
Modified Weapon Sounds by Kocayine7,193 downloads
AK47 Fire & Reload Animation by [Mr.Ju]896 downloads

"Hitman: Absolution" Weapon Sounds (v1) by Ilivetwice2,069 downloads
G18 by 5.8mm5,694 downloads
M16A4 Acog *UPDATED SOUND* by AlphaWolf9,953 downloads
L96A1 Magnum [AWM] by BLAD310115,063 downloads
Wz 96 Beryl by AlphaWolf3,824 downloads
Mossberg 500 by BLAD31018,748 downloads